Written by travisr on December 18th, 2012


Run a half marathon [Melissa’s in Banff!  This last fall!] | Volunteer for a festival/charity event [Wanderlust Whistler!–they asked me for a blog post on that and I still need to do it!] | Attain a Master’s degree [Travis John Robertson B.Ed. M.Ed. *woop woop*] | Perform headstand [I have to think, which one did I mean here?  I can now do elbows and forearms on the ground pretty comfortably; did it again last night… after everyone left in the middle of the room!] | Waterslide at Tropical Islands near Berlin [This one just came together totally last minute!  Was great!  Had a crepe there, too!] | Give a toast [Lee’s Wedding!] |

Arguably done:

Speak on CBC Radio One [They have used a clip of me… but I think that was before I even made this list.  They’ve also used a blog entry I wrote on +15’s] | Order a meal in French in Paris [Did I?  Jay did most of the French]  | Apply to speak at a conference I barely or don’t qualify for [WESTcast 2012?] | Attend a weekend yoga retreat and/or practice yoga for 10 consecutive years with some consistency [Wanderlust Whistler… con’t really count twice can it?] | Finish the novel A Fine Balance [Ya, I did!] | Take a last-minute trip [DC wasn’t tooooo last minute] | Contribute to Wikipedia [haha, I added the West Edmonton Mall Cyclone to the Aqualoop chart] |


Take an undergraduate course connected to no program [Introduction to Social/Behavioural Statistics!] | Visit three new American cities [LOVED DC!] | Research a social science [Again can things count twice?] | [I think I have just the plant to plant and take care of real soon too!]

And what is tugging at me for an addition?

Tokyo DisneySea, a ride on Journey into the Centre of the Earth | while we’re on the topic, Disneyland Shanghai 2015 … it looks so unique! | An M.S.W. or M.Sc/M.A. Psyc | Top of Arc de Triomphe (sp?) at night | A full marathon | A triathalon? | a snowshoe | Listen to Dr. Brene Brown or Thich Nhat Hanh or ________ lecture live | Iceland | Handstand | TEACH a yoga class | take an entrance exam | New Years fireworks comparable to Sydney’s | Surf Bondi or Bronte or Coogee or …. | … … …


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