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Wednesday, December 19th, 2007

What a relief!

Today at Milestone’s [sic] [what the hell is with that apostrophe??] for supper I was informed that I’m probably not going deaf.

(This is not unlike the time I thought I went blind in the shower one day… just a power outage).

I have this wonky sensation where I can’t tell where sounds are coming from.  It’s like being stuffed up–but in my ears.  SO weird.  So unprecedented in my life.  They just keep half-popping, and I have just a general sense of sounds/music.

So, at Milestone’s [sic] [again] the person beside me said she’s experiencing the same thing.  Same thing? A cold.  A cold!  I guess, just like sinuses the ears can get stuffy too.

Who knew?

Looks like I’m not losing my senses [har har] after all.


Tuesday, December 18th, 2007

I was just in our hot tub convincing myself that I can, in fact, find Orion’s belt… when I probably cannot.  Whichever one the upside down W (or M) is… I think I can indeed find that one.  I may or may not have seen Mars, too.  It’s supposed to be close and bright these days but I didn’t really go into the hot tub with enough information for that endeavour.

This quiet reflective moment was just minutes after receiving a letter (in actual paper form) confirming I will be taking a Mindfulness Meditation class on Mondays starting in January (although wouldn’t March have made much better alliteration there?).

So one might presume I’m in the midst of some big chaos to be in search of “awareness”.  Not really.  At all, really.  Lethargy would be a better descriptor.

I would like to think, however, I’m 26 and ready for a pursuit.  I guess, so far, I think the kind of ‘pursuit’ I seek is one that would benefit from a yoga mat, hot-tub time, exercise, and a hearty smile right from the beginning.

New Year’s resolution?  Not really.  Just a New Year’s directional tilt: maybe only a few degrees.  The goal, I guess, would be that as a career and adult life develop deeper, I’m at the wheel in an organized way.

Police Change

Monday, December 17th, 2007

I won’t pretend there’s not an error or two on this site or in my daily e-mailings. However:

Unless my all-too-groggy nearly-napping eyes were mistaken, I think Global [Television] Calgary goofed today as they began their News at Six… and I don’t mean by parking “Bri” [Brienne Hurlburt] in the middle of Chinook Centre as “news”. [Wha…what??!!  The malls are busy??]

See, I’m pretty sure the header referring to WestJet’s “Police Change” would have served it’s its purpose better if it read: “Policy Change”… since the story was about WestJet’s policy related to young travelers.  No police in site sight.
Hmmm… time to put one of my Grade Six students in the editing booth, maybe. They’re pretty good with police/policy, finally/finale, happen/happy, etc.

Please, someone call Lynne Truss.

I expect more.


Friday, December 14th, 2007

‘t’s a jot-note-kind-o’-morning:

  • Chariots of Fire will be playing in the background as I slow-motion-run to give a giant hug to my long lost Australian-travelling BFF in Edmonton tonight.  The plan is Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and/or Joey T’s and a Dance Floor reunion with the rest of the city-of-champions gang… albeit one small sect of said gang.
  • Hung out with, oh, nearly all of Calgary’s Public Teachers last night.  We just chilled at the Stampede Coral and chatted about fees and collective agreements and unfunded liabilities.  I love teachers.  I admit, however, some of the topics discussed are a little hard for me to understand.  Oh well; some day.
  • Christmas with the fam. on Sunday!  Can’t wait.  I did not pack anything but casual clothes but let’s admit it: it’s 2007.  No one dresses up anymore.
  • …And let’s just say the words and use the labels.  I’m an active member of the Theatre Community and/or the Arts Community and/or the Let’s Make Stephen Avenue a Tad More Awesome Community.  We went to a Live Rush showing of Oliver Twist last night after the union thing, where they outright told us we’re a target demographic.  I LOVE being a target demographic!  It was really good.  The play seems SO MUCH different from what I remember of it. 
  • *eyes closed, screaming “I LOVE YOU CBC!!!!  I LOOOVE YOU!!!!*  Somebody pinch me: the CBC is infiltrating (sp?) our Februrary Teachers Convention: Tod Maffin, & Ian Hanomansing so far, [and Deb Grey… too funny].  I am currently e-mailing the CCTCA to see if front row seats can be reserved.
  • There’s a Facebook Group for UQAM fans, now too.  It’s so awesome that now, again in 2007, when my friends tell me “Travis, you’re the only one who loves UQAM [/CBC /Stephen Avenue /Canada’s Wonderland /Little Miss Sunshine]”  I can now say with confidence, “That is SO not true.”

