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Sunday, May 26th, 2013

July 13th, I’ll be dancing with the family and friends to celebrate my sister’s big wedding.  August 18th, I’ll be dancing with a pretty great group of friends in my favourite [non-Calgary] city.  That leaves some pretty big space between.

And as the time gets closer, I keep wondering just what to do with some of that time.

I have a bit of reading and statisticsing to do.  I’ve also grown quite fond of the outdoor pool just across the river (for some reason more than the one that’s probably a wee bit closer just up the hill).

It’d be nice to get some yoga in.  And some parks.  …and some patio.

But, what adventures could there be in store: a project, stampede here, some French (and Piknic and Bixi and Contemporary Art and Ashtanga and swimming) in Montreal, a chance to see T.O., or Q.C., mountains, a Camino de Santiago walk?

Web search cookies are now making pretty much all of the above show themselves as a continual stream of ads on YouTube and elsewhere.

…the problem with continual epic summers, is that you start to expect them… and forget how they all came to be so epic.  :S