Written by travisr on November 14th, 2012

Oh, what a day.

30 Days now behind me.  I dutifully showed up on my mat at the studio for 30 straight days in a row.  No blips, no misses, no no-shows or lates or instead-ofs; just me and some yoga at the ‘Tree.  Some mornings.  Some evenings.  Some restorative classes to balance out the intensity of the hot ones.  One day, two classes.  One day, a best ever.  Some days, some rough ones.

Did I go today?

I didn’t, but was tempted, and checked to see if a class might work. Sure, it could have, but I had some extra work to do both at school and at home to prepare for an upcoming adventure.  More on that to follow.

This 30 Days my time on the mat was my time in the eye of a pretty hectic tornado, that tornado being Fall.  Sure, sometimes getting to practice and back added to the hecticness… but the calm of there trumps the messiness of getting there, it seems.  Tornadoing duties and comings and goings:  coaching, conferences, get-togethers, get-aways, reporting, planning, meeting, recovering.  Then mat.  Then practice, sometimes smooth sometimes interesting.  Then new frame of mind.  Repeat.

I have to admit, as much as I try not to let myself drift too far into thought and story during yoga, a few things kept coming back: Europe this past summer, Wanderlust in Whistler, half-Marathoning, [more] university, …and Cairns, Australia for some reason.

This 30 Days done.

A (revised) Brave 100 ahead.

An adventure tomorrow.




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