111 Things You Might Know About Me or Might Not


1. My very first bed had a Smurf blanket/sheet set.

2. I still have the Smurf cover under my bed at home.

3. I exaggerate things every chance I get second but always admit it if questioned.

4. I get annoyed when people eat, especially Cheezies and carrots.

5. I thought being a P.J. on YTV would have been the coolest job ever.

6. I worried that if I ever became a P.J. I would run out of things to say.

7. I still come up with strategies to avoid ‘lull’s when I’m in front of a group.

8. I rarely eat things after the ‘best before date’ and if I do it’s usually salad dressing.

9. I still remember a poem I memorized for a grade nine class.

10. I sometimes forget to push floor buttons on elevators or even to look at whether the arrow was an ‘up’ one or a ‘down’ one, and then get frustrated.

11. I think people are often a lot more fragile than we think most of the time.

12. I think people are a lot more collected than we think most of the time.

13. My main source of confusion is misunderstanding people; I often misinterpret or just can’t hear what people are saying.

14. I use semi-colons a lot.  Prior to grade ten I didn’t know how to use them properly.  I couldn’t easily word this point by using one though.

15. I used to tell people my biggest pet peeve was people saying, on Fridays at school, “How can we do this tomorrow? We won’t be here tomorrow!!”  I now doubt that was actually my actual biggest annoyance.

16. I always really like shampoo (and/or conditioner) when I first get it.  After awhile, I think it’s not as good as I thought it was.

17. People used to call me ‘duck’ sometimes because they said I skated like one.

18. In junior high, a friend told me that I reminded him of a cloud, and that another friend reminded him of a witch.

19. I would rather be a cloud than a witch.

20. When compared to a cloud, I didn’t think my friend was crazy because I kind of knew where he was going with his analogy, but not really.

21. I like movies and songs that really make me think or are really fun.

22. I always forget that people who don’t know me don’t know that I have had an article of clothing for a long time.

23. I tend to obsess about things a bit, whether it’s where I’m working something I’m figuring out.

24. If I am obsessing about something I can make any topic relate to mine.

25. People sometimes tell me that I make things bigger than they are.

26. When people say I’m enlarging things, I respond with, “Did you know that someone said that at Red Robin the other day?”  We serve smiling burgers.

27. Red Robin and my hometown pool have been ‘lifestyle’ jobs for me.  I sometimes think I’ve invested a lot into them.

28. I don’t think investing yourself in things is good or bad as long unless the thing itself is good or bad.

29. My university timeline has been: B.Ed secondary at RDC, B.Ed Language Arts/B.A English at U of L, and now B.Ed elementary at U of A.

30. My timeline of projected teaching towns have been: Trochu, Drumheller, Strathmore, Millet, Vulcan, Edmonton and now I’m really not sure where.

31. Disneyland and Walt Disney World have had a big impact on me, and I always think of them as ideal vacations even over a lot of places overseas.

32.Radium Hot Springs has had a big impact on me.  I always feel weird when it changes.

33. One time I pulled a random stranger underwater by his feet thinking he was my Dad.

34. I like to read things aloud to groups.

35. I’ve never had braces or a retainer for my teeth.

36. I rarely believe someone when they say they’ve had food poisoning and they know where it came from.

37. I love playing cards with my family and turkey dinners.

38. I usually hand in my schoolwork in Arial as opposed to Times New Roman but I like both.

39. I don’t really like camping but I do like parts, and try really hard to like it more.

40. I love laughing so hard that I can’t stop.

41. Once I couldn’t control my laughing during a Remembrance Day Ceremony I was student teaching at, and I was really happy and upset and the same time.  It was crazy.

42. I always think it’s frustrating and awkward when someone is in a position where they have to cover up being disappointed.

43. I tell people I don’t like shaking hands at church and it was true before.  Now I kind of like it.

44. Once I said “Hi there” when I shook someone’s hand at church and a friend of mine said “Her name’s not Heather.”

45. I hate it when people ‘accessorize’ their handshakes with other stuff, but only when I’m involved in the actual handshake.

46. I used to sign letters with “yours” and no ‘truly’ or ‘sincerely’ or anything, and people thought it was psycho.  I now see that was a little weird.

47. I really look forward to owning a house or apartment.

48. In my head, I’ll paint my first place burnt orange and lime green and have funky furniture.

49. Eventually, I want a house with an indoor trampoline and a waterfall.

50. I always think I’m an open person but I don’t like it when someone says “Can I ask you a personal question?” out of the blue.

