October, 2007

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Travis’ Corner of the Web Survives Another Year

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

This website is now entering it’s fourth year.  I know that because I just renewed my domain/hosting.  It’s amazing the things we can now do with only a Mastercard and good people over in Jolly Ol’ England willing to host a nice little personal website for a pound or two.

Oh, how time flies.

I’d say it’s time for a little retrospective.  A flashback if-you-will.  A look at how this all began.

My very first post: *gasp* in basic non-xml html no less: bottom of this page.  So what did I talk about?  What was big and critical in my life three short years ago?
-Dairy Queen Blizzards
-A Blind Date gone wrong
-A trip to Supersize Me with two bussers-turned-awesome guys
-Red Robin
-An Internet CD Purchase

It’s nice to see that my life is now TOTALLY evolving and I blog about much less benign issues. 😉

I guess the point is not really does end up changing.  I’m still the same old me so the jist of the blog is the same old jist.  It is fun reading over old posts, though.  You should read them all too… it’d be flattering for me.  Maybe over hot cocoa or tea.

Don’t have your own blog yet?  Get one.  Quit?  Start again.  I still read most.  Some of you out there I read your blogs and you probably don’t even know… it’s like high-tech snooping.

I hope I still have some snoops out there, though, too.

Monday, October 29th, 2007

This post will be in two sections.
Section I: A “borrowed” quote
Section II: My own

Section I…

Section II…

We know that if we have an appointment three hours away, we can just drive there and back.  We know that it’s usually more fun to bring friends, meet friends, eat well and laugh lots.  We know that parties are more fun when there’re costumes, food tastes better when it takes three hours to make, and waterpark-adventures are more memorable when synchronized tube-riding part of the experience. But what we ultimately need to know is that weekends are necessary, quite often, to do nothing else than love the world [even while dressed up as a pea].

–Travis Robertson B.Ed.

*** is working towards getting a life.

Thursday, October 25th, 2007

I love blatent-lying to myself.  Not white-lying.  Blatent lying.

(I lied to my mom, too.  :S  BUT it wasn’t intentional).

I told myself [and her] I’d leave the school at 5:00 and work on report cards when I got home.  It is now 7:49 PM.

I am eating EDO Japan take-out, checking my facebook, while simultaneously making cell-phone calls related to my Edmonton mini-vacation [which let’s not kid ourselves, is an outright and open black-hole of non-report-card-time, too].

What will I do next?  Oh, you know… pack while watching MTV Canada.  Pretty much the antithesis of educational productivity.

To top the big lie off, I’m now basically sure I’ll end the night with some quality R&R time and not even crack a binder or make any attempt to log-on to the Student Information Record System once.

Who knew that the art of procrastination ages like a fine wine… long long LONG after university is done and over with.

How one knows one has a surplus of time:

Wednesday, October 24th, 2007
  1. Something that made me happy today:
    -an hour long massage that was quite-possibly the best one I’ve ever had.  Ever.  And I’ve had a lot.
  2. Something that made me sad today:
    -one of my roommate’s had some rough news tonight.  Life is crazy strange… and sucky sometimes.
  3. Something that made me excited today:
    -seeing my wicked-awesome costume with fresh eyes  this morning and being way-too-excited all over again.  I CANNOT WAIT to show Edmonton my awesomeness.
  4. Something that made me frustrated today:
    -three of my ‘cards’ were mailed back to me by the Montreal Police.  (No note or anything). Too weird.  I’m not frustrated to have them back but frustrated the rest of my cards weren’t and frustrated to think of the whole thing again.
  5. Something that made me proud today:
    -ALL 100% scores in my e-PD class!  All!  Supposedly [NOTE: not supposebly] it’s “graduate”-level work, too.
  6. Something that made me tired today:
    -not so much tired or bored… but I couldn’t really get into our school’s afternoon play.  It was put on by a theatre company and for some reason I was super fidgety and uninvested.  Imagine how you’d feel if English was somewhat new to you.
  7. Something that made me curious today:
    -Ed Stelmach’s internet address to Albertans.  haha.  just kidding.  Totally totally kidding.  I don’t even know why I typed that.
  8. Something that made me laugh today:
    -my fellow staff.  Seriously I love staffroom time. The staff at my school probably has the sharpest, quickest sense of humour around.
  9. Something that made me roll-my-eyes today:
    -hitting every single red-light [as usual] on my Country Hills Drive commute to work first thing in the morning.
  10. Something that made me nostalgic today:
    -It was totally out-of-the-blue but today while driving up the Crowchild Trail I totally had a flashback to listening to K.D. Lang sing live while at Montreal.  It was crazy-slash-awesome and made me think how I need to promise myself I’ll go to Copenhagen, not this summer, but the next one.  So I did promise myself.  I’m going.  You’re invited.

