July, 2015

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40 x 50m = 2k

Friday, July 3rd, 2015

I’ve just discovered that the absolute best time to swim is at 9:45 pm at the Talisman. On a Friday. During Stampede.

For starters, it’s the 50m set-up in the training pool which never seems to happen. I love swimming 50m lengths. I think for two reasons: one, I’m not turning so much, and two, I’ve not really been able to swim 50m lengths much in my life (in fact, only in Red Deer, Edmonton, Calgary and Montreal? Maybe Vancouver, too?).

Also, it’s so empty. Crazy empty. Bored lifeguard empty. There have been so many times, at Talisman especially (and even 1000x worse at Bowview Outdoor Pool) where the circle swimming isn’t happening and the passing and the being passed just lead to wanting to quit before even wanting to start.

But I did my little 2k. All freestyle (front crawl). Quick little rests after each 500m. No missed turns. I’ll take it. The hot tub even felt nice with it being 50+ outside.

So, today and yesterday have been making the most out of the first days of summer holidays. It’s not super easy because not everyone is on break. A bit of pancake breakfasting. Some shopping. Some walking. Some swimming tonight. A movie. Massage Heights. Groceries. Patio when friends are available. Nothing earth shattering.

This weekend out, it’s seeming.

Then Monday hitting the books. Yet another course due in a few weeks (the last in this whole entire series, maybe, at least for a bit!! It would be nice to do a course in the actual time frame and not rushed at the end. But evidently I don’t know how to do that.

Especially with swimming, and sun, and everything else waiting to be dived into.