Reading. [w]Riting. ‘Rithmetic.

Written by travisr on December 5th, 2012
  • I’m reading The Outsiders with two of my instructional groups right now, mostly aloud.  That means I’m going through the story twice after going through it umpteen times already in my lifetime.  I read it in Grade 9 (or listened to it on tape; funny I remember that still) but remember so little of what I thought of the story then. [My big memory of Language Arts 9 is contesting a midterm because of question/example disparity and if not that, sending in an assigned letter to the editor to the Red Deer Advocate.]  Just like any movie or play you see over and over, a good novel has different parts you notice every time.  I wonder, though, how many more times I’d have to read this story to have it memorized.  Feels like not too many more.  I’m still liking it, and most kids (er, learners) [really] are too.
  • I made a commitment to have a look at the first draft of my Brave 100 and I really want to stick to that.  I’m learning that things written on lists have this way of becoming things written on blog reflections after having happened.  M.S.W.?  Tokyo Disney Sea? Yoga Teacher Training?  Hmmmmm…
  • Statistics for the Behavioural Sciences. I’m loving it.  I’m highlighting.  I’m laughing when I read most graphs are usually 2/3 to 3/4 as wide as they are tall (seemingly true, but not something I’ve really ever paused to notice in my life so far).  We’ll see if the momentum continues.  I already have the “anticipated completion” on a working copy of my C.V.  Two more chapters and I’m ready to take on my first of five assignments.  If I told you how much I’m loving doing a course (probably just for the sake of doing one) you’d think I was a total, total, to-tal geek.  Maybe because I am?

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