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Thursday, August 31st, 2006

I think I’m going to do it.  er.  um.  I am going to do it.  Pending a doctors note or the realization of some weird head rash or abrasion… I’m going to do it.

As long as administration is on board with the “Phys. Ed Team” (which is almost as cool as the “Grade Six Team”)… I’m going to pump this fundraiser up!!



Keepin’ Out of Trouble?

Sunday, August 27th, 2006

Take everything you thought you knew about Saskatchewan.  Everything.  Toss it out the window.

This place is AMAZING.  The people.  The pace.  Everything.

It seems like every province I go to, now, I say “I’d consider going to school here for sure.”  Saskatoon is now no exception.

Such a fun weekend.  New friend.  New place (it was basically my first time in this neck of the woods).  New opinion of our green and gold neighbours.

I feel like dirt… well at least really really bad.

Friday, August 25th, 2006

I feel like a monster.  Honestly.  My stomach, everything.  Now I don’t know what to do to make it better.  I don’t even know if this is all in my head, or if I was really hurtful.

My dad came to change cars with me.  I’m at school, working.  He came all the way up to make things work.

My car was down, and he was doing ALL the arrangements to fix everything.  He had forgot his key to the vehicle and had to come in to get my key.  In hindsight, I could tell he felt terrible he had forgotten the key.  In hindsight, I could tell he was also worried about my reaction because I have a tendancy to over react about everything.

Enter my dad.  I don’t introduce him to my class.  I don’t help him feel welcome.  I don’t do anything.  I blank, and am a bit surprised.  He apologizes, which he should definately not feel like he has to because he has been a major lifesaver.

How awful.  I don’t know why I acted that way.  It’s like I’m in puberty all over again, and worried about prooving myself as an adult.  It’s also like I have priorities out of wack, when my job comes before being appreciative to my family.  It’s as if I don’t want to show the world how much help my family is sometimes… when really they couldn’t give more to me or be any more selfless.  Crazy time to make a statement of independence.  And totally rude.

Slowly, I realize how stupid I’m being (not even consciencely), and try to make the situation better… “thank you”… small smile… pleasantries… but too little, too late.  Honestly, I think my dad is hurt and I really screwed up.

Might sound small to you.   But, I really think this will be on my mind for awhile.  Hopefully, I can apologize adequately.

Arg.  🙁

Is there ever a “non-vent” post?

Thursday, August 17th, 2006


I seem to have payed the balance in some short-term outstanding Karma.  My return to Calgary has now included some funky good elements:

-ALMOST LOST EVERY CENT IN MY BANK ACCOUNT.  Well, a good chunck of it.  Key word, almost.  Someone may have swiped my Bank Card and have had my PIN.  GOOD NEWS: My bank caught it early,  Cancelled the card,  Called me, and Walked me through the necessary process.  Thanks ATB FINANCIAL.  Glad my fees are being put to good use!! [ignore the improper use of capital letters]
-I’m now in touch with one of my newest “A Team” Members.  This summer I mentioned how awesome Australians are, well one in particular.  We both travelled for a bit after our adventures in Montreal but now our e-mails and messengers are aligned so travel adventures can continue, perhaps, to be in the stars.
-Edmonton BFF seemed a bit clinical because of his travels slash foreign interests.  After some research he might not be as clinical as once thought.  I should never doubt the A TEAM.  Some of us have different skills and talents, but let’s not kid ourselves, we’re very worldly.  So glad I didn’t lose him.
-Jo’s BACK!!! Wings, Ice Cream, Advice.  I LOVE JO.  (careful AMA)
-School and Teaching are seeming like big exciting things again.  I’m really pumped about this year, and the year’s off to an amazing start.  It’s busy, but I’m digging the intensity this time round.  Our assembly had 1000 students.  I couldn’t help but thinking, “WOW THE EQUIVILENT OF MY ENTIRE TOWN GROWING UP is in this gym.”  Nuts.  I can’t help but feel that the stars were aligned for this school, and that all my experiences are culminated for this classroom.  It’s nice.
-See, I’m not always so snarky!! 😀

Take that

Tuesday, August 15th, 2006

Websites are work.  Lots.  Not that mine’s really changed (outside the blog) since 1996.  Even still, I just downloaded a “Plug-In” called Akismet to prevent Spam Comments, because after a honeymoon phase, i’m starting to get loads of SPAM-O.   How annoying, does anyone really buy things from Spam.  Anyways the download/registering/upload/set-up took freakin’ forever.  Lucky I’m very intelligent.

