April, 2008

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So good.

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

If you have my brain:

You think of one thing that leads to another thought that leads to more of the same… and eventually you’re on some totally different tangent and hungry at the same time.

In yoga (slash meditation) there’s a system to remedy that a bit:

It’s focusing on your breath… and gently letting go of thoughts slash thought-patterns you’re holding on to.

The only thing is (again, with my experience):

The thoughts that do get through aren’t those vaguely connected trains.  They’re far more random and unrelated [if that’s even possible].  More like a pixelated stock ticker showing a random stock price every so often when the brain drifts away from the breathing.

Tonight, no surprise: Provincial Achievement Tests, A vision for the upcoming condo, Summer Ideas for Montreal with guesses to how that’s all going to pan out, and the newest employee at Milestone’s [sic] Milestones.

Funny, I could have maybe predicted some of those.

Yet again, yoga provides some insight along with the bendier back… this time with Yin (now in the running for favorite class, with Shavasana maintaining the lead for favourite pose… not that favourites are allowed.  At all.)
Unrelated PS- My roomie’s about to experience Cirque’s “O”.  So jealous.

Tuesday Dash-of-Jots

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008
  • If you watch one TED Talk this year this week (you really should be watching at least one a week): watch this one.  Whoa, it’s good!  In fact it makes me want to read more about the subject.  This summer au Quebec, I think I shall.
  • Remember when Oprah had her “You get a car!! You get a car!!!” moment?  She gave a car to everyone in the audience.  My principal just did the same thing.  Well… not with cars.  But, with laptops.  I GET A LAPTOP!!! We were to choose: Mac or PC.  I chose Mac so I now have both platforms.  Do I get it before Quebec?  Yes I DO.
  • I just made an uber-geeky Summer Calendar.  Only two people have received it so far… but it’s about to go very public.  It has all of Montreal’s happenings listed right down to the fireworks.  I’m now officially in I-can’t-breathe Mode.  TWO MORE MONTHS!!!!!
  • This morning as my eyes were “glued shut” and I continue to sound like a 59 year-old smoker… I’m realizing I continue to suffer from seasonal allergies.  Duh!  Today my lunchbreak will be spent searching for Anithistamines.  Please, let’s find a cure.  It’s time.  Ug.  Hmmm… where’s the Quebec reference for this jot?  I guess there isn’t one.
  • MTV Canada has recaptured part of my heart.  Real World Hollywood looks like it’s just as mind-numbing and awesome as its predecessors.  My summer without television would be considered more difficult than the 2006 version… if it wasn’t for that free laptop and mtv.ca. 😉

Yes, we can.

Saturday, April 26th, 2008

Last night I found myself questioning the integrity of someone else’s decisions.

  • I watched a taxi pass-by someone else and pick me up.
  • I ended up sharing a cab with that person.
  • I listened as that other person was told he would be required to pay cash, while I was told quietly that my card-only situation would be fine.
  • I watched him be charged $15 for a $10 fare.
  • I watched myself be charged my fare as well as what was already covered by the other person… and in fact over-covered by that person
  • I listed to the double-speak as I questioned my personal charges.

Last night I found myself questioning the integrity of someone else’s decisions.  Now, with my receipt and my computer… I’m well-aware that I have recourse through this blog, through the City of Calgary’s Taxi and Limousine Authority, and through the company’s e-mail.

Yet again, I’m reminded it’s education that is the cure to everything.  In this case: ignorance.

I’m not endorsing an unhealthy question everything approach to living… however, it seems there are questions in 2008 that continue to have a need to be asked.  Last night was living proof.

*dry heave*

The value of nothing: out of nothing comes something.

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

…and so I try to scaffold my summer [in Montreal] with as little as possible.  I keep it to:

  • REGISTRATION in a French Course…
  • ACCOMODATION in studio-style student residence…
  • INFORMATION about the festivals, events, and happenings…
  • COMMUNICATION to you and possible friends who’ll be around that I’ll be around too.

From that, I hope, like last time… I have a summer good for the soul, good for the mind, good for the smile.


Notes to self:

Sunday, April 20th, 2008
  1. The Nintendo Wii is very addicting.  It’s probably best if there isn’t one in the 12th St. condo.  It makes me crazy that both dvb and Khail can “cook better than Mama” far more often that I can.
  2. Rent Brice de Nice.
  3. It’s maybe time to consider a favourite instrument.  In the meantime: this morning on the radio was a song by Danny Michel and I really liked it.  I don’t know him at all… but I’d like to look into getting his cd.
  4. We need to upgrade.  Again.  This website is endless work… and the mainpage hasn’t been touched in years:
  5. So many ways to use AMA!  Even at La Ronde in Montreal, Quebec?  Even in La Ronde in Montreal, Quebec:


Monday, April 14th, 2008

a) I’m registered [Insert huge *phew* the deadline was Thursday!   Who knew?]:

Greetings and Welcome to UQÀM’s summer 2008 language programs!

We acknowledge receipt of your on-line registration form for a  3-week French program … Thank you.

If you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to welcoming you in Montreal next summer!

b) dvb comes!! dvb comes!!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! The season where things warm up begins!!!  Smile on face… I’m ready!!

After all, Miss, this is France

Friday, April 11th, 2008

So… yesterday, at Theatre Calgary’s Beauty and the Beast performance, there was this way over-the-top Be Our Guest rendition.  It had the whole ensemble in emaculate costumes singing and can-caning while lights flashed while the orchestra played at full-blast and cannons shot bright pink streamers into the whole audience.  It was right before intermission and was just on the verge of being sensory overload.  Even the nostalgia added to the whole experience.


That’s kind of how my week has felt in a nutshell.  In fact, the song-and-dance number is very representative of how I’ve felt all week.  I just bought my first house [er… condo].  It, like music, all came together.  So many people helping me with favours, and errands, and advice.  So much excitement and nervousness and satisfaction.  I think about ‘my place’ to the point that I’m daydreaming half my day.

Add on a wonderful night like last night with amazing company, and good food to match.  Add on a roommate double-date.  Add on getting to look forward to the play I had tickets to since they’ve come out…  Even ‘the yoga’ has been rocking my world.


The recipe for a really, really great week is all there.


There’s more great news: I’m taking next year’s students (who don’t even exist yet) to Fire Training Academy for an entire week.  I was one of only three classes in the entire city accepted.  How fun will that be for 11-Year-Olds?  Meeting and training with Calgary’s E.M.S. as part of a pilot program… meaning basically no students have already had the experience.

*grateful sigh* [as napkins, and forks, and dishes dance in the background]

Life is good!

Today’s DOUBLE + Tomorrow’s DOUBLE = a *that’s right:* DOUBLE DOUBLE

Monday, April 7th, 2008

Just sayin’:

Today I did DOUBLE yoga! What’s that mean? Two sessions in a row. A.K.A. 3 HOURS of yoga. Did the receptionist call me a crazy-man? Yes she did. haha. Oh the joys of an unlimited week.

Tomorrow I do a DOUBLE date with 3 A-Team Members and some good ol’ Moti Mahal. Ah, 17th. Ah, Indian Food. Ah, Tuesday.

*AND IN TOTAL IRONY*: I HAD a double-double this morning in Timmy’s little drive-thru.

*ANY WORD ON THE PLACE?*: Not quite. Should know by Friday. It’s getting a tad. Stressful. Ergo the double-yoga. haha