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An online toast…

Monday, August 29th, 2011

…to beginnings.

…to a career of helping students discover and rediscover hope, and passion, and accomplishment.

…to colleagues who inspire… who engage me, who encourage me, who teach me… and maybe most importantly laugh with me.

…to filling out calendars and wrapping brains around 10 month journeys knowing undoubtably there will be some really exhausting ones.

…to familiarity. …to newness. …to the Renaissance and Canadian Government. …to tinkering with D2L until it finally does what it’s meant to. …to lingo. …to fast-approaching deadlines.

…to changing leaves. …to new shoes and new sweaters and new checkered collared shirts.

…to a mailbox slightly slid over.  …to worries that I’ve completely forgot how to teach and get my point across.

…to a Fall not so far away. …to 30 not so far away.

…to teaching. and learning. and trying.

…and coffee.

Returning [to self, to work, & to the great indoors]

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011
  • farewells are never easy.  matters of the heart are always more complex because of their need to be processed differently and at a different rate than those matters of the thinking rational mind.  all that said: i’m single… as of a week.  i’ve immersed myself in sunshine and sushi and good company and phone calls and yoga and plays and movies; i’m happy to report that something in that course-of-treatment has been working and will have to either guess which helped the most or try them all again at the next instance of heart-hurt.
  • i sat on my patio and began to wrap my head around the upcoming school year today.  i’m now having nightly dreams about start-up which means my subconscious is as aware as my conscious-self about what’s coming.  i’m thrilled to see some incredible colleagues here soon.  i’m more excited than nervous about what’s new: the principal and my shifting teaching course load.  i’m really feeling the pressure to accomplish odds and ends this week and weekend knowing what the pace will be like until……June 2012.  let’s be honest: i’m also glad to have an excuse for some wardrobe additions.
  • i hope the sunshine sticks around for a good long while.  it’s so much easier to be active and out and about when it’s warm and the outdoors are inviting.  that said, i’ve registered in some West African grooving and in a 30 day yoga challenge beginning mid September.  got to stay fit and active for the big 3.0. celebrations not so far away. i love summer and fall.  i tell myself i like the coziness of winter and the odd escape for some downhill time….. but i’m not so sure winter has that many perks most days.  i’ll have to find more ways to sneak some summer into this winter.

Take chances… take chances, take chances, take chances.

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

West Edmonton Mall’s website asked me, upon some research for some pictures of their newest thrill slides, to write my e-mail, full name, age, and why I should be the first to try *dun, dun, duuuun* The Cyclone.  And so I did:

I have been a life-long fan of World Waterpark. The mall and I both got our start in in 1981; in a sense, we have grown up together. I have fond memories of many family trips; since then, it has been a privilege to take guests from all over the world to show of World Waterpark (from Croatia, New Zealand, and beyond). In my own travels, I continue to compare other world class waterparks to Alberta’s very own; we are so lucky to have what we do in our own backyard!

It’s no secret: I like, er, love a good waterpark. In fact, I dream of discovering more of the world’s best.  Yes, all waterslides essentially feel the same: wet, shaky, and slidy… but there’s something about them I just can’t get enough of.  It’s why, once or twice a year, even still I do my pilgrimage to Edmonton’s finest… usually with some pretty great ‘peeps.

I spent my young-adult life as a lifeguard and waterpark enthusiast! It would be an honour to showcase this amazing, unique experience to others. Currently, I am a graduate student and teacher; I am fun-loving and would be able to communicate my experience for filming in a clear, enthusiastic way. I cannot wait to see the Cyclone and the Extreme Sky Screamers in action! I am especially excited at the unique opportunity to be a part of their history! … It would be a dream, and awfully fun and memorable, to be a part of the unveiling of West Edmonton Mall’s newest thrill slide.

I’m pumped about Friday.  I was planning on getting up there anyways for the Fringe (another Edmonton love affair of mine).  It was all just super meant to be.  I got the e-mail I was chosen.  And so.  I’ll turn up early Friday, sign my life away that my reaction can be filmed (…I am a little nervous that I’ll be a bit chicken and that I will need to pump up or do some yoga or another 10k first)… and be among the first to try this little gem of an adventure not so far away.

Cheesy?  Yes.  It should all be a memorable, fun day though.  It’s probably too soon to attempt editing the World Waterpark wikipedia page with the fact TravisJohnRobertson was among the first to ride the Cyclone and thereby part of its history.

My real lesson in all of this:……if you put your name in the hat, for pretty much anything, you just might get whatever it is you’re hoping for; if you don’t, you certainly won’t.

Ahahaha….. so exciting!  I had a feeling I had a shot too.  I wonder if I’ll be the only one over twelve?!