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I ♥ Spring Break 2011

Sunday, March 27th, 2011

Dinner was in Mexico, okay a Mexico pavillion, and it was super good; those reservations we made 180 days ago were worthwhile.  Sleep was in one of the biggest (and nicest) hotels I’ve ever stayed in.  Fireworks were better than I remembered.

AND that’s after day one.

haha, this little vacation where the only objective is to be young at heart [again] is pretty great.  Especially in the midst of a pretty hectic academic year.

The biggest surprise?  For better or worse….. was ending up on a ride […one I didn’t even know could exist at Disney] where I, a pretty ride-savvy guy… felt, well……. fairly scared!  Mission Space 1, TravisJohnRobertosn 0.  BUT, I have quite a few more days to take it on again more bravely.

Well………. time to hit the studios.  🙂

EMH, FP, HS, MK, E, AK, DTD…..

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

My detail-orientedness ebbs and flows.  For some reason, though, with vacations it always… always… flows (that’s the one that’s the opposite of recedes, right?).  With vacations, Montreal or otherwise, I get into spreadsheet mode… office supply mode… killer research skills mode (to the extent I’m able to determine conflicting information in heartbeat).

This makes me wonder if I’ve missed my calling as a Travel Agent, or Cruise Director, or Personal Assistant.  Let’s be honest though: my sharpened skills and senses have purely evolved out of self interest.  I like to get the most of my flights and explorations.  I’m not sure I’d be so rockstar with it all, if I wasn’t around to reap the benefits.

Leaving in three days for Orlando, I’m pretty confident everything is in order.  We’ll have nine days away, getting to pretend the humidity and attractions are home.  The plan will be both stuck-to and deviated-from.  My expectations aren’t so high, they’re destined to be shattered…. but… I’m confident the trip will be made-the-most-of.

I can’t wait.

This trip has been a long time coming.  While the name of the game might not be total relaxation, it should–in its own way–be energizing and enjoyable!

3 more sleeps, 3 more sleeps, 3 more sleeps!! 🙂


Sunday, March 13th, 2011

I asked a question yesterday that had been on my mind and stationed right on the tip of my tongue, not just this weekend, but the weekend before, too.

After some basketball and pierogy pizza, and before some marking and a movie… I got my answer.

It was the answer I’d been hoping for.  It was the answer deep down, I already knew.

The thing about asking questions like these two and some hours away from home… is that you have your drive back to think about both the question and the answer, to reflect.  You can sing along to songs, and smile… and daydream, and plan.  …and feel warmth, and real brightness, and gratitude.



Thursday, March 10th, 2011

Fitting, for the first day of Lent (a Lent, yet again,… I couldn’t come up with anything to go without), I would break bread around a big round table with five of my favourite people.  Warmed by contemporary fireplaces we watched our meal be prepared under the pretenses that Calgary is trendier and earthier than people give it credit for.  The sandstone Stephen Avenue building serenaded by Sarah Harmer served as the background for our stories, planning, and laughter; a trendy/folky blend for trendy folks like ourselves.

Vantage Point

Sunday, March 6th, 2011

It was better than I’d expected: the turntable restaurant, eating 525 feet up-in-the-air, all of it.

Dine Out Calgary, er, Big Taste Calgary has just begun in the city, and Saturday was my first booking (of hopefully a few!).

The much anticipated company had arrived, and my smile couldn’t have been more authentic.

With that perfect trifecta, I felt at home in–and was able to see and experience–my city in a much more real way than I had for a long, long time now.  Over food, drink, and a few revolutions we saw the sights and told stories, while pointing out, where many of them took place.  It was a perfect perspective on all there is to do here, in the midst of one of many yearly festivities I am now familiar with, with company that couldn’t be beat.  I kept thinking…..

…..what I have I done to deserve all this?

(…while knowing the next adventure was somewhere in view).