Making hay while the sun shines…

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007

Today’s high: 21ish
Tomorrow’s [projected] high: 3.  Ick.

I awoke today [pessimistically] knowing it could possibly be one of the final days before *gasp* winter.

I awoke today hoping to soak it all in… be productive… and, well, be the grasshopper or the ant (I forget which) that gets ready for the great abyss known as seasonal affective, er,  season.

The result?  A huge success!!

Wicked-awesome costume ready for Friday?  Check.
Report-Card Action Plan prepared and started? Check.

Seriously today was a productive one!!!  YAY!!

A drama class… like always, perfect?  Check.  Check.  I even made super-sure to get everything done after school so I could soak-up some downtown action before the class even began.

Mind, body, & soul; life, work, & everything: I say BRING IT winter!  Bring your worst!  Minus five-thousand… I’m ready.

I saw you coming since yesterday’s forecast!  🙂

Changing Leaves… right out the door.

Sunday, October 21st, 2007

The birthday weekend begins to close.

It, like my birthday day, was a success.  Good friends.  Good food.  And most importantly: dancefloor explorations together.

It’s funny; I always feel the need to travel (especially to other Canadian cities) but the more you find out about your own city, the more you find there is right here… especially with the right people.

Next weekend I go to Edmonton, my home away from this one.  I can’t wait.  I guess I don’t really count the three hour drive northward true traveling.  Just space and time away.  It’s like my perfect little cabin-city… without the cabin.

So, Report Card Time begins and I enter well-fed and well-rested.  I’ve ventured into the real work just enough to sustain me through the hard-work and late nights [and bitchiness] to come.

As October turns to November and Cool turns to Cold; I’m ready.

Book in hand.  Scarf on neck.  Smile on face.

I’m ready.

How Ottawa became my Toronto

Wednesday, October 17th, 2007

Maybe you’ve heard but I had a rough-slash-interesting [-slash-humiliating] Fall Break. A missing wallet while in Montreal meant missing identification for the flight home and a rescue by the folks and the roommate (and here’s where I mention how I’m eternally grateful to have such great people in my life… including my Ottawa Peeps).

I have to admit I’m a bit struck still. By ‘struck’, I mean I’m a bit unsure if my next trip will be anytime soon… especially if it’s to a busy metropolis. It’s kind of like getting rear-ended by a gravel truck. After it happens, you’re aware it can happen and you’re always that little bit more leery. That said, I’m sure I’ll be back on the horse before I know it.

But, as with all mishaps, I’m now super-aware how lucky I am. It’s almost poetic how much I can count on my friends and family. In fact, while it was all happening [‘it’, being the whole travel mess] I was able to take a step back and let something bigger than myself take care of things: love.

Sappy but painfully true.

While I was at my worst, love was at it’s best and at each moment I thought things couldn’t get worse… they didn’t. They got better, fast; and here I am.

So here I am, one day away from being 26. Replacement cards are in the mail, and savings are safe in the bank (well, most of them). Looks like the year coming up is going to be amazing just like the other 25… not so much by my doing but rather by the awesomeness of those around me.

It’s nice to know that whether I’m sitting at my computer typing or near-tears on a hostel floor I have a total A-Team. Armed and ready to make things…

…well, perfect! 🙂

Vous allez voir…

Thursday, October 4th, 2007

So.  Today it seems real.

A crazy adventure to the dancefloors and shopping centres of Canada’s two powerhouse cities lies pretty much 24 hours ahead.

I can’t help but wonder if the trip have karmic consequences for me missing out on Thanksgiving at home.  I also can’t help but wonder if I’ll eventually see Montreal through the lens of someone who is indifferent to, what to me is, the city of modern and liberal passion.

Safe so far, *touch wood*.

I really thought I’d have big objectives for this trip… and I really don’t other than to enjoy myself, get away, and experience the city to its fullest.
The weather forecast seems great!  A pretty impressive DJ list has been compiled (although let’s admit it, I have a fairly limited exposure to the world of djing).  A really cool circle of people ended up sounding like they’re game for pretty much anything.  And to add to it all, October already seems touched by the universe to be filled with surprises and creative energy.

So, equipped with an iPod and stack of library books, I head into this adventure with just the right amount of optimism to come back with a story and smile.  Or two.

You can be sure both will be posted here.