January, 2007

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How to unwind with Health Insurance:

Tuesday, January 30th, 2007

Yay Massages.  Yay 60 Minute Massages.  Yay feeling all melty and having that groggy rested voice.

Busy morning.  They always are.  I had a bit of “prep-time” and had the best brainwave ever.  Why not see if I can book a good ol’ after school massage.

Next thing I know I’m looking forward to my 4:30 appointment all day.

I hope the “relaxation” that’s supposed to result lasts until my White Sand Beach Vacation in two months.  If not, I’m sure I have an Enya C.D. lying around somewhere.

Reality Bytes

Sunday, January 28th, 2007

I was addicted to Reality Television in its infancy.  First season of Survivor: I watched some episodes twice.

Then either it hit a rut or I got a life.

Now I’m back.  Some views:

Apprentice: I’m watching right now.  It’s like watching a train wreck.  I can’t stop watching.  The team that lost tried to sell a Mango Rice Bowl.  Duh.  The team that won sold a Tortilla Rice Bowl.  I’m not a corporate executive, but I did serve at Red Robin [is that news to you?].  Some people smiled at the Pineapple Burger but a heck of a lot more ordered the ones with Peppered Jack Cheese.  People like what they like, you crazy lawyers!!?!

Survivor:  It’s coming back.  Will it be the same without Yul and the crazy Tarzan Man?  No.  But last time it worked out to be awesome quality time with Jo.  I hope we revisit our jungle adventures again!

Real World Denver:  Man oh man oh  man.  Train Wreck hits a new level here.  Can’t stop watching.  MTV Canada kind of makes it so you can’t stop, either.  It shows each episode 99 Thousand times.  Now they’re in the mountains.  It makes me want to go to the mountains more this summer.  Lucky I have Mountain Connections.

You’re the One that I Want: Yuck.

American Idol:  Also a yuck, but an estabished yuk…. ya I’ve watched a bit.  I just find it too hard to keep track of everyone.  Plus, I get bored during the singing.

Good Morning Tim

Friday, January 26th, 2007

When I go through the Tim Horton’s drive-through I feel like I’m going through the gates of a National Park… or to go pick up my three sons–two of them twins–from Hockey Practice.  I feel like I’m fulfilling my civic obligations as a Canadian.

At least I’m not a sucker for marketing ploys.

The Tim Horton’s by my school is one of the busiest I’ve ever seen.  We’re talking usually a 11-car-minimum.  I still go through, quite often, because the staff is super great and gets people through quite quickly.  I’d imagine it’s because most people just get their double-double… give thanks to Sir John A. MacDonald… and are on their way.

Then there’s me.  If I’m in the 11-car-or-more line it’s because I’m a bit low on groceries and I need breakfast… coffee… and lunch.  That takes a bit more time to prepare.  I always hope no one hears me shouting my order to the speaker because I know they’d be like “oh great… this guy is totally going to hold up the show.” 


Now, as a paying customer I shouldn’t care, and normally I wouldn’t.  But because Tim Horton’s is such a great Canadian Institution, I do care.  It’s kind of like at Starbucks (An International Institution) when you don’t really know the vocabulary for ordering and you feel like you’re a class below.

If only… if only I brown bagged it more often so I didn’t have to care so much what everyone thought of me.

Mylin Sheath… Axon… Neuron…

Thursday, January 25th, 2007

Ever take BIO 30… Intro Psyc.?

It’s how your nerve system works… connective tissue.

I just heard someone being complimented as “Connective Tissue”.  What a great compliment?!!?  Honestly.  I’d love to be called Connective Tissue.

A person who brings people together; a person who brings ideas to other people and challenges them; a person who is able to relate the world to all kinds of different people (and hopefully make that world seem like a better place)… I think I have a new educational philosophy to say at my interviews.  I think that sums up the perfect teacher:

One who subscribes to The Connective Tissue Philosophy.

I won’t name the Canadian Network I heard this compliment through… or comment on the fact that it was a Canadian Broadcaster talking about a fellow Canadian Broadcaster at the good ol’ same network… or comment on how I always think it’s so funny how often this Canadian Network metareports.  [because that would… again… be a comment vaccine].  I’ll just say I had a motivating Oprah-style AHA! Moment.  I like those.

Q-Tip Question

Saturday, January 20th, 2007

I know we shouldn’t Q-Tip.  Isn’t the rule… nothing smaller than your thumb in your ear? …or is it elbow?

I do Q-Tip.  I blame my Grandma.

She used to check our ears and do it for us if we fell behind.  She popped blackheads twice.  Sick I had them… and sick having it done with an actual device for doing popping blackheads in ears.  Who knew they existed?

I digress.

When I use Q-Tips the back of my throat tingles.

Is that some strange Accupressure thing, or am I miswired?  It’s psycho.

♪ Step One: You say we need to talk; he walks ♪

Friday, January 19th, 2007

Not an avid Reader? 
You at least need to read yesterday’s post first.  This one piggy backs off of that one.

Today’s NEW Backgrounder:


So, Isaiah was greeted at the door after recess.
“Do you have something to tell us, Isaiah?”
After a bit of an inquiry the truth sufaces.  It always does.
He’s dragged kicking and screaming to the classroom next door.  Sulking… not because he’s done something bad… but because he’s been caught.  He’s looking at the floor waiting for at least part of the discipline to disappear.
He’s at the room next door to make an apology.
Teacher driven and directed apologizies are always a bit of a wildcard.  Not taken seriously, they result in more gloom and doom.  Lucky for our good friend Isaiah, he’s an actor… so he’s in his element.  Also lucky for Isaiah he gets ‘the system’ and knows that at this point he has to comply.

