February, 2019

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Day 2 (of 30)

Sunday, February 17th, 2019

Today’s practice is at noon. It’s a Yin one, just like yesterday.

Yin works well for getting back into the habit. Postures are held for longer amounts of time. The room is warm rather than hot. It’s all very calm and calming rather than the more intense or dramatic fare.

It’s been a long while since bhramari breaths, or choosing hand positions, or any of it really but it all just seems to come back.

Some intentions seem to be surfacing. I won’t mention them yet. Partly, because they feel a bit silly. Partly, because it’s so early still.

So far, really: just good to be back.

Day 1 (of 30)

Saturday, February 16th, 2019

I’m not sure what the 30 will be yet.


I have my yoga mat, and a small backpack (with yoga shorts and a yoga t in it), and some water ready to go.

The yoga studio I used to go to has changed hands. I’ve researched the monthly pass and the cost seems to be in my wheelhouse.

I already know each day’s practice won’t be yoga specifically. There don’t seem to be any more morning practices and I already have some evening commitments. No biggy.

I don’t already know what the intention is. Hopefully, it evolves out of 4:00’s yin.

I haven’t practiced yoga forever. Like really forever.

So for today:

  • go easy
  • notice and explore
  • see where to put tomorrow’s stepping stone

It’s really as simple as rolling out the mat in just over an hour with an eye to doing something similar each day for the next 30 or so.