January, 2015

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Short term, long term, mid term, flip turn.

Saturday, January 10th, 2015
  1. An M.S.W.  This bores people.  So I won’t dwell.  SOCW 2121 textbook arrived today.  I still think I need a STATS mark higher than the one I achieved in my first self-paced course ever but there seems to be no human way of knowing if this is the case.  In short: I think I quasi-qualify soon-ish a few places.
  2. French in France.  I’ve done French in Quebec.  Twice actually.  And I loved it.  Not even for the French.  For the swimming and reading by the Biosphere.  And the trying new things.  France doesn’t have a Biosphere but it does have quite a few landmarks that I fell in love with in pretty short time frame.
  3. The Camino de Santiago.  I think I have a partner in crime for…..2016.  I’m soaking up pretty much everything I can about this adventure.  My cautionary question with this one is: do I want to do this one or do I think I want to do this one?
  4. Of the have beens: DC, Montreal, Vancouver, TO, Chicago, NYC.  Apply for a week in Ottawa?  Upcoming year?  Another Wanderlust?  Different city?
  5. Of yet to have beens: Hawaii.  Halfway to dvb and Scott.  New to me.  Sounds like it could happen. SFO, New Orleans, Tokyo.  That other Wanderlust City?


Friday, January 2nd, 2015

So I decided what 2015’s is going to be.

I liked the suggestions, too: Forward?  Bliss?  Mellifluous?

I’m choosing water.  2015 is a year to see what that brings.

To be honest, the word just kind of came and there’s no real concrete reason why.  As the year begins, it’s water in the element sense (vs. fire, air, or earth) and in the incremental change sense, and in the ex-swimmer, coast enjoying, healthy, simplicity, renewing, don’t-take-for-granted, don’t underestimate, dive-in sort of way.  Go with it.  Identify with the fluidity.  Start with what’s essential.

I’ve only told one person so far.  On New Year’s Eve night.  His word was Crossfit.  Maybe more practical.  He also asked if I was a Pisces.  I’m not.

So what will water have meant in 363 days?  What will 2015 have brought?  Big wholesale change like lately?  A theme established but soon forgotten?  Finding my goggles?  Marking a water bottle for daily intake?  …or my usual squeaky green one beside a yoga mat.

^with that, this one reminds me of Bondi.