June, 2011

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Monday, June 27th, 2011
  1. A colleague, and friend, I find nothing-short-of-incredible is coming on board at my tiny little school.  I’m thrilled!  She will be a great addition to our learning community and to the TO: line of my fun little reprieve-from-work e-mails.
  2. I registered for a 10k Run at the end of July?  What was I thinking?……well, I wasn’t.  I just registered with fingers on auto-pilot.  Curious to see how this turns out?!  My friend from down under will be alongside me (well…. let’s be real: a ways ahead of me) so it should all work out fine!
  3. I ALSO registered for 10 training sessions at the U of L.  This is some mid-yoga-life fitness crisis maybe?  The rate was super good, and I’m moving down for two weeks to take only one course this round.  He just phoned to book times and ask some questions and he seems enthusiastic (which is MUCH better than lethargic for trainers).
  4. Lethbridge… Vancouver… Invermere… Rocky… Montreal, I am SO pumped for summer’s Canadian tour.  Will I FINALLY get to Quebec City?…… it remains to be seen.
  5. New classroom next year!  haha, it’s not south facing, but it’s nicer than mine and has an incredible neighbour.  I have to admit it’s a relief that the classroom is in the same school (across the hall no less), and that I can finally have some familiarity again.

Student teaching, er, teacher studenting

Saturday, June 18th, 2011

(Filed under “You don’t care…… but……”):

It seems I’m being blessed with some efficiency and productivity today; I’d better capitalize!

I woke up [earlier than usual] and selected some articles on Blended (or Hybrid) Learning and gave each a quick scan.  My quest? …to answer: should face-to-face teachers also have significant online components to their courses?  Some articles are new, some are from the course, and some are from other courses (or my e-PD undertakings years ago).  I’m trying not to hyperventilate that I have a matter of days to get a ten-page paper written and then somehow turn it into a youtube multimedia presentation extraordinaire.  Hmmmmm…. luckily others in my cohort always seem to know just the right tool upon consultation.  Manageable.

I have a pile of marking and comment-writing for teaching.  I have however, sorted (and found!) each pile.  Again, manageable.  The students’ writing lately has been quite entertaining, so this might be a nice shift from the peer reviewed stuff.  If I can get my pre-exam teaching life figured out, my post-exam teaching life won’t be such a nightmare.

Now for a yoga break!  Today there is a class reserved for those, like me, who have annual passes.  I feel so exclusive!  haha…

Hopefully yoga allows the productivity to continue rather than disrupting it.

Note to self: the more I do today, the more I can enjoy tomorrow; the more I get done this week, the more I’ll eventually realize it’s Spring weather outside.

haha, is it Summer yet?

Ten Eleven

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

Swimming pools, novels, falling asleep while getting some sun, seat-back television…

…these are some of the things that are:

a) calling my name
b) seeming so close
c) yet, proverbially, so far away.

I’m not dreading university; I think that’s a good sign.
I’m also not dreading September; I think that’s also a good sign.

I am, however, ready to hammer my way through this to do list… and sunglass it up with optional-only reading.


Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

The worst part of being buried in work is being buried in work.  The best part is knowing that it won’t be forever… and that with it not being forever at this time of year is that what lies beyond is comprised mostly of:
travel, yoga, patios, sunshine, laughter, discoveries, dancing, djembes, scheming, green tea, overpriced frappacinos, friends, long overdue visits, meals out, and shorts.

I think that means the best part outweighs the worst part.

As I always say: It all gets done (…or it doesn’t).

Report Card Hell 2011 v.4 begins.