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Anything can be made.

Saturday, December 27th, 2014

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“No, of course not,” Evelyn answers, “You can have anything you want, Sonny. You just need to stop waiting for someone to tell you you deserve it.”


A reminder to self.

Who’s in? And when?

Tuesday, December 9th, 2014

Yes, I’m too old for all of this.  I don’t know if it was the lifeguarding or what.  But I love a good pool.  Has Waiwera been the best so far in NZ?

  1. I saw this on House Hunters International years ago and spent a thousand hours finding it.  I essentially know I will be there one day.  Plus Austria is really on my list:
  2. Next time I’m in the Canary Islands.  There’s something, actually, about this one that reminds me of the one I’ve visited between Ottawa and Montreal, just more carefully themed:
  3. I don’t know if I want to meet the person who designed this psychedelic German one, or want to go.  I’ve already been to a pretty crazy German indoor waterpark, but this one has inside AND outside slides AND thermal pools:
  4. And since Austria’s already on the list:
  5. And it would be irresponsible to got to Kansas City just for this, non?  PS- We’ve already done the Goliath Coaster mentioned:

Time to count up those Aeroplan points.

For real?

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014

So which ones does it look like I (could) qualify for admissions to a two-year M.S.W. after Thompson Rivers University‘s SOWK 2121 which amazingly enough does not have a final exam to arrange?

And which one could I apply to if I had scored higher in Statistics?  And would I really redo it?

And which one would I require one additional course from Thompson Rivers University?

Meeting yesterday to see if this is possible.  Meeting Friday to see what’s possible.

Time to start another binder.

Just can’t shake it…

Monday, December 1st, 2014

I’m itching for an M.S.W. and while I talk about getting one like I’d talk about planning a trip to Banff, this isn’t a new idea–and I know these things aren’t quickly (or easily) accomplished.  I also laugh and joke that I don’t really know what one does with an M.S.W. and that’s not really untrue.  At all.  It’s not lost on me either that usually a degree is a means to an end and not an end in itself.  While I have some ideas of what I’d like to research and why, right now that’s all scaffolding and nothing too much deeper or more detailed.  I’ll also save that for another time.

My last M. an M.Ed. (in technology) started its life as a binder.  I was at my desk multiple mornings and after schools.  And I started to write lists (and sketches haha) and then print information for things I would like to do educationally and professionally.  The binder is right here on my bookshelf.  Most of it is for French classes.  Some even then was ideas for studying psychology or social work.  I started to think about getting credit for French because my T.Q.S. (Teacher Qualifaction Services) evaluation was 4.2 years of university out of a maximum of 6 (quick aside: I’m now 5.9).  And getting to High School assignments.

Then the shift in the binder (and big idea) headed towards getting credit and qualifications entirely.  At that point the binder became application forms and information and reference letters.  It should have had written prayers for figuring out how to erase years 2 through 4 of my undergraduate courses but didn’t.  And one magical day I got the phone call that I would be heading to Lethbridge and Lethbridge would be heading to Calgary for three summers and the school years in between.

There are a thousand of reasons to shake off this M.S.W. itch.  No, I don’t know how I could swing it in at least two regards: one, taking the minimum two years (since I wouldn’t be applying with a B.S.W.) during the day to get it done; and two, folding in what an M.S.W. could do in relation with my M.Ed.  Not just that, I’m already doing now what I love and always saw myself doing and have some really unique opportunities surrounded by incredible people.

I do know (of course!) education, health care, social work, and psychology overlap in unique ways and from that (not of course, but increasingly) I think in that overlap is where I want to take my career from here.  Am I dissatisfied right now?  No.  Not at all. (That point maybe warrants repeating.)  But I’m ready for a leap and some more school and think I have a strong enough ability for empathy and for A.P.A. referencing to take something on and begin the networking and conversations that would make that possible.  I’m between zero to two courses from being a potential applicant pretty much anywhere now too, with one course done in this last little while.  And one really challenging course being done my first year in high school.   Both challenged me but went well enough to be encouraging.

I almost signed up for the one other pre-req course this week but held off because 30 weeks from now is the end of June.  So hanging off a week or two means I could finish in the summer without the one optional extension.  It’s crazy because at that course two things: I’m 6 years university trained/qualified and essentially ready to apply in.

Some of what’s going through my mind, question wise:

  • Could an M.S.W. bridge my teaching experience to guidance and counseling within the school system; is it possible to be a teacher and not a teacher (support services) at the same time?
  • Would a thesis based M.S.W. provide opportunities for studies and research that bridge the Ed. and S.W. realms?
  • My M.Ed. went really well.  Is an M.Ed. easier than other graduate degrees?  Do I have the endurance for a different one/another one?  Really: am I smart (organized, etc. etc.) enough?
  • I’m restless.  I’m always restless teaching/learning-wise.  But I’m happy.  How ready am I for this level of change?  How necessary is it?  Where is it coming from?
  • What are the economic (and other) costs/benefits, at this age, for this sort of endeavour?  Can I afford the time and tuition?  What would it all be for?
  • Could there be opportunities for teaching pre-service teachers down the road?
  • Cost wise. Could I do the fewer trips and the brewing coffee on my own and the eating out less?  Navigating wise.  Could I meet my own professional needs and have the conversations necessary to make sure I’m meeting the needs of employers (current/potential) and schools throughout the process.
  • Have I wiped from my memory the parts of studying that have been awful?  The days I went to Starbucks in Chapters in Lethbridge and just thought, “What the hell am I doing?” or wrapping my head around the difficult parts?

But sometimes James Allen’s four questions work best too:

  • Why?
  • Why not?
  • Why not me?
  • Why not now?

So how close is this?  Somewhere between reasonably close and not happening at all.  But I think about this often.

And about taking French in Paris, too.  …or walking the Camino.  …or doing a full.  …or……………………………