January, 2008

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Recurring themes of the week

Thursday, January 24th, 2008
  • Tinnitus.  Okay… this recurring theme freaks me out a bit.  I’d never heard of it and now TWICE this week it’s come up.  I wouldn’t mind so much BUT let’s take a moment to remember my right ear has been less than perfect for awhile now.
  • Oh Hungry?  Hungary has made THREE appearances this week… the greatest of which was last night, when I went to the U of C and saw a Hungarian composer’s work.  Not super typical of me.  I really appreciated the whole thing, to be honest, though.  It was a really small intimate space, and a nice calm mid-week adventure.  I also saw a speaker talk about three Hungarians displaying passion and resilience on my most recent TED.com talk AND a teacher in my wing has been talking about the Hungarian language lately.
  • Protein.  Everything new I eat lately has copious amounts of protein in it.  Perfect for when I’m getting Ripped.  Ummm… a breakfast cereal with 13 grams BEFORE I add the milk?? That’s just crazy.  How am I just finding Go Lean.  Then… there’s this new grain Joanne found… which we can’t understand why is not being used to feed the hung[a]ry.  All of it.  Then there’s still chick peas which continue to amaze me…
  • 21st Century Learning.  I don’t know what it is about corporate jargon… but it sticks to me like glue.  It’s like an accent I can’t help but picking up.  Remember Red Robin’s Honour, Integrety, Seeking Knowledge, Having Fun.  To this day I can’t stop.  Now that my board has “21st Century Learning” in its venacular, it is now automatically worked its way into mine.  I wonder if Educating Tomorrow’s Citizens Today got bumped out.

Meditation on a Non-Lost Zipup

Monday, January 21st, 2008

I am currently addicted to night classes adult continuing education classes.

If I had my way I’d just take them full time and do nothing else.  Tonight I begin a new one: meditation.  My experience so far with this realm is: oh zero.  BUT, I’m loving the unknown aspect to it all more than I’m scared of it.  It’s through the university so it should at least be reputable.  In fact, I can’t wait.

If I didn’t think I’d feel overloaded, I’d pile on music [drumming, piano??], drama, speaking, athletics [running??] , French, [and dare I say even some kind of dance??] to the list.  But time and motivation are fluid and sometimes withering things.

So without knowing too much about how actual meditation operates, I anticipate some benefits.

The one meditation slogan I already know and speak so highly of is the all-famous Meditation on a Non-Toothache.  That, of course, would be self dialogue like: “Oh man my freakin’ mouth hurts.  If only, if only it didn’t.  I’d APPRECIATE SO MUCH if my mouth didn’t hurt right now.  I’d BE SO GRATEFUL.  I’d FEEL and BE so much better.”  The toothache disappears; life goes on.  And our appreciation for a non-sore mouth returns to nilch.  We now just expect it and worry about other things.

So, today before my class begins [which will likely have nothing to do with anything related to non-toothaches] I practiced and meditated pondered on not having to stress out about the Lululemon zipup returned to me after being left at our staff outing on Friday [before I even knew it was lost].  The mass search, the racking of the brain, the self-anger was totally averted due to my colleagues with the mostess.  Of course, I’d appreciate the gesture of the return but I really tried to appreciate the absence of the future crises and frustration.

Let’s face it: it cost a fortune and was one of my favourites.  I even wash and dry it without cotton in the load… which is big for someone who dares to ignore the care-tag more often than not.  The toothache would have been HUGE.

And it hits me.

After the enormous train of though that continues about my wardrobe and other lost clothing items and laundry in general I may be the perfect candidate for this class [as I tend to be for all the other Continuing Educaiton classes… with many opportunities for growth] as someone currently considering a potential fashion emergency as substantial and whose tangents span as wide as the prairie skies.

Looks like I’m in the right class… again.

Recreation as in to go through the Creation process again…

Wednesday, January 16th, 2008

Maybe it’s time to use The Secret for more than just great parking spots.

Maybe it’s time to visualize the emotion of doing a triathalon.  Now, no one is visualizing winning here… just visualizing actually doing it (meaning actually signing up, getting the bike from hometown to homecity, waking up in the morning and greeting the friendly volunteer registrar… all of it).

[don’t worry… I refer to The Secret for the most part with much more of a smirk than I refer to the triathalon].

But really… why not?

Over vermacelli today I learned the mid-April mini triathalon in question is HALF FULL.  Already.

And there are a few perks here.

One: let’s admit it bodies look better when they’re in triathalon-preparation mode.  Two: what if I like the whole process.  Three: it’d be, oh you know, kind of informative to do a trial run here in Calgary before flying a bike over to Copenhagen in 2009 and doing a dry run.  Four: I’d be proud as heck of myself.  Five: I’d have my money where my mouth has been lately.

It’s all very possible.  The event aforementioned would be 20 lengths… 20k on the velo… and 5k on the feet.

Why not go into 2008 and Age 26 with a ‘recreate/re-create objectif’?  How, with that as a vision, could I lose?

…I don’t think I could.

First Trimester

Monday, January 14th, 2008

If we use the analogy of French being ‘my baby’… or ‘future baby’, I’m probably not far along to start telling people.

That said, today was kind of like an ultrasound.  A very positive ultrasound.

