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karmic retribution and other jots

Tuesday, May 30th, 2006

– today in my car i remembered slamming manditory second language initiatives while at the Forum for Young Canadians while/whilst in High School.  I’m pretty much ‘for’ all things second language now, but it’s too late.  It’s been mandated.  Here I am teaching the age that second languages are mandated for … and I’m second languageless… all because I said it was stupid in my egomaniac youth.
– At the mock conference there, I said “People are dying because of mismanaged funding to our healtcare system, and all this government cares about is that those people dying… … … *wait for it*… speak a second language.”  Needless to say some people gasped.  Looking back this was a case of karmic retribution waiting to happen.
–  Not that I’m counting but if I was… 21 more days of school.  crrrrazy.
– Heritage Park. Thursday. All day…. *woot*
– Joanne came with me to Ripped tonight.   Inquire with her, as to whether or not my description of this pain-worse-than-root-canals is a usual exageration.  Shout out to her birthday being tomorrow too!! *woot* *woot*
– Accomodations in Montreal are proving to be crazy.  My response to the craziness should have me comitted.  I’m going to be staying at three different universities’ residences because they’re booked up at different times.
– If I get time I’ll put up a screen shot map to explain how retarded my plan is for my stay at Montreal.  Want to capture your screen and be cool like me?  Press “PRINT SCREEN” on your keyboard.  Copied to your clipboard will be a graphic of the screen you are currently seeing.  Use paint (and paste it in) to scale and add to it!  So fun, especially if you are prooving to someone that a feature exists on PowerPoint.  😉
– Want to be technologically advanced at an even higher level?  When using text-messaging and the T9 function to enter your text, 0 is a next button.  “ME” shows up but you wanted “OF”?… (tell me this hasn’t happened at least once to you).  Just press “next” and it will try another guess as to the word you wanted.  Voila “OF” replaces “ME”.  Shout out for this one goes to alison.  shout out with a marketing edge here.
–  I started reading Eats, Shoots, and Leaves today.  If Lynne Truss read this blog, she’d die.  It’s; ironic” because–I’m “quite with :::punctuation, actually.  This blog is not living: proof… though.  My kids think I’m even more psycho than usual for reading a book on proper punctuation.
– If one more person says “oh” on msn with me… I’m going to bump them off my list.  My sister says, “Who just says ‘oh’ in real live conversation?  No one.  Why is it okay on MSN?”  It isn’t. It makes conversation move at a snail’s pace.  Oh–comma–*insert text with more reaction here*… from here on in please!!

today i danced in shades of lilac…

Sunday, May 28th, 2006

don’t laugh at me.  but.  the other day i caught part of “so you think you can dance?”  maybe you saw it.

there was a guy with a mohawk who said he danced in various colours.  he said for his audition for the show he was going to dance in shades of blue.  then he danced in a very interpretive, melodic way.  he made the cut and was stoked.  i’m not much of a dance expert but he was really good.

i envied his ability to totally be in his element.  he was really good.  he knew it.  he was recognized accordingly.

i want to find my element and totally feel like the master of my domain.  feel like i own the room.

until i find it i hope i continue to have days like today.  today we meandered down the lilac festival in mission taking in all the people, booths, and entertainment.  it was grey out, but still very fun.  we ran into quite a few people that we quazi-knew and ate tons of crazy food.

say what they will, cities are fun places.  hopefully today was the start of  a very good metropolitan summer.  (and maybe even one where i can figure out my moves).  happy lilac festival everyone!!

mes mardis et jeudis

Thursday, May 25th, 2006

Tuesdays and Thursdays are crazy now, and they will be until school is over.

I have school –> ripped class at Talisman –> French Class at Western Canada ——-> then finally at 9:00 p.m. home for the first time since 7:00 a.m.  TWICE EVERY SINGLE WEEK

School: going good again.  the end is nigh.  that helps.  routines are set.  trips are happening.  events/guests are plentiful.  happy. happy. joy. joy.

Ripped: going better.  today was a sub.  she came to my bench and says over her little mic doohickey “FASTER!!” and stands two feet in front of me going ‘double time’ to inspire me, “you can do it”.  i kind of liked the attention.  now i know how my students feel when i give them some love.

