April, 2011

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What will my May sound like?

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

This next month came into focus a bit today, in a very good way!  It all boils down to some familiar and some not-so-familiar-sounds.

  1. Djembes – I registered!  After a year hiatus, I’m heading back for a mini six-session class.  Tuesday nights.  I haven’t got confirmation yet *touch wood there are no hiccups*
  2. Cuing – I’m doing yet another mini-project.  A 21-day Yoga Challenge, er, Awakening.  This one is super-flexible.  At first, it didn’t make economic sense because of my year long pass.  Today: surprise, they’ve decided to include it with said pass.  Easy!
  3. Keyboards clicking – I’m loving this second round of my internship (teaching colleagues more about the Internet using the Internet)… in May it all wraps up.  THEN, I begin on May 9th (with a trip to the Windy City that Monday) a course VERY related to this whole experience.  It stacks-up to more mentorship, and more practice with professional development.
  4. A waterfall, er a few waterfalls – I can’t give this one away BUT I’m trying to figure out a surprise for someone in Rocky.  Hopefully this ends up going as well as I hope.  I think I have it all planned pretty well; well enough that the sound of disappointment shouldn’t accompany this one.
  5. Skis carving – Will I be able to make it out for one more ski with Jo?
  6. Pennies saving – I FINALLY got the letter I’ve been waiting for.  My TQS evaluation came in.  i.e. I’m ready to be paid for 5 years of university.  It’s all been evaluated officially verified.
  7. More pennies saving – Vancouver and maybe even Montreal aren’t going to pay for themselves.
  8. Report card envelopes sealing?  Provincial exam forms being filled out?  – Nope: not this month and not this year respectively!  🙂
  9. Celeberating and wine glasses clinging – YUP!  RSVP returned today!  It wasn’t just an exciting mail day, but also an exciting e-mail day!
  10. Patio chairs adjusting and coasters meeting glasses – Let’s be real… summer. is. coming.  Despite the snow everywhere.

Man oh man oh man I love Spring!!

The Spring 2011 uFAQ List

Monday, April 4th, 2011

Is this week your sixth anniversary in Calgary and teaching?
Yes.  Yes it is.  Crazy… to think back on that move and all the unknown.

How was the trip?
AMAZING.  Incredible.  Energizing.  Expectation-exceeding.  Busy.  Laughter-filled.  Food-filled.  Awesome!

Orlando, right?
Yup.  It was a theme-park, fireworks, and shows extravaganza!  An escape from all things university and planning!

Did you see the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter?
Yes, and it was packed-packed-packed!  We beat the rush which was a mostly-accidental miracle; otherwise we wouldn’t have even been able to see it.  I’m not SUCH a Harry Potter fanboy, but now as the world talks about it I can say, “Been there!”

Best day?  Best night?  Best attraction (Disney-speak for ride)?  Best show?
Waterpark day in the sun was hard to beat, but so was our first full day at Hollywood Studios.   Tough call.
Our night at Narcoosee’s was perfect.  We ate at the most luxurious resort overlooking the park, castle, and mountains… and it was timed perfectly with fireworks and the water pageant.  A bottle of wine later we headed into the park and had it totally to ourselves on a nice calm post-storm evening.
Splash Mountain holds a nostalgic place in my heart, but Toy Story Mania was pretty fun and allowed me to delve into my competitive nature; Mission Space, as mentioned kind of made me feel….. well… g-forcey in a way that made me feel like my heart that was in my throat.  Both were neat surprises.
As for shows… I’m a sucker for the night-time ones.  The night parade (MSEP as we call it in the biz) and Fantasmic were pretty cool.

Which shirt did you buy?
haha, a really fun one!  I love it, in fact!!  It got some attention my last night there…… which, let’s be honest: I loved.

Saw [Epcot] Canada?
Yup, that place really cracks me up.  I’m not sure it portrays us in our best light…. but I guess that’s our job as travellers.

Sleep at all?
Not really.  haha.  We did have a perfect, convenient hotel: The Dolphin.  I’d really recommend it (or The Swan, its sister resort) for a variety of reasons. I think it’s decent value for all that you get.  We explored some other great ones too BUT they required much more paying-through-the-nose than ours did AND we got a lot of perks.

Would you do it all again?
I’d change nothing.  I think Lee had a great time too.  We travelled really well together; all the planning really paid off.  I don’t think I’ll be there in the next couple years: I have more world to explore BUT it really is an interesting place and a smooth running operation.

That’s it?  10 Questions?
That’ll have to do it for now.  I’m wiped and still acclimatizing to a very busy April!