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mi casa

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

At 3:35, May 27th–nearly three years ago–I opened the doors to my condo.  Completely empty, I walked into my most expensive purchase ever.  I remember sitting in the middle of the floor, which at the time was much lighter and taking it all in.

Three years ago, I sat with my family at about this time in Swiss Chalet while the offer was made, sent back, and made again.  Me, my mom, and my grandma looking to my dad as we tend to do in moments of negotiation.  While it was fun looking at the dozens before this one, it was a relief to know the looking and negotiating were over.

Since then, there have been decorative purchases, near disasters, small gatherings, larger gatherings, joyful moments (like getting accepted into U of L) and more agonizing moments (like, well, life can have).

The condo still feels like a sanctuary, albeit a disorganized one; I know that because I’m always glad to return (even after getting an extended stay at one over twice its value).  It feels warm in the winter, and lets in all the light it can.  It feels bright in the summer, and twice as big… because with the deck, it basically is.  It’s a quick hop to quiet river parks and an even quicker hop to most of Calgary’s urban hotspots.

Grateful for my three years here. Grateful for the career and family that made it possible.  Grateful to be safe in the knowledge there will probably be a few creative reincarnations of this space before I’m ready for my next space.

I wonder how much longer this will be home?  …I wonder how sad I will be to send it on its way to other grateful owners.  Who knows??  …maybe I’ll retire here.

…..With boxes from the flood…..still unpacked.  :S

su casa

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

There were some pretty great little things this weekend.  …the piano music playing under the mineral pool waters.  …the maple candies (and weather placard)  on the pillows.  …the offer of BMW bikes to take in the mountain views.

It was fun pretending the Banff Springs was our castle and seeing some trip planning, and advice gathering, come to life.

So many great backdrops: incredible views (the one from the room was UNbelievable), waterfalls, quick acquaintances,  stone walls.  We relaxed, swam, bowled, danced (bypassing all lines on a guest-list no less), ate, swam some more, movie watched, while trying new Banff things and taking in familiar must do old Banff things (like candy apples and photo taking).

The recharge and escape were a welcome start to warmer weather.  …and a welcome start to many more adventures on the horizon.

Warm. Real. Bright.  …much May Long gratitude.


Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

Tonight was a return to West African.  It has been over a year.  I wasn’t sure if I’d remember how, but as soon as I heard the djembes from the stairwell for the previous class, I knew the memory was probably somewhere kinaesthetic, if not somewhere in my brain.

Half way through the class, we were asked to spread our toes and lifted our middle three.  That’s an old easy yoga trick; no problem!

It was great to be back, getting low… and getting in shape for some sun and summer.  …Getting away from the keyboards and the lists of responsibilities I should be accomplishing.   …Getting to look out at the window at 17th Avenue, a place at the doorstep of the condo, but somewhere I haven’t wandered down forever.

Party [celebration] dance.

Guitar Lessons (or five lessons I’m learning this week)

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011
  • I need to take advantage of what my city has to offer more.  It offers tons.  Beautiful, active, creative spaces.  I forget how much I like skiing, enjoy just being in the mountains, feel at home at the Talisman Centre, can navigate 17th Avenue until….. well…. I do each of those things.  These things fall off my radar somehow.
  • My best yoga classes tend to be ones where I’m not determined to “be flexible”, “be calm”, “be picture perfect” in the first 3 seconds, or….. at all really the entire class.  Intentions, goals, and initiative are all wonderful things.  So, too, is going with the moment and the flow.
  • And, Huh!  University life has some similar parallels there.  My G.P.A. went down 4/100 this term.  Earlier in the program that might have killed my ego.  Spring Break, yoga, friendships, and Rocky kept that all in perspective… and really… this term ended up being a wonderful experience; well worth the balance!  I’d even say I enjoyed some of the readings, projects, and learning.
  • Travis:Jet Lag::Travis:University/Report Cards.  I am JUST now feeling like I’m living a normal life again after last term.  I take a long time to get back to normal routines.  A REALLY long time.  haha, and my next term starts in just a few days here.  A chaotic June, just around the bend.  Oh well, nothing Vancouver can’t buffer.
  • Small things entertain and excite me.  Planning adventures. Registering for classes and events.  Google Reader.  Epsom Salts.  Toffee Coffee and chocolate.  The moral: pursue and ensure lots of small things.  Easy!

haha, that is all.  If I were to add a sixth: the sunshine Spring weather brings…… is a total joy.  🙂