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Every human: free and equal.

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

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Trust me.

Monday, September 29th, 2008

This is from a blog called Social Capital.  I found it via a Google Reader subscription, [quick plug: you should get Google Reader AND subscribe to this very blog].

Now.  I think, if I don’t say so myself, I fit fairly high on the spectrum.
Can you?
Too bad that: “Just as in other cognitive shorthands, we make these judgments quickly and unconsciously – and as a result, Oosterhof and Todorov point out, we can severely and immediately misjudge people. In reality, of course, cheekbone shape and eyebrow arc have no relationship with honesty.? (something, that most people could eventually probably guess.  Aside, of course from my current MP, running again as an incumbant…)

Hmmm… lucky for you and lucky for me I am in fact an honest wonderful person, I don’t just look like one.

Although, let’s be serious.  There’s been more than a time or two people have thought I’ve been laughing at them and making fun, when that hasn’t been the case at all.

Maybe I’m not as trustworthy or as trustworthy-looking as I think.

As usual with this here internet… interesting, interesting.


The U of A is 100. Nick is 24.

Sunday, September 28th, 2008

Note: Apologies. When I write posts on my Mac I do not have an HTML editor. What does that mean? (No links, no bolded words, no italics, no nothing… UNLESS I’m so passionate about what I’m typing I handcode it in, which is rare. Haha, I just did it. THAT is irony.

So. The real question is: how do I know all this? I know because I just went to Edmonton where both of these fine institutions live. I went, had some laughs, rode some waterslides… and just returned. I returned, as usual, impressed as heck with the capital city and all the fine folks who live there.

Edmonton is such an untapped minivacation for Calgarians. It’s only a couple (slash triple) hours away… and is an entirely different experience from our lives here. It’s a nice little escape, especially in the fall.

I won’t get too deep into the nightlife experiences (or by proxy the breakfast experiences with eyes conveying cheerful laughter related to all guests present). I won’t get too deep into the ketchup-decorated Red Robin Birthday Sundae recipient, OR the many fast-food stops, OR the flat tire.

I WILL get into World Waterpark.

a) I am a lifelong supporter of this wonderful venue. I love it there and have always defended the non-changing of the wavepool water. There are however some concerns.

b) MAN OH MAN OH MAN… the Men’s changeroom STINKS. STINKS! STINKS! STINKS! Literally. It smells like sewage in there. If people are paying $7 dollars for lockers (again: literally). They deserve massages after each swim. Okay, fine. They deserve a room that does not smell like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles could appear at any moment.

c) The Blue Bullet is GONE! Gone!! It has been torn out!! This was the best slide there. There are signs a new slide will be appearing, but it better be nearly identical to its predecessor!! I’m honestly crushed about this.

d) Clearly, money is becoming an issue. Some of the slide pools are ice cold, repairs are clearly stacking up EVERYWHERE based on closures, and exposed tiles, and barriers. Maybe it’s the people like me getting 2-for-1 coupons for me and my friends to offset the $30 entry that’s depriving the staffing… but tourists are not going to encourage returns if the situation gets much worse.

e) No outside food? $6 will not get you nachos and water? Hmmmm… I’m sorry. I don’t have an oil rig in the patio of my 2nd level condo. Let’s consider our demographic.

f) The mold has GOT to be unsafe. It’s everywhere. I know when I lifeguarded many a shift was spent scrubbing and scrubbing. This does not appear to be a concern of WEM however, nor does encouraging staff members to look up from their feet. Again, with the lockers: we had people fight over who was going to have to help us after we weren’t able to get back into them. $7?!?! A fight?!?!?! No massage?!?!?!? Give me a break (or at least a nice clean spot to put my feet while I swim).

Okay, I’m done. Maybe I’m just growing up and seeing the place through older eyes. I just think some major investment dollars are due in a space that could be much much better. I see bigger things for our neighbour city to the north. Bigger better things. Maybe the new Blue Bullet will WOW me and be the start.

We’ll see.

Whoa?! What??!! You do not speak for me Lee Richardson

Thursday, September 25th, 2008

…and if you, also, are in my riding I’ll just quote Jeremy Klaszus in his article “Tory candidate links immigrants with crime, expresses regret”…. to confirm your common sense.

Published September 25, 2008 in the same newspaper comments were first made, FFWD Weekly

Cam Stewart, a former Calgary cop who now runs an intercultural consulting company, says the majority of criminals in Calgary are “mainstream? Caucasian Canadians. He suggests the notion that immigrants are responsible for crime comes from fear, not facts. “That’s why we’re getting that rise of hate groups in our city and in our province,? says Stewart, who used to work in the CPS diversity resources unit. “Because people are hearing this at the dinner table. They’re hearing this in the coffee shops or in the bars, and they’re saying, ‘Well, we’ve got to stand up for our rights’ and all that stuff.?

That’s right. You’re not the one needing outlook-tweaking… our leaders are. Oy yoy yoy.

If you have driven a firetruck, please raise your hand!

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

*hand raises*

Whoa! So cool. SO SO cool.

Global Calgary news will feature my class at Fire Training Academy School today at 6:55.

But neither event is the reward of this whole experience. What is? The students are LOVING this week, and learning, and life.

THAT is what I’m in this for. Wholeheartedly.

AHHHHHH!! SUCH a great day!!!

Fire Training Academy…

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

…is rocking my socks off.

I’m now smack in the middle of a five-day field trip [minus the sleepovers.  we each go our seperate ways at 3:00 each day.]

The kids are loving it.
The parents are loving it.
I’m loving it.

One student yesterday even said the words, “Mr. Robertson thank you for writing ‘that essay’ to get us here.  This is really fun!”.  I did have to write a proposal, but trust me: I’m SO so glad that I did.

We have a pretty good gig us teachers… as do others working in the community.

It never hurts to remind myself of that.

Mission Possible?

Thursday, September 18th, 2008

Remember the Space Quest and King’s Quest computer games?
Maybe you weren’t as geeky as I.

Well I’m on a quest.  …for knowledge.  haha.  (not quite as exciting as outer space or medieval times).  (in fact, not even as exciting as this Space Quest-y, Future-is-Now, Hethrow Airport Video about some self guided pods they’re about to use  So so crazy!).  Okay, back on topic.

I’m SO SO SO serious about another round of University?  How serious?  SO SO SO serious, serious enough to start this winter and to start looking at referrals for beyond that.  It’s looking like a night a week, some nights a week, or Saturdays are about to be dedicated to my brain.

I think I’m pushing French to the side and looking at doing some studies in English – my first language.

I’m meeting with my principal tomorrow at lunch for advice.

This is to be the first of my many lunches with people at my school who have pursued the same (which there are many).  My guess is, in fact, that I will annoy so many people figuring this out they will avoid me in the hallways and avoid any/all eye-contact.

BUT it doesn’t matter.

I’m on a quest.
A mission.

It’s time to activate that brain and start some MAJOR reading practice… because (Heaven knows!) i’m a slow slow reader.

And you heard it here first (that this is the goal, not that I’m a super slow reader).

I’m curious to see how this all goes.  (and so are some others, I’m sure).

If you’re wondering how you can help… I’m looking for willing volunteers to join whichever class I choose to lower the curve.  It would be a method similar to those used by Canadian Triathaletes at the Olympics.  *insert groan*  A pacer, if you will.



Monday, September 15th, 2008


Raised on a PC but willing to learn this crazy little platform so that I can fit in the rest of the crowd at Starbucks?:
check. check.

In love so far?:

Taking twice as long to do things I normally do super quickly and easily?

Thinks it’s almost like learning another language?