If this were our staff meeting I’d say we drag this out a little.  I’d say we use the moment.  I’m not a huge fan of making an example of people in the martyr sense, but I am a bit of a fan of teachable moments that show just how inspirational and productive and uplifting spitting in peoples’ faces really is.

“Isaiah, Isaiah, Isaiah.  I know you feel like I’m picking on you right now and I’m really sorry for that.  I know this is embarassing.  I don’t think you’re a bad person and I don’t dislike you.  I dislike some of the decisions you’ve made, but I think you’re starting to realize that.

“I really hope that next time you realize what a good decision looks like before you make the decision

“Now grab your backpack… I think we need to figure a few things out before you resume life in the leadership role you currently have.  You’re going to be taking a little time off.  I’m sorry this happened.”

When I put my ear to the ground I hear the same thing I’m thinking: Re-cast the part ABC.

The 7:00pm Episode of Ellen I happened to Catch

Thursday, January 18th, 2007

T.R. Knight


It’s been awhile since I’ve been all-riled-up about a media issue.  I must be due.

(of my position)

Call me stubborn, and unjust, and just plain awful… but I don’t need to hear Isaiah Washington’s side.   I’ve reached my verdict.
Sure, I’m a teacher and come to conclusions way too quickly.  I spend most of my day being looked at as stubborn, and unjust, and just plain awful. That’s only after 1.7 years of practice.So, what’s my verdict?: a *dry heave*.

I guess that’s a kind of darkness-driving-out-darkness kind of response.  But, it’s real.   DVB and I have an ongoing joke, from a Dodgeball reference, that we “just threw-up a little in our mouths” when we hear or see something “sick” but Isaiah, you almost made a dream come true.

I wouldn’t have reached the verdict watching any of the other interviews or even being there in-living-colour during any of the ‘debated issues’.  I reached the verdict when I watched T.R. Knight [try to] speak to Ellen.

He was crushed.  He didn’t have the words.   He didn’t know how to explain how he felt.  He didn’t know how to express his gratitude to Ellen for her help during a difficult time.   He didn’t know what to do.  I saw it authentically:

He was hurt.

He was authentically hurt and authentically trying to piece together what’s happened and what’s going to now come next and what’s to say.

See, that’s the thing about using words like f*ggot.  (It’s the same thing, actually, about throwing knives.):

It doesn’t matter how funny, or innocent, or benign the SPEWer thinks thing are.  [you kind of seemed to see the humour, Isaiah, as a bundle of laughs].   That big decision goes to the person on the other side of things: the SPEWee.  That decision goes to the person who now looses sleep.  That decision goes to the person who can’t form words.  It goes to the person who, if somehow without a support network, is now ‘socially indicated’ as a person who may have a shorter life span because of issues related to self worth.   That person has soul-control of judging severity.

That person, and me.  And Ellen.   And the many many persons with the good sense to recognize that a human is a human is a human… none of us are refuse or waste under those who seemingly qualify as worthy-humans.

I guess this whole post is one big giant *dry heave* to all those out there who still see words like f*ggot, those hateful and dangerous words… as words worthy of passing lips… words worthy of hiding behind… words worthy of laughter.





Thanks Ellen for grabbing TR’s arm, giving TR the opportunity to talk, and saying [with hope] that you think, overall, it’s a different time now.  I agree.  So does K.D.  She said so, this summer, with the words “It’s going to be a great year for human rights.”

Then she sang the song, “Love is a Philosophy.”

I was there.

It gave me goosebumps. 




Talking with the Crown

Thursday, January 11th, 2007

What a day.  Quel-que jour.  (If I don’t at least throw a little French on here, the language going to be lost on me forever).

I woke up early.  On purpose.

That sucked because I didn’t sleep super well.  I have a [email protected]$$ed cold that had enough of the @$$ half to keep me up a lot of the night.

The reason I woke up early was to fight a traffic ticket.  That’s right, I’m no longer on the right side of the tracks as far as the law is concerned.  I wasn’t so much fighting the ticket… more fighting the consequence that was more than a month’s rent.

Lucky me; I have the day off… why not give the Criminal Justice System’s inner workings a tour.

I got lost.  It was freezing.  I was tired, nervous about my spiel, and cold.  I finally found the place and had a huge wait.  I checked out my fellow convicts, and openly listened to them make their cases to the CP (Crown Prosecuter).  I carefully calculated both what TO say and what TO AVOID saying.


I went in.  He cut the fine by over a hundred smackers and a demerit with me merely replying to “How are you today?” with ‘Good, thanks’ and asking the same question back.

Boyish charm.  Respectful Eyes.  What can I say?

I phoned three people in celebration: Mom, Dad, and Jo.  After that, it was off to school to do a little work.  I hate to admit it but I’m kind of excited about going back.  I have a few ideas to ‘reinvent’ the classroom a bit this term… so we’ll see if those stick.  I won’t lie… if ‘reinventing’ doesn’t work, and I decide teaching’s too much, being a behind-the-glass diva at the traffic court would be a totally [email protected]$$ job.

[apologies about the profanities… i must have picked that up at the court house]