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Teachers of the Carribean

Wednesday, March 28th, 2007

On my list of a kazillion things to do… blogging isn’t one.

But I’m so excited for my trip I could dance:
in that big smile, fake drum-playing, bouncy kind of way.

I’m so excited.  So so excited.

Just thought I’d share. *woot*

Mega-Strong Ice-Cold Green Tea

Friday, March 23rd, 2007

Right now in the cupholder of my car is a green tea.

If I had one wish it would be that I remembered that I bought it and actually brought it in with me to work today.  If I had one wish I’d wish it was consumed in my tummy rather than leaving it untouched and abandonned… forgotten in the parking lot.


$.95 — GONE!!

I woke up after three days of TOTAL SICKNESS excited I was feeling better.  I drove to school excited that I’m now done most of my interviews and spring break is around the corner.  I had time to go to Tim Horton’s.  I reward myself only to be a forgetful, unorganized loser.  I’ll now have to suffer the consequences of oxidizing, since i’ve disregarded the antioxidants to get me through tonights soiree, this weekend’s party, wednesday’s soiree, and the BIG TRIP COMING UP.

Ug.  Ug.

All dressed up and know where to go…

Monday, March 19th, 2007

One of the worst kinds of stress is the kind that makes you weary, where even thinking about the stress makes you weak and defeated.  It’s the kind that keeps you in bed in the mornings, the kind that makes you hold your stomach in that i-just-can’t-even-think-of-eating kind of way, the kind where you don’t even know where to begin.

I agreed to go to a fundraiser Friday.  It’s exciting because I feel compelled and connected to the cause.  I also feel like this is a bit of a “coming of age” experience.  I’m at the age where I can now go to fundraisers.  It’s a whole “living the life I wanted to live” kind of emotion.


The event is listed as an “elaborate fashion gala.”


The pangs would have already begun even without feelings of outsiderness or inadequacy.  See, this is interview week.  In fact, the event is the evening of interviews.  I’m also attending the event with someone who, although is very nice, somehow has a floodgate effect on my nervous system.

The Cinderella Story unfolds, however, the way it always does and I’m cautiously optimistic.  See, while not blessed with the gifts of organization and rational thought… I have certainly been blessed with a “friend group” and family like no other.

Joanne took round one helping me to do some shopping and mall exploring for ideas (putting up with me being a moody mess).  Barry took round two offering up his Mexx connection.  Kelly suited up and took charge of the grooming portfolio [my hair].

Then, yesterday, I went home for Sunday Roastbeef Dinner.  Me and the girls (Mom, Sister, Grandma) had a collective brainwave:

PIECING TOGETHER A FUNKY LITTLE RETRO SUIT from my Ottawa adventure.  It’s not the newest suit but it’s freshly dry-cleaned, brings back amazing memories, and in the past has been good for a compliment or two.  I’d even go so far as to say it’s kind of sharp.  Double-yay that I’m no longer too chunky to wear it.

See… here’s the thing.  It’s mega-cheesy but still the thing.  I won’t be attending in a G-Star/Diesel Justin Timberlake head turning anything.  If that’s anyone’s idea of ‘elaborate fashion’… I’m out.  The poor poor service life of a teacher.

I’ll be me, hopefully sharp and hopefully showing some sort of fashion awareness.  Most importantly I’ll feel good as the product of the coolest, most awesome, most genuine people I know and respect…. I keep saying it because it’s true: I’m surrounded by the best people ever.  Head to toe [big smile inclusive] this Friday: I owe’em BIG TIME!!!

3.14159 Leprechauns

Friday, March 16th, 2007

Since my blog is a nice little chronicle of my life I like to go back and look at trends.

One stands out.

Report card times are the devil.  All of them.  Devils.

This is my sixth go-round.  If I teach for 50 more years (until I’m 75) that will be 150 more go-rounds.  150 more instances where I close my eyes and picture my next escape to somewhere warm [or French], 150 more instances where I surf websites like and as diversions to the work I’m way behind on.

Luckily, I’m not sure I will teach until I’m 75.

Luckily, there are some nice little celebrations for this March round that help my state-of-being.  Pi Day was a huge success.  Tiring… but super fun.  Fun in that what-the-heck-is-going-on look from other people kind-of-way.  Most of my students had never had pie before.  Fun I got to be the one to provide that experience.  Most of my kids had also never heard of an irrational number or a ratio that relates circumference to diameter… but I’m starting to wonder if the grade six mind is ready for such a mysterious and intense little concept.

Tommorrow’s St. Patty’s day.  I’ll wear green, breathe a huge sigh of relief, and find some friends to do the same with…. I imagine the usual suspects.

Faster than I’d imagine… I’ll forget all the stress and chaos and life will be the good ol’ young adult city life it was meant to be.  (Assuming trends outlined in my blog continue 😉 )

CIRCLE weds. on your G[r]EEK calendar

Monday, March 12th, 2007

Seems Spring Travis is here.

Spring Travis?

He wears his bright yellow ralph lauren shirt with lime green stripes… with a slightly different lime green t-shirt underneath… with chocolate brown gap jeans, a black belt, and blue runners.


Half faux-hawked.  Half up-at-the-front.  To work.

