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This morning I awake in Calgary; Next morning I awake in Vegas

Wednesday, March 26th, 2008

The flight leaves tomorrow; the suitcase sits open ready to be filled… the tradition of a Spring Break vacation continues.

What am I most excited for?  Really, that moment when I’m there and I say to myself, “I’m here.  I’m in in Vegas… a different place” or even “I’m here.  I’m on my way, in a plane, to Vegas; the moment’s arrived.”

Even now it seems more real.

I go with three other really great guys.  I go with the mindset that I deserve this getaway.  I go with a brand new cell phone and a teeeensy bit of optimism that I might be flying back a winner (although my few nickles and/or pennies might make that tough).  This before-trip excitement is really almost as enjoyable as the real thing.

So yes, I hope there are many stories to share upon arrival… a few pictures… and maybe even a few wardrobe additions.  As usual, the world will be very kept-posted.  From Cirque, to Margaret, to the insanely lit up ginormous buildings I’ll fill you in on my ‘take’ on it all.

Now: to just remember the passport.

Correction Notice

Thursday, March 20th, 2008
  • Dance Party Saturday… Downtown.
  • Dance Party Sunday [possibly]… my parent’s wii.

    After three tries, it appears DDR is to remain a dream.  According to EB Games in Northland Mall, it’s discontinued and a new version isn’t likely until Christmas.

    I am going to try Toys R Us on my way out.


  • Eaton’s (before it became eatons)

    Wednesday, March 19th, 2008

    I equate how I felt when Eaton’s closed [the first round] to the same way I imagine I’d feel about losing a pet.

    I was really down about it.

    I should mention, we never had pets.

    (…well, goldfish; but does that count?)

    I know that this probably understates how I should feel about losing a pet… but I’ve never really had that animal connection and I KNOW-KNOW that this probably overstates how I should feel about losing a store.  But, it was really tramatic for me.

    To defend myself before being accused of having priorites that are way-out-of-wack, my family… grandparents included… went to Red Deer, to the mall, nearly every Saturday.

    Some of my earliest memories are being paired up with either grandparent, visiting the toy section: after chosing personally elavator or escalator, seeing the Christmas trees at Christmas time, and watching… if it happened to be a Grandpa day… prices get discussed and Eaton’s no-sale policy getting explained.  It’s a memory of serenety and calmness.  I even remember trying on Bugle Boy jeans there as a kids and having one of four adults double check that the waste size was okay.

    Later on in life, now flying much more solo, the majority of my clothes were bought there.  As my sense of identity increased… it was there that I developed my first fashion-sense and my first temptations to pay a little more in order to get recognized for what I was wearing and even to pay a little closer attention to how I could get more for less money.

    It’s not to say I grew up at Eaton’s.  That’s not the case, at all.  But, I can still see the crazy green carpet… even smell the smell… and picture the tight-curl-permed hair sales associates and their glasses or the sneakers neatly displayed on the fake-wood laminate wall.

    So what does that say about me?

    Hmmmm…. maybe my western-culture consumerism was right there, right from the start.  Maybe, that marketers really are able to connect their goods and spaces with memories and feelings.  Maybe, that I’m way too cerebral.

    Regardless, here I am, twenty-odd years later reading a book about ego, things vs. experiences, thinking vs. being… all on the dawn of a LAS VEGAS trip: pretty much the antithesis of all-things-being.  …all the while, reading and writing about my Eaton’s sense of loss.


    My life of contradictions continues.  …as does the exploration.  The only thing new: I’m a bit more willing to take-on the exploring.


    I’ve found a new venue…:

    shavasana. 😉

    (Can you tell it’s one more day until Spring Break?) haha.

    French Fax… the French-Quest Continues

    Wednesday, March 19th, 2008
    To: Alliance Française   From: Travis Robertson
    Fax: *********   Fax: **************
    Phone: *********   Phone: **************
    Date: 3/19/2008      
    Subject: Adult Evening Classes Registration Form

    Attached is a Registration Form for the Spring 2 session of Adult French (preferably the Tuesday/Thursday evening series).  This is my second class taken through Alliance Française (the previous one was an intensive French week-long class this most recent summer); I believe the class I’ve just taken was Beginner 3.If there is any further information I can provide please let me know.  This fax is three pages including this cover.

    Confirmation of receipt would be appreciated.

    With thanks,

    Travis Robertson

    I think this is it: the warm-up to UQAM… the warm-up to summer.

    It’s sent in.  Next stop: booking July’s go-round.

    It begins.


    Brag Post

    Tuesday, March 18th, 2008
    • Two more wake-ups THEN:
    • 11 workdays OFF!
    • Dance Party Saturday… Downtown.
    • Dance Party Sunday [possibly]… my parent’s wii.
    • Amazing Yoga class today.  I’m getting sucked-in by these yogis
    • Amazing Food today.  Ah, Vermacelli.  Ah, Chocolate Bar [pl.]
    • B.T. B-Day Friday.
    • Mario Party Yesterday.
    • A week and a day to Vegas.
    • My circle rocks…. how often do I get to say this? Often.
    • A pending dvb visit soon.
    • A pending jca date soon.
    • Meditation, complete. It rocked.
    • French is on the horizon.
    • Is it not getting warm out?  …and what about going to work in daylight?
    • *sigh* life is good. 😉

    The most important meal of the day.