C’est VENDREDI!!  C’est VENDREDI!! Enfin! (Quick note to those studying French: “Finalement” is a ‘False Friend’; it means ‘eventually’ not ‘finally’… Don’t worry UQAM colleagues, I’ll start a thread.)


Wednesday, December 12th, 2007

As you’re probably aware, this site has a very intricate and well-staffed “audience relations” department.  Feedback indicates that if there’s one thing people like reading about, it’s my extracurricular life.

People just want to know, “What do you, Travis Robertson, do in your free time?” while recognizing teachers, as humble public servants, have so very little time to themselves.

Well, the fax has just been sent in. To U of C’s continuing education department, read: ContEd, for Mindfulness Meditation.  Hopefully, there’s room so one day a week this next term I’ll go listen to the universe a bit more fully.  We’ll see.  The best part is it’s a two-stop-hop on the LRT line C-Train.

As for the shorter-term.  I head to a “general meeting” of ALL Calgary Teachers tomorrow.  That’s kind of exciting.  Most know that I kind of dig being in rooms full of my kind (read: teachers).  Then after that, it’s a play Oliver Twist, organized by, yet again, a fellow teacher.  Friday it’s looking like I make a return visit to Edmonton.  It seems, the city just can’t get enough of me.  It happens.

This summer’s true extracurricular goal, La Belle Province, is still a waiting game.  Admitedly, I wake-up each morning with an itch to book some kind of West Jet flight.  Yes, it’s probably good to slow it down some… but I’m not used to the “no breaks planned” thing.  My last chunks of time off had been planned well… since I learned of this lovely year-round modified calendar.

Okay, back to work.  In order to have extra-curricular aspects to my life, the curricular aspects need to stay in tune.  Happy Hump Day.


Sunday, December 9th, 2007

I *heart* Edmonton.

Which is why after four days of leaving I may be returning.

More to follow.

Positive-Vibe Request

Thursday, December 6th, 2007

I am asking you, right now, to close your eyes and send off a little white-light good-energy optimistic vibe out to the universe on my behalf.  Okay, more specifically, if you could send that vibe towards Edmonton and the provincial government.

*hopeful sigh here*

I just faxed in a bursary request… all eight pages of it… to receive some funding for some good ol’ immersion.  French-immersion.  Culture-immersion.  Montreal-immersion.

My vision is to have a summer where I learn French during the mornings and afternoons… parle avec mon coeur when possible… go swimming in the world’s best swimming pool each day… then just “wash, rinse, repeat”.  Throw in a book or two… and maybe some fireworks and it’d be an incredible summer.


White-lights sent yet?  Ask to be connected to the Official Languages office of Alberta Education.

Into the Woods WOWS crowds…

Tuesday, December 4th, 2007

Audiences were WOWED and left with many questions following a local group’s performance at Calgary’s Engineered Air Theatre Tuesday evening.

During Q&A afterwards, some great questions really were asked.  One question was ‘What will you take away from all this?’

I didn’t answer.  But I should have.

An appreciation for creative space.  An appreciation for exploration.  The realization that there are amazing, terrific people in this city all of whom I’ll miss as different adventures and classes get chosen after this class.  Recognition that ‘voice’ really is a powerful tool and one I’d like to explore and find much deeper.  A love of being downtown.  …and yet again, a life lesson that life, love, and art are ineffable and awesome in equal measure.

But, people would have thought I was too long-winded and taking a failing stab at being deep.