French:  OMG I ♥ IT.  it’s the perfect level.  my instructor is a teacher too (as is much of the class).  i’m feeling challenged, and it’s bringing back memories of high school.  it’s going so so so well.  i’m going to be so warmed up for my summer course it’s not even funny.

Home: good to be back.  these days are long.  i get to watch grey’s anatomy tonght, since i’m a dummy and quit watching it after an hour thinking it was over.  thang god for mrs. n, who lent me her taped copy.  i have to watch it with a strange-feeling mouth though, because today was ‘dental work’ day.  anything to get a half day off i guess.  whatever works.

corporate punishment

Monday, May 22nd, 2006

[i know some of you hate the serious ones, but they’re part of the package]

I just watched “The Corporation“.  Wow.

Scary.  Freaky.  Shocking.  Wow.

Corporations are certainly forces to be reckoned with.  After watching this documentary, I’m wondering this undeniable force means we, as governments and consumers, don’t bother trying any sort of reckoning process.  Corporations are plundering our resources with no sign of stopping or sight of what exactly is “enough”.
One of the speakers in the film reminded me of Maude Barlow, a speaker I heard at Teachers’ Convention.  It turned out that was because the speaker was Maude Barlow, the same person I had heard.  Crazy.  She spoke, both at the conference and in the documentary, of the fight to keep certain things like health, education, and water public because they are sacred necessary things that should not fall victim to private tyrannical interests.  She spoke also about how this fight is currently being lost.  Wow.

Scary.  Freaky.  Shocking.  Wow.
As a Grade 5 Teacher it is my legal responsibility to teach students to “assess how roles, expectations and images of others may influence life role interests (e.g., influence of family, friends, role models, media)”.  Am I doing enough?  Am I teaching students just how much they are being manipulated by experts to be consumers and to support efforts that are proven to be against the best interests of our world, both as a planet and as a common humanity.  Am I arming them properly?

The need for keeping health care and education public in Alberta has been an issue I have felt compelled to for some time.  My first and only protest was at the legislature against Bill 11, a bill to allow overnight surgeries at private clinics.  Am I doing enough to convey why I feel these two institutions benefit by remaining public?  That protest was now six years ago.  This is a country where protests are certainly a right, and are almost encouraged, but what have I done lately?
Corporations have plenty.  More resources and experts than they know what to do with, in fact.  But what they don’t have are souls.  They don’t have, what Christians refer to as Fruits of the Spirit… Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, or Self-Control… Those nice gushy things we, as people, feel and appreciate.  Those things we feel, quite rightly, that there can be no possible law against.  Why then is there even a viable conflict here?  This literally doesn’t make sense to me.  It seems like ‘wrong’ is prevailing over ‘right’ when some of this should not even be an issue to begin with.  I don’t know what I’m doing about it, or going to do about this… but this isn’t and hasn’t been sitting right with me.

Now if you’ve met me, or read my blog in any detail you might find this whole post ironic.  I’m about as Brand Name as they come.  But I think I’ve had a fairly substantial eye-opening in the last year or so.  I hope either in my career (current, future, or otherwise) or in my everyday life I’m able to impact some of these issues a bit… certainly more than I have been.  Product for thought.


well you can tell by the way I use my walk…

Monday, May 15th, 2006

I’m ahead of my times.  No question about it.

Summer 1999- flip flops/faded smaller T’s “Um… Travis” says my swim club kid, “aren’t those girl shoes?”  No, my child, flip flops (or as we called them, thongs) are back for everyone.

Fall 1999- my infamous bright orange, in the spirit of a lifejacket, pill-free orange fleece vest… I remember the first day I wore it, I was nervous and tempted to retreat.  Oh, Gap.  You changed my life.  Now half my wardrobe is technicolor.

Winter 2004- The faux hawk.  granted mine was HUGE and bleached to grilled perfection.  The tips didn’t slow down though at Canada’s favourite gourmet burger maker.  Edmonton was ready.

May 15, 2006 (although in “Sahrah” linen, not “Charcoal”)- The RW&CO flood pant.  Is Trochu ready?  No.  Is Calgary ready? Probably not.  Will Montreal be? Most definitely.  Did I wear them to school today, despite my sister’s better judgement.  YOU BET YOUR CAPRI-COVERED-BOTTOM!:

Mixed reviews.  Some kids were like, “um??”.  Some didn’t say anything.  Some wouldn’t have noticed if I came dressed as an Amish Missionary.  The staff had a spectrum of reactions, as well.  Seriously, my legs are muscley enough to pull them off annnnnd I have kick-ass sandles.  I deserve nice cool legs on days like today.  I demand equality!!! Jo and my Grade 6 Partner in Crime (and my Mom which surprised me to no end) seemed to dig ’em so that’s all that matters. 


