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Dedication [as quoted in my most recent acedmic endeavour]

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012



I dedicate this capstone to my family.  Learning is living and my two parents, Bruce and Linda, have provided every opportunity to live and learn fully.  I am forever grateful for our travels, our laughs, our meals, and our adventures.  Most of all, I’m grateful for my family’s unconditional support and love.  Despite full and busy lives, continued dedication, energy, and patience have been given to me with strength and consistency beyond my comprehension.  My parents’ hard work and steadfast support mean everything!  My sister, Leanne, has shown me another side of learning unknown to me: an organized, persistent, grounded way of understanding; her intelligence inspires me. Pillared by four grandparents, John, Bob, Loraine, and Edith, exemplifying kindness and warmth, ours is a family with countless joyful, warm, and happy memories.  A smile at this milestone, just like all my smiles, is rooted entirely in my love from and for each member of this incredible circle of support.


Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

I’m basking in this Spring.

I’m basking in convocation.  I’m basking in trying out our new online Substitute management system and entering the reason: got my degree.  …and, yes, that is one of our allowed reasons to Sub-out.  I’m basking in the thought that I really don’t think, and I think of this quite often, that this isn’t my last degree but it’s one I worked quite hard on and feel proud to be done.

I’m basking in the fact that warmer weather is upon us and all that this means.  …that my condo will be twice as big for a few months and that I can pull out my two extra dinner tables and have a barbecue–or a dozen–and laugh and eat and head-in when things aren’t quite as warm as we hoped.

In break.

In Easter turkey and cooking lessons on Good Friday.

In Summer around the corner and the wedding and travels that all entails.

In finally having more sun.

In Lethbridge this month.  May Long next month.  Edmonton the one after that.

In the chaos that is the last days of school.  And the stress and anxiety of all those [purposeless] final exams.

I’m basking in freaking out that I’m not fit enough for Summer and doing yoga for all the wrong reasons but reaping the real more-important benefits anyways.  I’m basking in a tax return.  In surprises.  I’m basking maybe a few Spring clothes or maybe a quick trip to see if maybe IKEA has something new for the patio.  I’m basking in procrastinating on two more rounds of report cards and one more set of conferences and hoping and praying I don’t have to move classrooms again, because that whole process is really a ton of work.

Each season has its perk but Winter’s might be that Spring and thawing-out are only an axis-tip away.

Shorts, pools, and patios are where it’s at.


Monday, March 12th, 2012

Ah, this M.Ed. degree.  I have to say that it’s pretty exciting to think my latest round of university will essentially wrap-up this week (the writing) and month (the presenting).  Exciting and surreal and paradigm-shifting.

I’m not one to count chickens before they’re hatched, but what I have left is quite step-by-step and quantifiable.  Enough so, that I can step back and make a few observations:

  • Together. I now know that if I EVER have a choice between a cohort- or individual- undertaking, I will take a cohort-appraoch in ANYthing; each and every time.  I heard a few weeks ago someone say alone is SOMETIMES faster but together is ALWAYS further… and how true.  Spending the last three years getting to know my cohort has been a total joy!
  • Geek factor. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy most of this.  Some was tough and long, especially if creative-blocks got in the way of writing… but most of this was pretty satisfying and dare I say…..interesting.  The further I ventured in papers and presentations away from teaching or learning the less enjoyable things were, for sure… which maybe tells me a bit about my career trajectory.
  • Meaning. Have you ever made a bulletin board or something where you cut out letters and the word you were working on lost all meaning?  …or where you repeat a word until it has no meaning?  That kind of happened to me with parts of this…where I lost meaning with things I was saying so redundantly.  More accurately: this last paper I really lost sight of what was new-learning for me and what is very obvious and well-known.  Hard to explain.  Just a weird learning/writing phenomenon.  …that is seemingly ineffable.
  • It’s hard to fake it.  I think I maybe started out writing and reflecting on what I thought was supposed to believe or think.  As the pace of the Master’s gets faster and heavier though, this becomes impossible.  …which is good.  Reflections and thoughts become authentic out of necessity….which made the learning 1000% more practical.  Could this all be by design?
  • Addictive?  I’m really thinking about more university WAY more than I thought I might be at this point. What’s that all about?  …identity crisis? …sucker for punishment? …or what?
  • Centre Stage.  Presentations have definitely been a favourite.  I don’t know if that was so true in my undergrad.; I wasn’t averse to them (I don’t think), but this has become a really enjoyable challenge.  Applying to speak at conferences might be a nice way to continue some of that.
  • Vulnerability.  It’s not easy getting feedback on what you do or believe or make.  I can’t imagine authors or painters or journalists, etc. etc. feel any differently.  We were told not to worry about grades, which I tried to take to heart quite early; I would maybe add not to worry about constantly proving yourself in general.   As with most things: easier said than done.

That’s it for now.  🙂