Written by travisr on October 14th, 2019

While maybe there are labyrinths that are mazes, the ones I’ve become familiar with are single paths. Invitations for walks, guided by simple meditations.

We happened upon a labyrinth, on a hot, hot day in Vienna. Upon, two actually. Two that followed a maze.

The first labyrinth was more simple (but still, like the maze before it, a small upfront upcharge to the palace experience). It’s hedges were short. At it’s centre: some instruments, some surfaces to bounce on, and a horn piped to the ground below (we’d later find out the horn went from inside the labyrinth to outside of it.

For the uninitiated–or for those initiated differently from me, my experience with labyrinths is: you can go in with a bit of a word or a question. On the way in: you can sort out a bit what you might want to get rid of by means of the question. Once inside: receive what you have to receive. Back out: connect it all to your return to routine after the mediation and experience.

Fairly on-the-fly, I workshopped it a bit mentally it on the small one. Was I really enjoying this trip to the extent I could? On the way in, I thought of the jet lag, the expectations, the lists. time fleeting. Once in, I goofed off and played on what stood in store, inside. On the way out, I smiled and laughed and explained, and sorted out what the horn was for.

The larger was much the same. Trained by the small labyrinth and the one in Calgary, I brushed my hands on the leaves of the full one. I wasn’t there to get rid of any one thing or person, just anything that could pull me from a present-enjoying, abundance-aware, heat-wave-and-escaping hop over to Europe from being enjoyed, fully. Inside, a simple constellation of large mirrors. While, there some reflections and photos. Confident, and playful, and no longer than it all had to be, more laughs. And more co-buiding a few weeks with more understanding.

My travelmate and I, on the way out, grabbing the tale end of an audio place tour, more photos, smiling, laughing, explaining, and sorting out what it all was for. In the short term, it would be for some oddly familiar (although German-cued) yogaing . In the longer term, while that seems still meant to find out.

I’m looking forward to seeing what’s in store for the year ahead. At this week and weekend’s center, some routines and rituals with those currently most familiar. Hopefully any leaves that needed shaking, shaken once in, then to return and g[r]o[w] out.

[Oh, and to the last post, yes, more contemporary art (gladly!) got uncovered, too.)


Set of 5, vinyl and painted stencil on ping pong tables and paddles

Written by travisr on March 14th, 2019

Suffice (it) to say, it’s been a year of contemporary art.

A new (to me) gallery in London. (A popular one on the Thames).
A return to one in Paris.
Back to Montréal, while the familiar one closed.
Then even Saskatoon pops up, by surprise. This happens in these prairies?

I don’t know why I keep ending up at the entrance door (more accurately: at the admissions counter.)

(I’d turned up, before, year’s past at Amsterdam. That round with students. I even blogged about it.)

I wouldn’t consider myself that arty, even.

I know Jeff Koons. Jaume Plensa arrived in Calgary and I followed him back to Chicago. I’m oddly obsessed with Alexander Calder.

Salvador Dalí and Marina Abramovic begin to follow suit. Who wouldn’t Instagram a Dale Chihuly, especially a free one, in golden hour lighting?

Voices of Fire. A favourite controversy. Alex Janvier, another new obsession. A morning at Glenbow even where a stranger reads my sweater aloud, “Surf in Paris” and adds an an ad lib post script: “Wouldn’t that be fun?”

I guess that is the fun:


…following a new, and unfamiliar path. Every work and person: strangers.

New thoughts, unthought, gladly welcomed by folks seeking out to welcome them.

Each work, each person, …each moment:



Day 2 (of 30)

Written by travisr on February 17th, 2019

Today’s practice is at noon. It’s a Yin one, just like yesterday.

Yin works well for getting back into the habit. Postures are held for longer amounts of time. The room is warm rather than hot. It’s all very calm and calming rather than the more intense or dramatic fare.

It’s been a long while since bhramari breaths, or choosing hand positions, or any of it really but it all just seems to come back.

