February, 2014

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Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

My name, Travis, means crossroad–à la traverse–or intersection when I’m being glib.  So.  It should be no surprise when I find myself at one: choosing. …a degree, a school, a trip, or to pick up the phone.  Or not.

Today like many of you, I was given my Facebook Turns 10 gift: a short video of my Facebook life.  “A Look Back.” (and yes this a link, you can click to it with).

I watched and smiled at the triumphs–and smiled at all the detours, too, actually–and thought about all the decisions and crossroads that led up to each picture and post.

So which machine-selected crossroad decisions made my highlight reel?  And which ones elicited my biggest emotional responses as I watched (and re-watched)?

The ones where I was in it.  “In it!” in it.  Smiling from my toes.  On the other side from some really hard work.  Laughing.  Exploring.  Connecting.  Afraid. Proud. Surprised.  Flung into the unfamiliar.

And I guess that’s the trick at crossroads.  Choose the direction that means choosing to be in it, hat in the ring.  Choose to try and go for it, connecting, creating, growing.  And trying.  Even though there are

no guarantees.