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Wednesday, August 5th, 2015

So. Until soon, I’ve never been to Hawaii. (Until last summer, I hadn’t been to Chicago. That trip, though, was at the beginning of the season when sunsets were still late and not noticeably earlier.)

I’m beyond thrilled to go. I connect in Vancouver on the way to swim on this side of the Pacific before that side with an incredible friend. I stopped at my favourite Calgary mall for some essentials (t-shirts and shorts). And I’m charging my iPad (which seems really disproportionately slow charging-time-wise in comparison to my iPhone.)

I really thought I’d have some things done before I went. (i.e. My course. A start on my marathon training. An organized condo life.) But, oh well, I don’t.

No real goals for this trip. Ocean time and lounging time rank high. Some unexpected would be perfect. Now that my friend circle is awfully spread out, I really just like meals out and shenanigans with each member however it comes. And if the wherever is tropical, no complaints here.

But I do want some sun. And some Instagram photos. And to spit out some saltwater. And a conundrum between leaving flipflops on on the beach only to have sand get kicked up or to have it too hot on the bottom of feet. And overpriced drinks.

So life is good. And fall is looking intriguing too.

It’s pre-dive when it’s all left to unfold. And that’s all now. 🙂