After school, he’s leading his drama group.  He decides he needs a picture book with a “southern drawl” because his kids will eventually be reading about life along the mississippi as they present information about jazz music’s roots in “dixieland jazz”.  He remembers a book called A Million Fish More or Less and goes across the hall to see if Ms. S has it.  She says she might but can’t find it and reminds him that it’s probably best to find those kinds of things before 3:45.  especially when the drama group starts at 3:00.  He agrees with a laugh and finishes his drama group.

After the drama group, he goes back to Ms. S’s room across the hall because coincidentally she’s also a co-conspirator for Wednesday’s Pi Day.  She plays a Pi Day song on the internet that goes to the tune of American Pie.  … “They were thinking Pi… Pi… Mathematical Pi.  3 point 14 15 9.”

He nearly pees he thinks it’s so funny.  and great.  and perfect for Wednesday’s big celebration.

Since he has a note to students about Pi Day that he already needs to be proofread by the office, he decides to kill two birds and see if they can play the song at 1:59pm on Weds.  (3/14 1:59).

He gets there and the door is closed.  He realizes that this means they’re busy.  Most principals are, but at a school of over 1000 kids 3 principals kind of seem like prime ministers or cabinet ministers–at least.  Mrs. S (the top dog) waves him in.

“Sorry to bug you but is this note okay?…”

They silently read.

“Oh, and also… thanks very much for the nice comments about my report card comments… all of you, thank-you.”

(What did he just say? More in-his-head dialogue: “Did he really just re-point-out that he evidentially did a pretty good job on his report cards?  Did he really just toot his own horn to these people?  Is this really how he handles life after report card stress?  Why doesn’t he also tell them that he put their Post-It Notes of Praise on the inside door of his classroom cabinet to look at for the next round?)

“Thanks a bunch!”

He goes back to Pi Day headquarters and affirms that both the notice and the song playing ceremony are ‘a go’.

Will the event be dorky?  Probably.  Recognizably Travis?  Yup.  Are there 200 Free Pies coming?  Boo YA (thanks to Ms. B)!  It’s like another Students Choice Awards 1999 at TVHS… only this event didn’t take 55 hours and a zillion consultations with staff to plan.

This time I AM the staff.

This time I’m Spring Travis Mr. R edition.

It’s awesome.

PS–Need a morning meditation/Sun Salutation to be your own spring-self?  This one goes with much feted SECRET you were supposed to read two posts ago.  C’est coo’.  Big file… but worth it.

Julia [Lake] Louise Dryfus; I had a fun day!!

Saturday, March 10th, 2007

My face is windburnt… and I love it.

My hair is uncontrolled/uncontrollable toque hair… and I love it.

My upper leg region is feeling a bit out of shape… and I wish I was one of those people who did more squats.

See, when I came to Calgary my vision was always to visit the mountains, drive a VW, and get a funky little condo somewhere.  Today was a step in the right direction.  The last little while, most days have come and gone without me getting very close to the good ol’ Bow Valley.  Jo and I just spent the day there and we were *hot* *hot* *hot* (two reasons: [1] nice spring skiing day; and [2] Jo was in a one piece faux fur masterpiece of a snowsuit).

So… what’s next?  Glad you asked.  We’re headed for a pint at the Ship and Anchor (because it just naturally seems like a rough and tumble mountainey place to be) and then we’re going to have a mini-sleep-over and do it all again tomorrow at Nakiska.

Nothing like celebrating being [basically] done report cards than carving down some hills with one of the best friends anyone could ever ask for… … … even if she does carve down hills in a unitard.  😛

“I’d been given a glimpse of ‘a great secret’…”

Sunday, March 4th, 2007


You’re not supposed to see this, but:

It’s not just “a secret” but “the secret“.  Who knew?

Aren’t you lucky you check out the site, eh?  Fact is, you’re probably not that new to the whole idea but maybe you are.  Maybe you’re also in a headspace where it might be useful to hear people who are fairly good at communicating, communicating about “staying positive” and “being an agent of change.”  Maybe you’re also in the timespace where you can afford to have an 1.5 hour computer diversion.  I was.

It’s put together in a bit of a cheesy/cultish way… but I’d say it’s well-done and coo’.


Speaking of cool secrets: FRAGGLE ROCK THE MOVIE??? *woot*

5:53 Report Card Break

Thursday, March 1st, 2007

I ate 3 boxes of Smarties today.

Snack size?  Halloween Size?  No. No.
Gas station size? 56g Size? Yes. Yes.

Sick I ate them.  Sick I have tons left from my Smarties Graphing activity I did aeons ago.  It seems another Smartie-Horrifying day is just around the riverbend.

Here’s why I don’t feel totally disgusting [reputation-wise].  At Christmas/Easter/Halloween I go far past the 168g mark of chocolate.  So far past that mark I couldn’t even pretend to see it.  A Costco Bag of mini-eggs… no problem.  Do I feel fresh and all-warm-inside after? No.  I don’t feel like I’m totally on my death bed either.  Here, however, lies the problem:

It’s time to start looking forward to a Beach and Board Shorts Wearing trip to a nice little tropical island. (quiet *woot*)   I’m not going to pretend I”ll look like an A&F Aberzombie… but I’d like to come close to doing Old Navy proud.  I’d also like to hit the gym between Spring Break and Summer Break a few times without throwing up right beside the treadmills or the pool. 

Yes I like summer… but turning into a Winter Pasty Bag of Whatever has its perks too. (not even counting the multi-coloured mouth and hands).