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Alexander Calder’s Man “stabile”

Tuesday, August 28th, 2007

I’m smarter.  Again.

I don’t mean to start every post that way… but if the shoe fits, I guess I’d better wear it.

The last two days I had a substitute in my classroom and no kiddies.  The reason: a two day summer symposium held by our school board.  Four sessions, two days, and two really good bagged lunches.  This morning’s session was interesting. (and maybe not for all the right reasons).

I got to use pastels.

‘What?’ you say as I patiently smile to respond to your tax-paying gut-reaction.


I hadn’t used them much.  Our instructor asked us to draw a joyful or tearful moment of our summer.  The request wasn’t taken as strange because the session was, in fact, on creative journaling.   We were allowed to choose the medium.  I hadn’t used pastels much but I was quite proud of the result.  In fact, once I started… I kind of just wanted to keep going and not listen.  So did much of the class, I’m guessing, because we were given quite a lot of time to just quietly work and reflect and be proud.  I’m betting my kids sometimes, if not often, would really like just that nice calm time without my yammering.

So tomorrow…

I shall grant them the exact same gift.  (and maybe even you one.  that’s assuming i find my way to our scanner).

CITIES by John Hartman

Saturday, August 25th, 2007

While I’m fairly certain I have a few gifts, I have one gift in particular… at least lately.

I have the gift of being seated at the best tables at weddings.

What can I say?

Yes, it’s a very specific gift not always useful in a huge variety of situations and sittings.  That said, I’m still glad it’s part of my repertoire.

I was just at a wedding held on Stephen Avenue mall at the Art Gallery of Calgary.  It, like the space, was really beautiful.

Whether at a wedding, a graduation, or even a convention I always like it when speakers recognize virtues.  I also like it when speakers recognize, even if worded in their own way, that amongst virtues like faith and hope and love [and respect]… “that the greatest of these [virtues] is love”.  I’m noticing that’s when people [including me] get teary.  Tonight didn’t disappoint.

A few people at our table said that it’s always the “stoic dad” that gets the tears.  I’d agree.  I’d say, it’s also the people who look at the person they’re thanking [whether friend, son, daughter, parent, or otherwise] with eyes unable to express their gratitude.

With that as my wrap-up of tonight’s evening, I think to myself…….

I hope I’m able to look at people that way a lot.

Why I had parted hair today and yesterday…

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007

…because I basically totally kind of moved.

Most of my stuff’s in the new house.  Some’s in the old one.

Hair product being the latter vs. the former.

But oh what a silver lining.  Gold even.  I kind of like teaching with flat parted blond hair.  It’s preppy and fun.  People think I got a hair cut and I didn’t.  It’s like all the joy of going to get a new doo but without any money.

Not counting my return visits/summers home throughout university I’ve now moved nine times in my lifetime.  I’m a pro.

That’s why I can’t believe I forgot “hair stuff”… must be getting old.

How August became my September

Thursday, August 16th, 2007

If the phrase “modified calendar” is in your vocabulary, we have now crossed paths.

The basics: back three weeks early in August means three week-long breaks later during the school-year.

Last year, I could have went without the wild and crazy change in schedules… and now, like all things, I’m kind of sold.  When the teachers went back last Thursday, I was *gasp* kind of ready to be back in the swing-of-things.

So now, already, I’ve had kiddies for three days now.  Maybe teachers talk of their classes like all new moms talk of their babies, but mine are the best.  My class, in fact, is incredible.  I tell them that.  I tell their last-year’s teachers that.  I tell our principal that.  And now I tell you, because it’s true.

I’m so excited.  It’s so great to be returning to the same grade … returning to the same classroom …returning to the same staff.  I kind of walk around the hallways with a spring in my step and a goofy perma-grin.

Sure, it’s only fall; that said: I’m betting on a pretty darn good little school-year.

Heck, not just school-year… life-year.  I have a feeling 26 is going to be pretty darn good too.  Any ideas for the kick-off celebration.  October 18th isn’t too far away, ya know?

: cleanses (ew!)… and other purchases

Saturday, August 11th, 2007

Projected Purchase #1
A Cleanse

Okay, everyone has got the memo except for me.  I heard about them first from a dancefloor aquaintence in MTL.  [Da**it… I was going to try and go one post without mentioning that city… oh, well.]  Then Jo’s [other] man is on one.  Kim too.  The whole world.  This morning: what the heck? I just saw an infomercial for one.  I think this weekend coming up I’m going to stop at GNC and give it a whirl.  When you see that I’m radiant and giving off free flowing vibes, that’d be why.

Projected Purchase #2
A Rabbit

Not the kind that eats carrots and never seems to need a cleanse… the kind you drive.  I test drove one and I think the time is drawing near.  I have my sister’s car right now because mine is going through a very difficult time and I have to say I dig the sunroof/newness.  I’m thinking green.

Projected Purchase #3

No, not class like “you’ve got class” I’ve got that already.  Night class.  Drama? Fitness? Meditation?  Not sure.  It’s going to supplement Jo and I’s anticipated Theatre Pass.  See now that I’m a pro at Grade Six I can actually have an extracurricular life.  Hmmm… maybe pottery.

… and we’re back.

Wednesday, August 8th, 2007

so no matter where we are in our reader-writer relationship, i feel it’s now finally safe to tell you that i love to dance.

did i always? no.  for sure not.
do i always? not always, no.  but nearly.  most often i’d say.

i dance big.  i dance goofy.  i even dance on my own while i’m brushing my teeth and getting ready for things.

i’m a full-on convert and i’m glad i’ve experienced the shift.

for the last seven nights [literally] my dancing has taken place in montreal.  it sounds hokey, and it’s probably not true for everyone: but montreal is a city made for dancing.  (in the streets even).
so to my dearest montreal …whose metro even makes me want to dance-along …whose streets were even alive with dj’s and lip syncing …whose music was yet-again incredible, i thank you!

montreal is truly a dancefloor infused with understanding, life, and love.

while other cities may have the money, you have the party.

[next august makes four. and the recharge will yet-again be welcome.]