July, 2013

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Here, There, & Everywhere

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013


I had the day I was waiting for.  I had finished some errands and I had a call on my iPhone-5-that-holds-a-battery-charge-for-approximately-8-minutes: let’s do homework.  We head to Analog.  I highlight, I check over my assignment, and connect some statistics dots.  Yoga, too.  Never bad.


Montreal!  Remember when that’s almost all I ever wrote about or talked about?  haha, I do.  It’s the big return.  I have my Bixi key revved up.  I have plans to head to Ashtanga there, and maybe even the new Leed Platinum Planetarium.  Wandering.  Dancing.  Visiting.  This trip is also reunioning, with the Vancouver and Toronto corners of our crew.  Not long now!


New school.  Colour run.  Where to next?  New Years somewhere?  What’s up next?

Imag-in-er (fr.) / Here we go! (en.)

Thursday, July 18th, 2013

Are days getting shorter?  Should I have more of my “authorized reading list” for each grade checked off and read?  Statistics, ack?!

I’m at the point of summer where it feels like it’s slipping through my fingers, like sand, or even water.  I love summer so much, it’s easy to let enjoying it get shadowed by a fear of missing any one tiny bit of it, especially when looking forward to a trip out East to Toronto and Montreal with my favourite crew.

My sister and Mark are in Disneyland Paris after an amazing wedding.  Really amazing.  I feel like I’m as excited as they are to be in Europe.  Their being there reminding me of my last summer in Paris and Berlin and, of course, Disney there. It’d have been too hard to not send “don’t forget to do this” and “don’t miss that” and “make sure you”s, so I’ve just been sending them and mentioning them each time they bubble up.

It was such a privilege to stand up with Mark and get to take part in their day a little behind the scenes.  It was also pretty fun to be able to get to the mic and add a little welcome to the family.  As pictures start to surface of the the day, it’s fun to see how all the preparations and everything that led up to the weekend took hold into something pretty awesome.  Was a once-in-a-lifetime, and couldn’t have been more great.

So here we are mid-summer.  Great things behind, fun things ahead.  A few things to-do in the absence of a huge workload.  Have been on my yoga mat a fair bit, and running up a storm (well 4 or 5 k at a time) to prepare for the late summer 1/2 marathon in Banff.

I want to tan, and run, and teeth whiten before Montreal but maybe my vanity will get a much needed check between yoga postures or classic novel pages here soon.

We’ll see.