November, 2014 browsing by month


Ten pretty cool moments in life so far. In no real order. And with no real criteria for choosing.

Saturday, November 1st, 2014
  1. Leanne and Mark’s wedding.  The getting (it) ready.  The seeing the day unfold.  All of it.
  2. Lethbridge convocation.  Some people don’t even go.  But we get a paid day for it.  And it was so great to celebrate and be with everyone and walk the halls and wear the cheesy outfit.  Even though I did have a gigantic cold sore.  The finishing and the getting accepted were both pretty similar on the whoa-scale.  But a really neat experience to undertake.
  3. Finally beating Tommy in Breaststroke.   Personal Bests are all fine and good but sometimes beating someone else pretty sweet too.  In yoga sometimes there’s a cue for thinking of a successful time and for some reason this is what I will often think back to.  Touching the yellow pool wall.  Looking over at the Kipper area and everyone’s expression part excitement and part got-him.  So awful.  But it was an achievement.
  4. My first lifeguarding shift.  I still remember it.  I had waited so long to lifeguard.  And it was May.  And Freezing.  And there were less than a handful of swimmers.  But there I stood at the ready.  Feeling like I had totally made it.
  5. Replying to a tweet and getting into USA Today.  It was such a small effort but seeing the story was fun.  Maybe because of the lack of sleep and travel time.
  6. Central Park with the fam.  And Once.  And camping out in Times Square.  Felt like a milestone trip and a nice celebration of family life.
  7. a)Watching She’s All That in the theater.   Twice.  In the same day.  I don’t know why I’m typing this or remembering this.  But if I remember correctly in high school we were in Red Deer for the day and I watched it once.  Then friends decided to go drive to Red Deer for a movie so I came along.  Group consensus same movie.  So it was two drives to Red Deer.   Two of the same movie in the same theater.  I don’t even think I said anything.  (I look now and it only got 38% on Rotten Tomatoes.  And here I feel so connected.)
  8. b) Okay a) doesn’t count.  It was just a really random memory as I did this.  Really each of The Boys trips.  They’re really so patient with me as we spend more time waiting for roller coasters than riding them.  And I rarely laugh as much as I do during meals in trendy little restaurants in new and familiar cities.  I can’t choose one.
  9. Actually winning the trip to Montreal.  Twice.  But especially for the whirlwind winter weekend.  And the yoga pass.  Those wins really felt like some kind of divine intervention.  They were just so connected to things I really enjoy.
  10. Taj and real-life Nemo.
  11. Passing stats.  haha, ‘nough said.