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Set of 5, vinyl and painted stencil on ping pong tables and paddles

Thursday, March 14th, 2019

Suffice (it) to say, it’s been a year of contemporary art.

A new (to me) gallery in London. (A popular one on the Thames).
A return to one in Paris.
Back to Montréal, while the familiar one closed.
Then even Saskatoon pops up, by surprise. This happens in these prairies?

I don’t know why I keep ending up at the entrance door (more accurately: at the admissions counter.)

(I’d turned up, before, year’s past at Amsterdam. That round with students. I even blogged about it.)

I wouldn’t consider myself that arty, even.

I know Jeff Koons. Jaume Plensa arrived in Calgary and I followed him back to Chicago. I’m oddly obsessed with Alexander Calder.

Salvador Dalí and Marina Abramovic begin to follow suit. Who wouldn’t Instagram a Dale Chihuly, especially a free one, in golden hour lighting?

Voices of Fire. A favourite controversy. Alex Janvier, another new obsession. A morning at Glenbow even where a stranger reads my sweater aloud, “Surf in Paris” and adds an an ad lib post script: “Wouldn’t that be fun?”

I guess that is the fun:


…following a new, and unfamiliar path. Every work and person: strangers.

New thoughts, unthought, gladly welcomed by folks seeking out to welcome them.

Each work, each person, …each moment: