Written by travisr on November 20th, 2012
  • I didn’t know I was starving for the Hirschhorn until I got there.  I was.  …and it filled me up with surprising, subversive, creative installations.  The Museum and Sculpture Garden is really a collection of contemporary art pieces and once there, I felt filled up by it. I was surprised at how much I recognized.  Some by name. Some from TED Talks.  Some from visits to Montreal’s Museum of Contemporary Art or from NYC’s visits to the Guggenheim and MoMA.  At the door was a Calder stabile, cow?  It was unmistakeable as a comparison to the much grander stabile (my favourite), L’homme in Montreal.  Barbara Kruger downstairs, wow.  Ai Weiwei, wow.  Then get to the back before the outdoor skating rink and I recognize similar or exact works from Paris.  Ottawa.  …and a building in Red Deer.
  • Whoa man, Washington DC was cool (you’re getting that I was there this weekend, right?).  Dupont Circle and its Whole Foods and Lululemon brought me to Vancouver.  Bixi bikes called Capitol Bikeshare (and the Metro System in it’s mid sixties early seventies fonts) brought me to Montreal.  The buildings are so grand and detailed, I was reminded (over and over again actually) of Paris.  The embassies and greys making me think of Berlin (our own, of course bringing me to Ottawa).  We discovered restaurants and had some discovered for us.  We wandered.  We enjoyed.  We biked and photographed and appreciated.  Like all others this trip was filled to the brim.  Flying home was flying home exhausted.  I got my government geek on as I toured the Capitol Building and the Library of Congress.  We saw our monuments and the White House and kept our eyes out for some political celebrities.  I am so addicted to flights.
  • I registered!  …PSYC 2101 Introduction to Social Statistics.  As of today I’m a[n undergraduate upgrading] student.  Why PSYC because it’s a precursor to any psychology or [M.]S.W. pursuits.   I’m also more than a couple but less than several courses away from a step-up on the pay grid for university.  I’m excited (and a bit nervous).  Thirty weeks to complete this adventure and a few days to find a calculator before my books arrive.

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