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Space Leap

Thursday, March 14th, 2013

I took a chance today.  Well.  I’ve been exploring and investigating and discussing a chance for a good long while and, today, made the chance-taking official.

Competitions and risks are both exciting and scary because they require some revealing.  They also don’t have guarantees.  The more we invest and rework, ultimately the more we desire.  With that, at times, the more we have to lose.

So being purposefully ambiguous I look back to some other leaps.  Coming to Calgary.  Getting to Montreal, a few times for essentially free.  Degrees.  Relationships won, relationships lost.  A swimming competition on the Alberta/Saskatchewan border in Lloydminster.   Heck, even hosting an event and hoping it doesn’t result being the lone person listening to iTunes over some snacks at the table.

Knowing myself I’m pretty okay with change and new.  Uncertainty, maybe less so.  Waiting, worst yet.

With finger crossing, toe crossing, positive thoughts, and vibes welcome from any direction, I wait.

…More than a little glad I didn’t talk myself out of trying.  As usual.

Spring Forward

Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

I’m dreaming about West African, again.  It’s been awhile.  The twist to this dream was that I actually went to Africa.

Why isn’t there more time for more meandering through more night classes.  French or writing would be nice too.  Or acting again: those two rounds were scary, but good scary.

What is my Spring Break plan?  Why don’t I have one, exactly?

I signed-up for two workshops at the ‘Tree: one in March, one in April.  As much as I’ve liked all my other endeavours, yoga, I have to admit, has had a distinctive draw.  It’s good for flexibility and strength.  It gets me out of my head in a way that is often pretty restorative, yet sporadically torture.

If I have two things causing me constant guilt, those two things are running and Introductory Statistics.  The guilt from (not doing) statistics is about 100X worse than the running guilt, but the Police Half at the end of April might be a bit of a misadventure?!  Time for a real plan for both.  I have five modules to get done and an exam… with half of the first module sort-of complete.

I keep catching myself drifting to daydreams of the possibility of taking some French in Montreal again, or Paris.  Or a conference for teaching. I qualify for funding again this fall..

March 12th, job postings allegedly exactly what I’m currently restless for, open up.  With this, some chance taking which is always fine and fun as long as things unfold favourably. While it’s tough putting yourself out there, there are just too many coincidences about the possibilities here, to not put myself forward and investigate.  It’s also tough walking into change, when really I’m more than content and more than confident just where I am.

So that is Spring.  Teaching, changing, #edcampYYCing, dentist finding, exploring.  Unlike last year, no convocations.  But if those came everyday, they wouldn’t be so rewarding when they did.

Curious to see what unfolds and arrives and gets done.  Hopefully some surprises, too.