51. I am thirsty a lot, but am pretty sure I’m not diabetic.

52. I really dislike restaurants with no refillable option besides water.

53. I sing in my car a lot of the time.

54. I never know how to respond if someone is repeating a story they’ve already told.

55. I am a confirmed ‘story repeater’.

56. Hypocrisy, perspective, and goals are three of many things that I can’t wrap my mind around.

57. Eternity baffles me more.

58.  I don’t like planning events but I don’t like having other people plan them either.

59. I won a Butterfly race in swimming once that made me feel really great.

60. I don’t really remember going from not liking swimming to really liking it; I’ve been at both extremes though.

61. I only like waterskiing after I get started and have dealt with being cold and getting into the green lake.  I never really anticipate it.

62. Usually when I can’t sleep it is because I keep thinking “I can’t sleep and I really need to.”

63. I usually start homework or other projects on one of the four fifteen minute intervals on the clock.

64. I set my clocks ahead, but I know how much they are all set ahead and just calculate the difference.

65. If someone asks me the time initially I always say the wrong time and realize that I’m saying a fast time while I’m talking.  I usually explain why I did that.

66. I’ve considered careers in advertising, law, media, government, psychiatry, social services, counseling, public relations, and journalism.

67. My math tutor forgot to set his alarm one day so I got a free session.

68. I’ve answered “teacher” to the infamous “what do you want to be” question since grade one.

69. I sometimes worried that I convinced myself I wanted to be a teacher without really thinking about it.

70. During college and university I’ve realized that I definitely want to be in the classroom, and have thought about that a ton.

71. I think it’s unfair that courses with labs and lab assignments and exams are usually just three credits.

72. I’ve never really done a true ‘scientific-method’-using lab since high school.

73. I cross-multiply every chance I get, and still find it fascinating.

74. I remember my Grandma teaching me cross-multiplication amongst many other school things.

75. Only my Mom and Grandma Lehmann are actual classroom teachers but a lot more people in my life have made me think that teaching is a great career.

76. I love it when news anchors announce another anchor’s absence.

77. When I hear something is an acquired taste, I usually try to acquire it.

78. I usually ask people to put the chance of something happening in percentage form.

79. I am intrigued by ‘voice-overs’ whether it’s on a phone system or the L.R.T.

80. Once, at school, after doing the morning announcements I said “bye” because the announcements are done on the phone.

81. Being high-school president was a really strange experience for me.  It seems small but it taught me a ton.

82. My Mom knew I was lying as a kid because I would touch my face.

83. I wondered why she would tell me that because then I could hide my lying.

84. If I need to know if a kid is lying I fire a million questions at them.

85. I don’t tell them my strategy.

86. When people ask me a lot of questions about something I don’t assume they think I am lying.

87. I usually correct myself and say ‘child’ or ‘student’ or ‘swimmer’ or whatever when I say kid.

88. I have an array of clothes in many different sizes and colours because I have been an array of sizes and my skin colour changes from winter to summer.

89. I tend to use Canadian spellings of things if there is a Canadian option, except for programme.

90. I like that I have blue eyes but sometimes I think they are a bit big and can get noticeably red.

91. I like that I have a big smile and am ‘facially-reactive” but sometimes wish I could tone it down more.

92. Sometimes I think I look like I am partially smiling but when I see a picture or a reflection I really look much more serious.

93. My parents had two pencil drawings of my sister and I, and I thought they looked a lot like us, but most people disagreed.

94. I usually drink 7-up/Sprite at restaurants but at Wendy’s I usually have lemonade and at McDonald’s I have Coke.

95. I usually find hot-tubs too hot or too cold but I don’t dislike using them.

96. I say “gosh” as my common interjection but am trying to find a better one.

97. I usually appreciate unplanned and unintentional things that happen to me rather than really methodical things.

98. I always have the intention of papering up a wall and writing things on it but I never do.

99. I sleep in cars very easily and always have.

100. Infomercials usually suck me in, but only for a short time.

101. I always think it’s funny when kids, er, swimmers think they invented switching from front crawl to back crawl with every stroke.

102. I thought I invented the idea of clubs during breaks at school.

103. At least three people have told me that they were at West Edmonton Mall when the rollercoaster incident occurred.

104. I’ve never had a nosebleed that was not easily explained.

105. I really like sponge-toffee/sea foam but eat it probably less that twice a year.

106. I sometimes think I’m claustrophobic-ish but really I only feel trapped in small spaces under very specific situations.

107. I’ve been to the Calgary Zoo many times but never the Valley Zoo in Edmonton.

108.  My favorite friend on Friends is Monica and I love it when she says “I know!”

109. I was in a van that was struck by lightning once.

110. Once I put a ‘popper’ on my face and it gave me a giant hickey and my Mom couldn’t believe it.  The mark didn’t last very long though.  So it all worked out. 

111. I sometimes use double negatives even though I know I shouldn't.  I can't remember not using them at least sometimes.