April, 2007

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Dancing with a High Amount of Fidelity

Saturday, April 28th, 2007

Kristine, the roomie, finished school for the year yesterday.

We decided to celebrate by dancing at HiFi.

After some concerns about losing ‘the dance,’ yesterday it alllll came back.  Hopefully ‘the dance’ is here to stay for the spring and summer.

I don’t know if it was the great music, or the gift of coconut Hershey’s Kisses, or the Barry/Kristine/Kaley/Travis combination but the scene was set for a very fun night to camp out on the dance floor.

I have to say a night of dancing and laughter and honest-to-goodness-good-music is hard to beat.
Fun Place!  In fact, the whole place is quite Montrealesque.

Haha… so… what’s everyone doing this Friday?

Weighing the Pig

Wednesday, April 25th, 2007

“Weighing the pig doesn’t make it fatter.”  It’s a teacher saying (about how continually testing a kid isn’t really teaching the kid… or at least that’s my interpretation).

Right now, though, I’m Weighing the Pig–in this case, the pig being some big possibilities in my life.  We’ll see if it makes life fatter.  Big how?  Money-wise.  Time-wise.  Out-of-my-comfort-zone-wise.

Here’s what’s on my mind:
(1) Calgary Investments– House & Car.  More specifically: condo and VW.  Is it time?  Can I afford either?
(2) Another Undergrad Degree- Probably Psyc. Or Social Work.  It’d help my grid salary.  It’d also expand my career options.  Could I do it and work?  Could I actually manage to do a degree in Montreal?
(3) Mini-Trips- A few are in the works.  August to Montreal with BT and DMS.  October to Montreal, again.  Vancouver…. those kinds of excursions *or*
(4) The Big Trip- Is it time?  An offer, as of last night, now officially stands to go to Australia for New Years this year.  This particular offer includes a place to stay and a guaranteed amazing time.  It’d be incredible.  (and I’d still be home fro Christmas). That’d cancel out some of the above options, though.  Teachers aren’t exactly living the high life.

Input always welcome.  😉

the third r

Tuesday, April 24th, 2007

Yesterday was Math Supper.

I signed up for Math Suppers (plural) in the fall.  They’re every month or so.  I learn tons.  They’re great.  I can add them to my list of accomplishments.


Math Supper days are WAY too long… by 8:30 PM my brain is mush.

Case in point:

We’re having a class discussion about possible reasons students get different answers when they measure lengths.

I stick up my hand and say “They could be using different units.”  I’m so proud of my insiteful little answer and so proud that I actually contributed.  I usually don’t.

She gives a long pause and says in a tone that’s barely trying to disguise her impatience, “yes, I think we have that one already” and points two jot notes up to that exact same contribution.


Thank God the Grade 5/6’s get a presenter from the Catholic Board and not ours.  Between my dumbness and our table’s constant giggles…  I don’t think I go there and exactly impress.

Oh, well.  Now I know how my kids feel.

You Tube Delight

Wednesday, April 18th, 2007

Okay, so on… er… Facebook.  I joined this group:
Il Fait Beau Dans L’Métro (et l’autobus!)

When I watch the video that goes with the ‘group’ I pee a little because it’s so exciting and awesome and funny.  I can’t stop watching it.

The whole thing pretty much sums up my opinion of the Metro and Autobus System of Montreal; I’m for it.

The Universe Knows I Discovered Facebook

Wednesday, April 18th, 2007

Decide for yourself:

As the day wears on, you may feel compelled to widen your circle of familiarity by reaching out to loved ones with whom you seldom have a chance to spend time. (This would be a snippet from my Libra DailyOm.Com horroscope for today.)

Uh… I do feel compelled.  I felt compelled to “widen my circle” of Facebook friends when I dreamt about it last night.  I felt compelled when I came to work this morning and discovered it’s blocked from workstations here (likely due to it’s addictive qualities).  I felt compelled since–although she hardly fits in the category of ‘seldom-seen’– JCA became my first link-up.

I haven’t had an internet addiction like this since… well… the internet was invented.  Then it was wbs.net.  Then came ICQ.  Then came MSN.  You’d think by the time you reach 25, a website like Facebook wouldn’t draw you in like some Tamagochi or Tickle Me Elmo or Tim Horton’s Coffee.

But it did.

And all I want to do is write on my “wall” and other peoples’ “walls” and add pictures and find more people and e-mail them…. and tell them what’s been happening… and find out what’s been happening…. and decide whether or not to add those people you are barely connected to and barely know.

Oy yoy yoy yoy yoy.

Star Friends Winner

Wednesday, April 11th, 2007

So, when you write about your furthest trip you’ve ever taken, where do you start?

Do you start with the wedding and how it went perfectly and how it was somehow able to get thirty-some people on a plane together?

Do you start with the two-member Team Jo & T and how they had an amazing time?

Do you write about the warm weather, and the relaxation, and the fact that THREE NOVEL LENGTH BOOKS got read?

Do you write about the high school Spring Break twist parts of the week took?

Or do you just post a link to a few pictures and smile because it was an incredible week with incredible people?

Congratulations Dave and Kaley Yee.  You rock my world!!