Sunday, May 14th, 2006

it’s been random… really random… but lately i’ve been thinking about this: i have a really hard time putting myself in different headspaces.

example: it’s spring now.  i can’t really really picture or imagine life when it’s the dead of winter.  i mean i can describe it and think about it but i can’t really put myself there and imagine it emotionally.

even when it’s after-school i can’t really really picture the morning, or late-at-night and how different those times are, or how differently those times feel.

i know this makes no sense… so bare with me.

even when i’m feeling sad, or excited, or nervous about something… once the feeling leaves me i can’t really go back to that.  sometimes it was even something i was really thinking a lot about in that headspace, but when i’m in a different one, it makes no sense anymore at all, and i’m like “what was i thinking?  why was i so obsessed with that.”

am i alone in that?  it just makes me think about how much what i’m feeling and situations i’m involved in and where i’m at, all, really change everything.  even when i look back at stuff i’ve written… i can’t really ‘feel’ feeling some of those things.  crazy.  i know.  at least admittance is the first step.

at the tone…

Thursday, May 11th, 2006

I’m sick.

Cold sick.  Stuffy sick.  Bitchy sick.  Nostril fluid sick.

I decide… rather than becoming an invalid and feeling sorry for myself, this morning, I’ll pack a gym bag and try to go to the gym after school.  Maybe some activity will help.

I go to the gym shortly after four, take some marking, line up for my class (and do my marking), and give Ripped another go.

Class is over (i’m bagged, a little sore because I worked to the “challenge level”, and still sick/hacking) and my phone is flashing red.  I check my messages and it says “your mailbox is full”.  That’s psycho.  I had two messages before and room for ten.  What is going on?

Oh, right.  I have people in my life who find me unreliable and feel the need to leave TWO or THREE or FOUR MESSAGES rather than one.  The messages get increasingly tense and accusational, questioning my “message turn around abilities.”  I’m not sure if they misunderstand the voicemail system, or if they misunderstand my basically reflex response to feeling harped on…. but there are all the voicemails in their full glory filling my voicemail to completion.

To all who read my blog: if I do not answer my phone for a two hour span, I am not dead, I am not blocking you, I do not hate you, I am not in the hospital, I did not take the day off and choke on my own vomit, I am not in Florida/Paris/London/Australia, I am not purposefully trying to make you wait on me, I am not toying with you, or playing mind games with you… I AM AT THE GYM OR A MOVIE OR A MEETING OR MARKING OR MAYBE EVEN IN THE BATHROOM WITH–FOR SOME STRANGE REASON–MY PHONE IN THE OTHER ROOM (although that wouldn’t be two hours probably)!!!!!!!!!!!!  What the hell did people do before cell phones?  I would relish to be in the days that people needed to wait for me to find a phone to get my message and then wait for me to be home long enough to call them back.

Oh, right.  I’m sick.

Cold sick.  Stuffy sick.  Bitchy sick.  Nostril fluid sick.  Usually, I’m probably more patient.  You’d probably rather leave a voicemail than talk to me anyways.  At the tone, please record your message.  I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

C’est officielle… ooh la la…

Tuesday, May 9th, 2006

I booked Montreal!!! YEEEEEHAH!!!!!!

So excited.  I filled out the form online, faxed in my credit card, and phoned… although I had to say “Est-ce que vous parlez Anglais?” to the person which is slightly ominous.

They confirmed.  So I’m in Montreal at least 3 weeks this summer.  I’m thinking of extending the trip at the end because of a few events occuring at that time but I need to think how much of my summer I can justify being away… solo.  It would be only $40 a night to extend my residence at the university.

Today I applied for funding.  It meant I had to fill out pages and pages about how this trip benefits my school, my professional growth plan, my board, etc. etc.  It was crazy how none of the questions had anything to do with Chez Dora (a breakfast place I dig), or life on patios taking in all the art-y culture.

Oh man oh man oh man I am PUMPED about this trip.  Hopefully I get some French out of it too.  😉