Unrelated news… I scoffed at Mark T’s biography when I saw it everywhere in Montreal.  FYI–I saw him at the pool there, randomly, one day.  Started it yesterday.  Can’t put it down.  WOW; it’s amazing.  Not terribly well written, but a quick/easy read and crazy-easy-to-relate-to and crazy makes-me-emotional.  I was at a thing in Red Deer as a kid that he writes about in the book even.  I feel like I know him.

KIDS TOMORROW.  Three days getting ready (and a trip to WalMart tonight for binders).  So so ready.  So so pumped.  This YEAR ROUND modified calendar is NUTS.  I’m really pumped about the whole thing now though.  We’ll see how I feel after this honeymoon phase.

Vent (as in ‘fig: one’s feelings’)

Sunday, August 13th, 2006

-I fell in love with a song in Montreal.  I just spent probably 3 hours trying to find it… no luck.  I hate that fruitless research feeling.  All I know is the basic tune and a few lyrics.

-My sister almost came out with us last night (which would have pretty much been the first time ever–minus Billy Bob’s for her birthday) but because of some vehicular stress… bailed.

-Occasionally I have been a major spazz lately with some very good friends.  Yesterday I was upset for basically no reason, with a somewhat new friend because of a very minor miscommunication.  Why am I so freakin’ sensitive these days?  Lucky no one has blown up at me.  I think I’ve been fair game as such a sucky baby.

-I’m feeling a fairly signifant sense of loss about not being in Montreal anymore.  Don’t get me wrong, I love it here.  Totally love it.  I miss parts of Montreal in a very real way though.  It’s strange.  I’m already thinking about how I can get there next, and for how long.

-My commute to my new school is literally almost an hour.  If I lived in Airdrie I’d have it easier.  My whole routine (gym, etc.) is totally thrown off now.  I’ve only been back in the city for three days and Glenmore Trail is already making me feel the need to sign-up for Anger Management.

-After bragging about how much I’m loving single life.  That’s coming to pass, too.  Everyone around me is coupled again.  It’s such a process.  If only Toronto or Sydney were closer… I seem to have a connection to those areas.

-My room is such a mess.  If it were more organized I’d feel like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders.  I really wish I was more skilled at being neat and tidy.

-Stephen Harper is making me reconsider my career as a non-lobbyist.  I think he is my new Ralph Klein.  If I was a delegate as a scientist, leader, whatever who travelled accross the planet to Toronto for the Aids Conference… I’d feel majorly slapped in the face to not have Canada’s Prime Minister present.  Stephen, if you’re reading, you haven’t really knocked my socks off as a humanitarian.  Please try harder to not present yourself as such an ass.

Please have your boarding pass ready…

Thursday, August 10th, 2006

So, I flew in less than 48hrs ago.  Lucky, because the skies are a bit of a mess right now (also lucky because my timing allowed for me to get a job too).  My Grandma was the first to break the news to me.  Man, I hope our political situation gets much better soon.

So, Travis, what advice do you have for air travellers right now?

Well, as the lyrics to my new favourite half-french, half-english, half-celine dion, half-il divo song say: “Be yourself an angel of kindness.”  [seriously, i am digging this song]

Don’t be bitchy with airport security.  They know you’re not thrilled; no need expressing your upset.  Smile at people, like you, who’ve waited forever.  Start some conversations.  Be nice to children who feel like they’ve been at the airport for a zillion years.  Be nice.  Be nice.  Be nice.  True, you can carry-on basically nothing but be creative and calm.  You’re travelling, after all.  Life could be far worse.

Hopefully, this whole thing doesn’t last long.

whoa… MST again…

Wednesday, August 9th, 2006
in·ef·fa·ble (n-f-bl)


1. Incapable of being expressed; indescribable; defying expression or description


So… that was the trip.  nice-for me-that I can use ineffable for an adjective of the retreat [in fact it was everything i hoped it would be… I’d even say I’ve come back changed], not nice-for you-that I can’t really convey to you my entire Montreal experience.  I don’t even have a single picture.  Oh, well.  Not bad, AT ALL, for the first trip I ever planned myself.  In fact… VERY nice.

((***JOB NEWS HERE***))

I’m OFFICIALLY MR. R. again.  *woot*  Grade 6.  Calgary Public, of course.  Full Time.  Kicker —> It’s a YEAR ROUND SCHOOL that starts THIS FRIDAY.  YIKES.  I’m on my way to see my new room this afternoon, after flying in AND interviewing THIS morning.  Oh the world is timed in a funky little way.

P.S.  Australians rule the world.  Sorry you got your butt kicked so awkwardly Conservative Guy.  WestJet is out to get me; I swear it.  This geeky little teacher can DANCE!!  My family rules, and yet again saved my life (& CAREER).  Celine’s French CD is coo’.  [see why I stick to the word ineffable??]