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Remember 111 Things About Me?

Monday, November 16th, 2009

1000?  What?  Incredible.  I’m in love with this new discovery: 1000 Awesome Things (click to see list so far).

What’s not awesome?  There’s a new guy in West African.

A few have come and gone.  Some have dropped in.  All, so far, have been manageable.  BUT.  This one even got a “he’s back!–he’s.  back.  exclamation point.” …from the instructor.

My coworker looked up from her drums at me towards the end and pointed her head–‘he’s really good’, she mouthed.  The dozens of people between us don’t seem to notice or off-taskness. She knows exactly how territorial I feel and how much judgment I cast towards anyone new.  We discuss it all every single ‘day-after’.  She knows there’s looming turmoil.

‘I know’ I mouth back with dramatic eyes that say both:

-don’t worry, I’ve already overassessed the situation BIG TIME …and…
-we have SO much to discuss tomorrow, who IS this newbie?

Then she can’t stop laughing and I can’t stop laughing… and the next song begins.

More to follow.  Who is this new one busting into the Monday night Level 1 floor that everone seems to know?  Can I write 1000 Awesome things, myself, too.  Will being best-in-class be one of them, or a dream forever lost?

*Dramatic pause*…

Le soleil inonde le terminal … La tête gonflée de nuages

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

Head swollen with clouds, the sun bathes the terminal.

It’s a song, Montréal, by Ariane Moffatt that conveniently has the first line: Je reviens à Montréal (I return to Montréal).

I do return à Montréal!!  Soon!!  AND, it was all part of a contest so it’s free, free, free (gratuit, gratuit, gratuit)!!

The task was to submit a photo to Tourisme Montréal that displayed:
– Creativity
– Representation of Montreal (the best integration of some elements of Montréal style)
– Best expression of joie de vivre.


Lee and I saddled up our creative juices and hit the town daring to express absolute affection for Montréal, a city, I don’t have to try very hard to muster up some admiration for (try the search bar ———> with the search phrase Montréal).

We found out today, in a suspense-filled (à la Top Model … unsuccessful candidates, first) approach to notification.  Crazy, crazy!  It still hasn’t really sunk in.

Trip #9 …  Here.  I.  Come.

Cannot.  Wait.  =)

£17.95 Soapbox – pounds well spent?

Sunday, November 8th, 2009

“Your hosting account ( is set to expire on the 11 November 2009.
If you wish to retain this account you should settle the renewal fee of £17.95 as soon as possible.”

* * *

Well folks, the funds have been shipped off. Hosting renewed, continues on from its November 11, 2004 debut.

£17.95 for a slice of the web 2.0 world to tap the mic for another year and say, “Is this thing on?”. …to connect, express, vent, celebrate, and attempt creativity…

What will this year’s entries have to discuss with me not having report cards to write (and procrastinate on) this year?? What adventures lie ahead? Will two fully-working nostrils change EVERYTHING??

Oh, and why £’s??

To be continued…