Written by travisr on April 1st, 2012

I have now completed all the requirements for my Masters of Education, every single one.  I’m done and will receive my second degree at my convocation May 31st.

I’m filled with gratitude and a sense of accomplishment for something I’ve worked quite hard on over the last three years.

Now what to do with all the time that will be opening up in my schedule?  I admit I have a bit of a plan about how to invest some of the money I would have been directing to tuition payments for the summer, but now won’t have to.

I look forward to celebrating.  I also look forward to seeing where this degree takes me (or where I take it).  As it happens, I also feel this is all a bit of a good-bye and will miss some of the process.

Until soon,
Travis John Robertson, B.Ed., M.Ed.


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  1. dvb says:

    Congrats!!! TJR Bed Med 🙂

    What’s next? PhD??

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