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Monday, August 30th, 2010

Exciting and scary and exhilarating and relieving and exhausting and unknown and funny and nerve-wracking and familiar and new and gratifying and fast-paced day.

I guess first days can be like that.

Friday was a first day with some staff.  Today was a first day with all staff.  …then Thursday: first day with students.

I’m trying to remember: over the course of the school-year, I’ll build some stamina, yes?  …because I’m about to collapse.  …and soon there are some added layers: university, extra-currricular time, and… oh ya… 40 Days of hot yoga.   Someone tell me please….. how do the parents out there do it (mine included!)?  I don’t even have houseplants… and I’m exhausted.

40 Days

Sunday, August 29th, 2010

It is NO secret that on September 7th, I’m embarking on a 40 Day adventure.  No one lately escapes my mentioning this: not even my nearest Sandwich Artist or Barista.

I’m doing 40 days in a row of hot yoga.  That’s 40 sessions back-to-back-to-back-to-etc.  Very soon.

So, yes.  This begs some questions [or rather, raises some questions]: why and how am I doing this?  I’ll get to those answers… I’m sure… right here on this platform.  I have no doubt that I’ll be blogging throughout (if not also journalling).

But this morning I had my own question.  As I was getting ready for the day, I thought to myself: what else could I align this with?  What other 40 Day resolution could I time with this 40 Day revolution.  I could:

  • give up coffee
  • commit to breakfast each and every morning
  • try a diet without: gluten, or dairy, or meat
  • give up vino, or cervezas
  • the list goes on, and on.  Somehow 40 days seems feasible for tons of options when compared to 365.242199 days or longer

Then, it hit me.

The alignment commitment that should be NO big deal but might be.

  • I should give up 40 Days of Facebook……………………………

Not internet, Facebook.  I’m doing a degree in Information Technologies after all.

So we’ll see.  Long story short: I’m planning September 7th to October 17th right, right now.  Computer habits or caffeine might go.  1.5 hours on the mat will arrive in my daytimer, fairly consistently.

I hope, hope, hope when I wake up 29-years-old October 18th and vote for Calgary’s mayor…… I wake with a bendier body and a new way of looking at, at least, a few things.

It all remains to be seen.



Saturday, August 28th, 2010

The thing about surreal experiences, is that they can rarely be expected.

You can’t really wait for one, or plan for one, or do much to realize one.

I think you just have to be open to them, and perhaps generally less distracted than ‘usual’.

All that said….. I’m ready for a surreal experience.  A moment, a joy, a feeling… something ineffable.

…and so here I sit pretending not to be expecting one so that it can happen hoping all the karmic bank accounts are all in check.

Looking forward

Sunday, August 22nd, 2010

I haven’t looked forward to a movie release for a long time.  …a really long time.

While I didn’t see Eat Pray Love at any sneak preview, or even in its first week of release, I was really looking forward to seeing how the book would translate to the big screen.  I, like most of the continent, had read the book and quite liked it.  I’d also followed Elizabeth Gilbert a bit on her speaking tours… and kind of like her style.

Sure, there weren’t a ton of guys in the crowd.  BUT, that’s stopping me from doing basically nothing these days.  It didn’t even stop me from spending some time on my mat in Saskatchewenian terrain not so long ago.

The movie did all that I thought it would.  It made me feel motivated to both get outside of my[usual]self and get further inside, too.  It allowed me to reflect on my past travels, and scheme for some future adventures, too.  It was a great excuse to get out with friends, and eat some popcorn, and co-critique.

The movie was almost as good as anticipating it…

…..hopefully the new job is, too.  I’m going to suss out the classroom and the whole situation tomorrow.  It begins.

My corner[s] of Canada

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

I’d kind of thought Calypso Waterpark was to be my new [to me] Canadian experience of the summer.

Turns out, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan only a few weeks later would open my eyes to what prairie hospitality has to offer too.  I went, alongside my family, as my parents celebrated their wedding anniversary.  It’s an interesting city with a calm, calm pace.  You might think Moose Jaw and Montreal have zero in common [making you mostly right], but there are a few similarities: both cities have strong sentiments to ‘what was’ with much of those days preserved and explained through story… and both cities had me eating tons [so much in fact, that I have a lot of cardio and hot yoga ahead of me].  Our family was encouraged to leave our stress in the mineral waters of our hotel and learn about all that is left to live underground when a full life above ground is unwanted by others.

As much as I like to experience new things… I also like to experience the familiar.  I like to feel like a pro, an expert, a cruise director too.  A day trip up to the Edmonton Fringe did just that.  We caught FOUR PLAYS in our time: each one took chances and oozed with enthusiasm and creativity.   While I liked our 5 Star offering, I also liked the lighthearted To Hell With The Rules playing each night at Cook County Saloon.  If you’re in YEG this weekend, you should try to catch it.  Like us, you should not cry nor feel bad when you can’t get into the shows already too highly acclaimed to have seats available.

My summer being a cocktail of time in Lethbridge, Calgary, Montreal (and a bit in Edmonton) has really provided me some perspective on my own city: Calgary.  Some for better, some for worse.  I do think one major perk of this city is its proximity to the Rockies.  …and so, I need to make a habit of incorporating that piece into my adventures.

Although I’m looking forward to many more new finds near and far for sure, too.  🙂

Collective Movement

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

Collective Movement has a nice ring to it, non?  In fact, it’s so nice… that if you’ve guessed that I stole it, you’d be right (well… adapted it from ‘mouvement collectif’… a Montreal public transit matra…):

Closer to home, I have to wonder if the mayor Calgary elects on my birthday will have ANY interest in developing a plan for encouraging/developing/celebrating “Transportation Cocktails” in our own neck of the woods, a Mouvement Collectif notion, I’m more than slightly in love with.  I have to, with a sigh, guess probably not.

But.  We can’t sit around waiting for mayors to make or break our existence, can we?


I broaden my definition of moving collectively, beyond that of public transportation, and consider the idea of people together.

I’ve been on the search for some Collective Movement initiatives of my own.  So far, I’ve come up with:
– 40 continuous Days of moving and breathing with classmates at the tree. I’ve signed-up already!
– A fireworks festival.  …to ‘ooh and aah’ alongside my city.  Jo and I have our festival-long passes.
– It won’t be easy but I AM DETERMINED to get up to Edmonton’s Fringe Festival for at least a day.  I have NEVER been disappointed by this event (nor the theatre community in general, typically).  Ah Edmonton.  I miss that city more than it knows.

Then, consider Calgary’s Film Fest, some fundraisers, a long weekend festival… and–left-together right-together–there are A TON of collectives waiting for your co-movement (and mine).  …even if you’re not a permanent Montrealer.

Still,though, mayoral candidates…. please, please, please consider a Calgary-version of the beloved BIXI!!  [London, England just announced they’re getting theirs…]