I called. [the government]

…and I qualify!!  The letter, it seems, is on its way.

I’ve told my staff.  I’ve told some people via, oh right, Facebook.  And I’ve allowed myself to start thinking of options and possibilities related to a summer further east.

Je pense que once the letter is in my hand I’m going to register for an Adult Continuing Education class here in the city as warm-up.  …I’ll consider that my official beginning for the 2008 re-uptake.

It seems so far I have Alberta Government to thank for tipping the scales in my favour for this particular coin-toss.  With a million *touch woods* between now an July, I remain cautiously optimistic.

Another friggin’ post on UQAM?

Sunday, January 13th, 2008

I went in to the school today.

I arranged the desks… made myself a little “to-do” list and did some quick organizing.  And, of course, I wrote a big “Welcome Back!” on the whiteboard.

In the midst of all this, I came across my application for funding (sent to Alberta Education) for French Immersion this summer.  I sent it in on December 5th and, indeed, it says right on the form “You will hear back by letter within four weeks“.

Hmmmm…. four weeks have now come and gone.  Almost twice.

So on my “to do” list is to call and see what’s up (or rather what’s not up).

So would I go if I didn’t receive funding??  It’s an interesting question.  Especially as I stumble upon this (via a Google Reader subscription):

“Whenever you’re called on to make up your mind,
and you’re hampered by not having any,
the best way to solve the dilemma you’ll find,
is simply by spinning a penny.

No—not so that chance shall decide the affair
while you’re passively standing there moping,
but the moment the penny is up in the air,
you suddenly know what you’re hoping.”

Ralph Caplan

And with that logic it’s all quite clear.  If I tossed a penny: heads I go, tails I don’t; I’d be praying eyes-closed whole-heartedly for heads.  Even as I realize, to the shagrin of Scotiabank I’m NOT richer than I think.  There are a billion and three reasons to, well, immerse.

Ug.  Decisions, decisions.

…and the Zen Class hasn’t even started yet.

Friday, January 11th, 2008

Now I’m risking the possibility that when I’m running for President of the United States (a.k.a Ruler of the World and/or Ruler of All) (and this would of course be once Canadian Citizens are eligible) and doing my “preliminaries” that someone will put up their hand at a press conference and be all “didn’t you claim on your website that you have the gift of prophesy once??”.  It’ll be awkward, but I’m risking the possibility.

Honest to Blog, I don’t think I have the gift of prophesy. I’m just doing my own dream interpretation here.

So as you can guess this is how it begins,

Last night… I had a dream.

I dreamed… well I dreamed that I was supposed to meet some people.  The place didn’t matter so I suggested a Hot Tub.  [Yes, awake, and with the gift of rationality a Hot Tub seems like a weird place for productivity and a meeting-of-the-minds but it didn’t seem so weird at the time.]

As an aside, the hot tub was outside, and very well gardened… with an all-inclusive sense to it.  None of it mattered to me.  I was there for business… all prepared; all focused.

I get there and everyone else is a no-show.

Not even for one second was I mad.  So unlike me but I was not even frustrated for the lateness-of-others for a moment.  So, after this no-show, the dream ends up being pretty much the least exciting dream of all.  I literally dream I have time to myself, in an awesome summery hot tub, and the sense to appreciate it; it’s amazing, and amazingly calm.  I recognized the gift-of-time (pardon the Red Robinese).

So what does it all mean??

I think, without you making fun of me and planning your future presidential media attack, my body and subconscious just thanked me.  I think I was just thanked for taking it easy.  …Dealing with my Swimmers Ear (don’t ask).  …Taking a recharge break form work.  …Remaining mellow lately. …taking the friend thing very seriously.

I think, quite honestly, I received a nocturnal pat on the head for having a soulful amazing three week Winter Break.  I’m at least taking it, for what it’s worth, as direction for Spring and the beginning of the new year: health is important, take it easy (at least stress-wise).  If you are in a hot tub and less than productive… don’t complain.  It’s like a meditation on a non-toothache but more of a meditation on a non-body cold/non-body busy if that makes sense.

So that was last nights message from the gods.  Take it for what it’s worth BUT KNOW that I woke up and burned, oh right, 1000 calories afterwards.  So the recharge ended up being quite literal.

PS–anyone want to volunteer to be my campaign manager… now that I’m so plugged in??

[Don’t] Mind the Gap…

Tuesday, January 8th, 2008

…between posts.  I didn’t die and neither did you.  For that: let’s be thankful.

What’s terrible is that in these gaps, especially when large, so much happens I don’t know where to start…

…and I ramble.

Resolutions? The Australian Invasion? Nearly a week more in my holiday? Family time home? Sweeney Todd? Canada’s eligible organ-donor list shrinkens? My sick car? …where to start?? …where to start??

So instead of the rambling, I make this commitment.  I’ll let it all percolate this late evening… settle on something… and provide some kind of wisdom, perhaps in poem-form, tomorrow before I make my way to Ripped, the Crest Whitestrips isle, and the Airport [to pick up Barry].

I mean, yes, this is just a wordy gap-extension.  …only buying time and saving face.  But, the alternative was an entire post on Celine Dion’s title track Taking Chances which has somehow became my anthem for 2008.

So pick your poison.
Oh, and a Happiest of New Years… ready for an exciting one? I am.