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Dancing with arms vs. Dancing without arms

Monday, September 21st, 2009

vs. Dancing with arms less cautiously.  HA, a FALSE dichotomy.  A third option.

Anywho–and with no Third Way Health Care discussion necessarily beginning–although, the Friends of Medicare gathering IS this Friday–my ARM works.  My elbow.  I can go for it.  I can do push-ups.

Imagine this?: It made the class better!  WAY better.  In fact, it was the best Amanda class ever.  Me being in the mood?  Confident?  Attempting crazy animal-like arm movements more?  THE INCREDIBLE DRUMMING from people I [quazi-] know?

Hmmm…. I have to bet my week will beneift.  I have to bet my colleagues/students/classmates will benefit.  I have to bet it.

When we take care of ourselves and others we act/dance/be/drum/become confident much easier.





Yum.  Yay!  Hmm.  Om.  =)


Never fear!! TWO vlogs are rendering! Two. 2. T-w-o. Dos. Deux.

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

TWO vlogs are rendering:

[*translation: Video Logs and/or Video Web Logs and/or Video Internet Logs]

  1. Vlog “A” will comprise itself almost entirely of a video response to the following current event:
    It will star Lee and Travis as they encounter the T[ee] for the first time and describe it to the rest of the world WHETHER or NOT they bank with ATB Financial OR have won the following bursary:
  2. Vlog “B” will comprise itself almost entirely of a somewhat academic and referenced response to Bolman and Deal’s FOUR FRAMES [or windows, if you will].
    For more on that, as it renders:

What is holding either one up?

Vlog A is waiting for the ‘actual’ tee to arrive; Vlog B is waiting for the response to be formed.

Don’t worry folks, voting for favourites WILL certainly be allowed and/or encouraged in the comment section *above*; this is a [somewhat] democratic blog.


The Am-I-teaching-my-best Test V 1.01

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

…which of course MUST be communicated as AITMBT…if it ever takes off.

a) Am I learning, too?
b) Am I feeling challenged, too?
c) Am I proud, excited to get started, creating, having fun, wondering what’s next?
d) Are questions just resulting in more questions … and it kind of seems okay?

Hope the CORRECT answers are: yes, yes, yes, yes.

NOW: I just need to find a rubric.  =P
/teachers guide?


Ah, new school years.