Some intentions seem to be surfacing. I won’t mention them yet. Partly, because they feel a bit silly. Partly, because it’s so early still.

So far, really: just good to be back.


Day 1 (of 30)

Written by travisr on February 16th, 2019

I’m not sure what the 30 will be yet.


I have my yoga mat, and a small backpack (with yoga shorts and a yoga t in it), and some water ready to go.

The yoga studio I used to go to has changed hands. I’ve researched the monthly pass and the cost seems to be in my wheelhouse.

I already know each day’s practice won’t be yoga specifically. There don’t seem to be any more morning practices and I already have some evening commitments. No biggy.

I don’t already know what the intention is. Hopefully, it evolves out of 4:00’s yin.

I haven’t practiced yoga forever. Like really forever.

So for today:

  • go easy
  • notice and explore
  • see where to put tomorrow’s stepping stone

It’s really as simple as rolling out the mat in just over an hour with an eye to doing something similar each day for the next 30 or so.




Written by travisr on August 9th, 2018

Nashville.  Atlanta.  Montréal.

Nashville to explore.
Atlanta to discover.
Montréal to return.

It’s no secret that I love Montréal.   I can’t wait to see the projections on the downtown buildings, to hear the languages blending together, and to smell the rubber-tired Metro and in the pizza-smell filled RESO.

Loving and returning make intending a bit easier, too.

Intending to savour summer, to dance a little, and to Bixi bike everywhere.

Can’t wait to get back.


Day 1 – Reflect

Written by travisr on February 20th, 2017

I knew all weekend I was going to be back on the mat today.  And I was.  At noon.  (After thinking I would be at 9:30.  But oh well.)

With a month long pass in hand, I walked into the studio, knowing the plan was to begin a 10 Day [in a row] Mini Challenge.

It has been a good long while since I’ve done any yoga.  And.  It’s been a good long while since I’ve done any running.

So today the goal was to kick start some yoga before hitting the pavement running in March with some body awareness (and mindfulness) practice jumpstarted too.  (The running will soon be ramping up in a big way, from zero again too, in preparation for a full late August across the country.)

It was sweet walking into the studio because it was so familiar and I was welcomed so warmly.  There’s an actual 40 Day Challenge going on today (today is Day 20 for them) and I was persuaded to track my Mini Challenge on the main board, which I’m now doing with one sticker up.

The goal was to reflect and see what it was like to be back.  It was rough at points.  Strange starting from such a hiatus.  Strange having to have so much humility.  But it was also awfully familiar.

Tomorrow and the next day are early classes because evenings are already booked.

So a beginning of sorts.  Reflecting, renewing, but most importantly…………



Sweet Sixteen

Written by travisr on January 20th, 2017

How did that happen?  Made some progress since 2011.  Not sure how these work but now need to maybe add sixteen more.  And so I will.

Admittedly I don’t fully remember what some of the original ones entailed.  Others, though, are calling to me big time still.  Some are even part way together.

Some new:

Icelandic or Austrian Hot Springs | Show the family Hawaii | Attend U of C and/or UBC | Every. Disney. Park. (That’s 1 Californian one, 2 Japanese, and 2 Chinese ones to go although, let’s be real, some more will be built) | A second marathon | create a LinkedIn profile | finish a Margaret Atwood novel | try a morning exercise scheme for one month | spend more time in the Smithsonian | See the Do ré mi fa sol la si do version that is by the St. Lawrence that is also in Calgary | …
and now just six more.

