October, 2012

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Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

This yoga challenge has been less fanfare-y than the previous two.

My first, the Fall before last, I made a series of other resolutions and having a yoga practice [at all] was quite new to me.  My second, last Fall, I blogged dutifully throughout [each weekday].

This one, I began, showed up, and now mid-practice [Day 17 of 30!] I get to see unfold.  I think, in part, I’m less hyped up about finishing/missing/doing-things-right/getting-the-right-results in part because I’m more familiar with the yoga practice.  In part though, too, I’m less hyped up because I’m doing less hypING up and overanalyzing… I’m just doing it.  It’s not a contest or a stunt.

Tonight, in the midst of less fanfare, though,  I unfolded my mat with less than a clear content head.  It was cold.  Traffic was less than good.  The day was busy [and candy filled] and the inbox was full.  In a low dog early on the practice it was clear that my shoulders are tightrope tight and despite not giving up (a plus!)… that clear yogi mind with thoughts/opinions/stories drifting away was a not-so-clear mind thinking of the previous tippy balance poses, the not-so-obvious yoga progress, and the rest.

Short end of the mats to the wall, though, and everything changed.  Like really everything.

I tip upside down with a block between my wall and my shoulder blades and my shoulders feel great.  I tip my hips over my shoulders and experiment with some lift.  And I lift, like all of me.  Heels to the wall I’m upside down.  Now I’ve been upside down before but never like this.  I know I’m more balanced than I’m used to and I take my heals from the wall.  And stay there.  Stay there for minutes, stay there.  Shoulders feeling great.  Balance feeling great.  Reflection of my headstand with elbows down instead of palms at 90 (my usual) reminding me that I’m really doing something pretty new (and neat).

I don’t want to exit, and so I don’t.  Well ….. I stay up a little longer than cued.  I proceed with class and finish off. Class ends and leaves.  And I try again.

This time with our instructor there to lend a hand.  I go up and get some advice and give some gratitude.

And head into the snow.  And Halloween movie with friends.  And remainder of the workweek.  And remainder of the challenge.  And practice.

And smile.

[create-your-own] Challenge [and joy]

Monday, October 15th, 2012

Over the last few years I’ve done some yoga revolutions and challenges and today without tons of ceremony, I began another.

This time… 30 days.  …On my own accord, my own way, me… and the mat.

There was a group 30 (or 40 or 50) that was meant to start but a flood at the studio has meant postponing things a week.  Being no stranger to floods I have nothing but empathy for the studio, and wish everyone there the very best as things get cleaned up and back on track.  For me, though, postponing things a week makes a 30 Days, I can’t quite make happen as designed.

So today…

…I went to a cozy class in the studio’s small room a day before the bigger room [hopefully] opens.  I intended some joy (from a usual menu of balance, stillness, heart-centre, foundation, strength, calm, peace, celebration… among others) … and the class was just that: a joyful one.  Lots of laughter.  Lots of success.  Lots of gratitude.  Lots of everything I love about the practice, and the studio, and the people there.

And tomorrow…

…I bring along a guest and first-timer.

Pigeon felt great after yesterday’s Gorilla Run at the zoo (1:32:23.01 … and 52nd out of 268 not that any of that matters).

I feel great committing to some level of consistent practice here for the next.

Annnnd the mat (and people at the ‘Tree) feel great to be around as the school-year takes off and into overdrive during a busier bit of time.

It begins.


30 Day Reso-/Revo- -lution.

Tuesday, October 9th, 2012

There’s something pretty gratifying about going through your first draft of your Brave 100 and realizing that you’ve actually crossed off quite a few list items. …many of them, inadvertently.

Finished that gigantic novel?  Ya, I did.  Made it down the Tropical Islands water slides without REALLY planning to, or without actually remembering that was on the list.  Yup! …and those were in Berlin.   Volunteer. for. a. festival!  Oh right, Wanderlust, Whistler.  Thanks M.[/K.].S.  Half Marathon, check.  …and who made that happen?  J.C.A.  In fact, she had to twist my arm a bit in February.

The day is coming to shake that list up a bit.  Leave some on.  Adjust some.  Cross some off. Add, rinse, repeat.

Did I barely qualify to speak at WestCAST?  That was a condition.  Maybe it’s time to think of a Pecha Kucha experience.  What three courses am I going to take to get to my final step of education for my current career?

Handstand?  A full 40-some k.m.?  A second masters, or beyond?

The White House?  Carving on a snowboard?

A shark dive??

A high school classroom?  A college one?

A garden?  …or an IKEA plant that makes it past a month?

I did just commit to a multiday hike this Spring, didn’t I??

The thing about Brave 100’s (or brave anythings) is that they require courage.  …and courage requires some heart, and then some subsequent heart-following.  And October 15th, on a yoga mat, I’m about to explore, heart and all….. for 30 days in fact.  I think my goal for November 14th then is a Brave 100 Version 2.0.

So here, exactly a week before, I plant a seed of intention.  to. do. just. that.