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Thank you, In[dia/tention].

Saturday, March 15th, 2014

When it comes to travel and adventures, a few words always surface: ineffability, intention, and immersion.

Coming up,  I have a biggie, a trip to India.  Actual India.  Taj Mahal India.  Quick trip, sort of solo, but part of a travel group once there India.  India that changes people, India.

So, what is the intent?  No, not yoga.  If I can get in a class, of course I will.  But this isn’t a yoga tour, this round.  No Ashram.  No Eat, Pray, Love meditations or getting called, “Groceries”.  I’m sure, though, with so much yoga these past six years having yoga on my mind has also meant having India on my mind a bit here, too.

To use Eat, Pray, Love terminology, though, to marvel at something.  I have traveled fairly extensively; more than I maybe would have guessed I would earlier on in my life, but only to Western, and because they’re Western–reasonably familiar–countries.  I want to experience the unfamiliar.  I want to see a life that’s different.  Through that, however unsettling or inspiring or perspective-shifting, I’m looking for experiences that are new.  Each trip before, has been so fulfilling and memorable that I find myself thinking back to parts, often, at at unexpected moments.

This trip is long in distance, but won’t be super long on time.  It all fell together in a way that really fit, though.  I know long haul flights aren’t always easy.  Right before all that sitting and trying to rest, I do have to give myself some reassurance that it won’t be forever.  Typically, though, I don’t see the flight as waiting to get there, but as part of the whole package: I’m able to take the time to snack, and read, and write down some thoughts, and watch some movies, and sleep… all the while trying to get on “new” time as quickly as possible.  It’s kind of a time with no responsibilities and a chance to make a science of chilling out, and for trying free, er built-into-the-cost food.  In a sense, I look forward to the flight as much as anything else.  That doesn’t mean I don’t get restless, but the excitement and gratitude for air travel tend to outweigh any of the tediousness or uncertainty.

With this trip being “solo”-ish some of the trip will feel different.  No inside jokes over toasts or decisions.  No reunions.  Here, too, I’m looking at the whole experience as one of exploration and a time for new experiences, getting to know the world and myself as I experience new things.  I’m all but certain the group I end up with is looking to have a great experience too, will be reasonably like minded, and in a way be as much of a part of the adventure as anything else.

So what are my plans?  Well, to get away from routine and responsibility a bit with the flight and travel.  To take in India and the adventures there as they come.  To get out of my comfort zone, to learn more about the world, and me.  To take photos and blog/journal.  To play and create.  To explore.  To learn.  To eat.

More excited than nervous.  More prepared than unprepared.  More open minded (and hearted) than before.

…and to return home, knowing I will now see here…. differently.  Because of there.