The original “Brave 100”:

Speak on CBC Radio One | Order a meal in French in Paris | Visit Copenhagen and Jutlund | Attend a meditation retreat | Visit each province’s legislature grounds | Ride a rollercoaster with a current record | Throw an event | Apply to speak at a conference I barely or don’t qualify for | Run a half marathon | Compete in an international Masters-level sporting competition | Rent an apartment for a week | Stay in a luxury hotel and order room service | Take an undergraduate course connected to no program | Play a djembe at Tam Tams on Mount Royal (or unencountered drumming circle) | Take a multi-week French immersion class somewhere not Bilingual (Montreal) | Attend a weekend yoga retreat and/or practice yoga for 10 consecutive years with some consistency | Bungee in Oceana again and on one other continent | Write about Calgary as an insider | Discover five new things about Montreal | Discover Vancouver more authentically, connect with it | Attend a house party in Toronto | Visit three new American cities | Play a new song on piano with both hands | Complete a triathlon | Volunteer for a festival/charity event | swim 50m under 30 seconds unassisted | dance outside in a country I’ve never been to yet | make a case for a guided tour at a venue that doesn’t offer tours | A second Manhattan in Manhattan | Participate in a summer solstice celebration | Help organize a winter solstice celebration | a solar eclipse | bike 123 km | Discover San Fransisco | Write and send 100 thank you notes | Own this/a condo | Own land | Attain a Master’s degree | Teach an undergraduate class | Take a date to Waterton Park | Be on a Committee/Board | Do a diving board flip at an outdoor pool I’ve never been to… bonus points for a one-and-a-half | 5 10m Jumps at 5 different pools with 10m planks the public are allowed to use | Total 5 years of West African experience | Tour an modern art gallery… immediately afterwards, attempt modern art | Take a visual art Class | Send a postcard from Saint Pierre/Miquelon | Eat Lobster from East Coast | Start a topical blog | Play a full water polo game by the actual rules | Send a Christmas Card from the United Nations | Happy Baby pose on Eiffel Tower | Ride The Tube and mind the gap AND ride the Milleneum Ferris Wheel | spend an entire day on what’s displayed on a wall in my condo/house | Attend an Opening Ceremonies event | Take a behind the scenes tour | Lead a tour | Provide a Pecha Kucha/TedX/Reading/Story Telling experience | Perform headstand | Put $100 on black | Take a date to Butchart Gardens one evening | Zipline | Take a photograph at the Gopher Hole Museum | Sleep under a canopy | Waterslide at Tropical Islands near Berlin | Finish my Wreck this Journal | Finish the novel A Fine Balance | Attend a wine tasting | Visit a Pemberton in Vanuatu | Research a social science | Tent consecutive nights in the Rockies | Snowboard an entire weekend without breaking my elbow | Tube or Raft the Elbow with a lifejacket, of course | Wall/rock climb | Attend an Expo/World Fair | Throw a dinner party | Participate in a charity fundraiser | Find and walk 10 labyrinths | Organize a game of Slippery Watermelon with my friends | Become a season pass holder | Emcee an event | Learn to Whistle | Write a Letter to the Editor (maybe not the Red Deer Advocate, since I’m already published there) | Take a last-minute trip | Visit a city’s tower and take the stairs | spend a whole day (or most of one) at the spa | backpack | throw a successful[ly] surprise[-ing] party | attend a festival | make and give (a) friendship bracelet(s) | Give something difficult up for Lent | Participate in a collective demonstration | Rent an event venue | Give a toast | Contribute to Wikipedia | Attend Canada Day in Ottawa | Make a reservation for something with a minimum 6 month waiting-list | Experience La Tire d’érable (ou tire sur la neige) | find Stampede:Calgary::_________:x, where x = five other cities, attend then document | publish a book or equivalant



Written by travisr on August 22nd, 2016

All booked.  🙂

  1. A return to running at the end of September.  One of my favourites in the Rockies.  This run was my first half back in 2012.  33 days away.  I’m telling myself more than I’m telling you.
  2. A return to yoga with a yoga workshop Sunday to set some intentions for ’16/’17.  An eye on a regular (morning?) practice.
  3. A return to some dancing in a shiny new space.  I haven’t been since 2013.  These classes terrify me, but in a good way.

Back at it this week with a bit of professional reading to do and some growth plan thinking to do.

  1.  A return to this position rather than coming to a brand new one.

The school year awaits.