Just Act (1st draft)

Written by travisr on November 22nd, 2012

Dale Schaffrick and
Pembina Hills I don’t mean to
make you scapegoats but are you sorry that
you said
it or sorry that we heard it?   Are you sorry that
in 2012 those who are different
exist, or show they
exist (whether or not you think those do or should)?  Or that you misspoke about
how you feel about it all despite maybe not thinking of it much.

Are you both sorry and aware
or neither (or one) that
those different exist or
that families process and struggle
and people process and struggle
and solve and share and hope and try and wonder together
and that you’re right to the extent that none of this is easy but
maybe it can be easier
than you made

Whether you like it or know it or get it.

In Edmonton and Barrhead and Calgary and Carseland,
whether acting different
or acting same we are
as diverse as

we allow ourselves and
each other to

Or not.


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