June, 2013

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Sunday, June 23rd, 2013

It feels a bit impudent to call a flood, a state of emergency, in fact, interesting.  It’s not lost on me that some people have been displaced, have lost a lot, and are still reeling from these last few days.

The city right now, though, is really prioritizing what is important and by default, what’s not.  It’s filled with people helping.  It’s all filled with people wondering, even things like will there be a Stampede, a celebration that really marks summer here,  and what will that look like or how long could downtown be, without power.

There’s also this sense that much of what we take for granted, from resources to a healthy life itself, is more delicate than we think.

I’m very fortunate here.  While blocks away people have been displaced, I am so far quite okay.  I went from feeling very fine Thursday, to a bit unsure late Thursday night.  I wasn’t even sure how much I should venture away for a walk even.  But walks turned into time with friends, and chances to get out into the neighbourhood, with only an afternoon and evening of some traffic controls and bridge closures nearby.

I’m thinking of those less fortunate for sure.  I’m also thinking of those shaken by even the vibe and feel of this particular summer solstice.

We’ll remember 13 for awhile I’m sure.  Rainfalls will have people thinking differently.  And  yet there’s a takeaway much nicer… that community here is rock solid, that resources are abundant, and that people step up in pretty quick and major ways.

At times unexpected, and expected.


Monday, June 10th, 2013

Tonight I had the opportunity for some great conversation with a sturdy, primary branch of the ‘Tree.  To be clear here, ‘Tree is the Bodhi Tree Yoga Studio right here in Calgary.  That branch is a mentor, Catherine, a constant cheerleader and friend since nearly the beginning of my practice.

If I’m being honest, yoga and the Bodhi Tree have really impacted me in a big and awesome way.  I continue to benefit from people and learning along the way there.  If alignment is a word that continues to keep popping up in yoga and my practice, alignment tonight allowed me to share some of my yoga story and journey and to listen to someone else’s.

With that, an open invitation before continuing.  If you’re reading this and would like to try out yoga or the Bodhi Tree, I would be beyond thrilled to accompany you as you see what yoga and this place are all about.  Maybe you’re thinking of a hot class, or a restorative class, or you’re not even sure what the options are and just want to go explore it all for a class.  Well, I’m there.

So tonight, beyond a quick passing by in and out of the doorway, I had the chance to reflect on some yoga.  As yoga goes, that also meant sharing life on and off the mat, and all the intersections in between.

Without sounding too yogi-out-there hopefully, yoga is a neat adventure because there are opportunities to think back to other (similar or dissimilar) experiences early on.  One of the other times I was able to steal some time from Catherine was before a 30 day challenge class when, like this time, I got to share the insanity that is a hectic schedule and the how-can-I-add-in-all-this that is a consistent yoga practice.  This time, I also got to benefit from a window of time away from everything else to share, listen, learn, and reconsider.

I’m reminded to be kind to myself.  Reminded to consider a meditation practice, even small at first, and let the potential pressures of asanas (postures and practice) unfold from there.  Reminded that some experiences with yoga are my own, but that most are not… and of all the great benefits and people and experience to be had at the ‘Tree and beyond.

I really want to dive in to some yoga.  Not so that I can twist myself into a pretzel, or so that I can balance impressively in the middle of a room (although admittedly, that all does look pretty fun and wouldn’t be declined).  I also really gratefully want to express my thanks to Catherine and the Bodhi Tree community both to her, and in ways paid forward.

I keep feeling like I get so much out of the Bodhi Tree that I need to find ways to invest back in and give back.  And that what’s found on the yoga mat, has been really worthwhile discovering.  And exploring.  And enjoying.

And adventure seeking.


ice cream

Monday, June 10th, 2013

I looked up from report cards, and good friends away, and a kitchen table piling up with to-dos, looked up to an unexpected surprise.

It’s in this way that life is pretty fun.

Weekdays give way to a weekend of adventure, yog(h)urt, and chance taking.

…..The weekend coming up takes me out of my ordinary here too, heading to Saskatoon to celebrate with my sister’s fiance.  Carry-on only travel is becoming my new favourite thing; an opportunity to zip over to our neighbouring province with a novel and an iPad.

School is busy.  Summer and life beyond, though, are increasingly in reach.