    Sunday, March 16th, 2008

    I thank the brrrrrrown cow…
    … for the chocolate milk.

    I thank the pig *nch nch*…
    … for the bacon for the grill.

    I thank the egg for the chicken…
    … and the chicken for the egg.

    I thank the Lord for my daily bread.
    AGAIN.  …I thank the brrrrrrrrown cow… …

    But, seriously folks: after a weekend of great breakfasts and, as usual, great company… I remind myself to show some gratitude for all that’s going on right now: breakfasts, and present company included.

    Spring, being the Hopeful Thursday of the calendar year, is looking pretty good.  Living arrangements continue to be explored (all the while the current one continues to rock).  dvb calls with a possible April visit.  French reenters my life.  Weekends and flights and evenings make their way into my “daybook”… and what’s been true for a good while now remains true:

    Life is good.

    …”and soften your gaze between your hands.”

    Friday, March 7th, 2008

    It was no thirty-day challenge, but it was a week of yoga.

    Okay, not a week.  Four sessions; on a week pass: three of the sessions hot yoga (read: sauna/steamroomesque).

    You’re probably aware that this experience has been layered on top of a weekly meditation class through the university.  It seems after a fall of drama, it’s a winter of body and thought awareness. (Next anticipated stop being: language aquisition.  Again.).

    This was never the game plan: yoga specifically and, more generally, my Calgary life being learn-a-new skill, then another one, then another one.  But I like it.  I’m learning that the brain and the muscles like new things.  I’m also learning that they’re pretty adaptive at being as lazy as possible.  It seems keeping yourself on your toes isn’t that unlike keeping 28 eleven-year-olds on theirs.

    So.  The plan isn’t to be Worlds Best Yogi extraordinaire.  (or Oscar Winning Thesbian) (or Federal Second Languages Official Guru).  The plan, right now, is to develop a scope that’s constantly being broadened and to start a search that will hopefully end in an interest area (or two) to be deeply passionate about… and maybe even more skillful teaching practices.

    So do I sit [and bend] and think of all these sorts of things during the class?  No.  And there lies the big key benefit [along with the core strength]:  Yoga (and meditation) (and Drama) (and French) have been pretty good at getting me out of my head.  Well, not out… but certainly more observant, at least enough to see that I’m in that head a lot and when I am there are maybe more habits than I think.

    [third person switch]

    So Travis, late as usual, sees what Yoga’s all about.  Not that he didn’t know before.  Now he’s just experienced it more fully and is probably ready to do more, while trying to keep it new like it is and switching things up as needed.

    [back to first]

    Another reason, perhaps, to consider the core for the living-situation.  Calgary, like most cities, has zillions of learning-adventures to discover.  Wouldn’t it be nice if they were even within walking distance?

    And today’s unrealted PS-  Dinner last night was amazing. I like those nights. Thanks Jo, for spearheading.  Pasta/Vino/Hot Tub/Good Company… such great way to wind-downt the week.

    And today’s unrelated PSS- Bodhi Tree Yoga in Kensington: You have a typo in your guidelines.  It’s in the online registration portion: “Let us know your here.” should morph into “Let us know YOU’RE here.”  Don’t sweat it… I’ll forward you a handy little chart.

    Risk Factor

    Tuesday, March 4th, 2008

    I sit here wondering if anyone has every been swallowed whole by the internet.  I know that the internet is relatively new, but has it ever taken someone, swallowed them, never to be seen again?  Ever.

    I think I can see the potential.

    For example:

    Yesterday, I could barely vote without the ‘net.  I had to find my polling station with good ol’ intuition and an eye for too-many-cars-for-parking-lots-near-me.  I tried.  But the site, was down.  I didn’t feel at risk checking to see where my polling station… thinking oh my, I might never return from the internet, ever.

    It could have happened.  Because, let’s see… afterwards: what have I done online? checked facebook in the PM, renewed a library book after going to bed and thinking ‘I won’t sleep if I don’t renew it now, checked facebook in the AM, checked life e-mail, checked work e-mail, saw and shared election results using the internet, taught students using internet, learned e-pd as a student using internet, booked a yoga class online, arranged a field trip on the internet, arranged a condo-tour, watched an informative TED video on math instruction [which made me somewhat frustrated], and now blogged.It’s crazy.  So what will I do tonight to compensate?

    It’s crazy.  So what will I do tonight to compensate?Hot yoga.  I wonder if we’d have to do less Hot yoga-like outings if we weren’t glued to a glowing computer screen every second we weren’t using filling the face2face requirements of our lives.

    (That said, I’m kind of going because I want to have a nice core for my Vegas [&/or Montreal] trips.)

    (There’s something about travelling that makes me want to look good and make a good impression while getting to make a fresh impression.)

    (That is, if the ‘net doesn’t get me first.)

    (It hasn’t yet, has it?)

    Okay, real life time.  Before it’s too late.