Written by travisr on April 25th, 2013

I think I am much better at time management when I need to be.  A bit of flexibility can work against me.

BUT regardless.

  • Statistics extended until October.
  • Reporting Period all wrapped up at old-R.T.  (with some early mornings and late evenings).
  • 1/2 Marathon Sunday (egads!).
  • English team met at new-R.T. (they’re wonderful)
  • Red Deer staycation, also wonderful!

As I get some time back again, I can look forward to West African (in May, yay!) and a few yoga adventures on the horizon.

Now, to start thinking of Summer and how all that’s going to look.  An amazing wedding.  A course.  A patio.  But what else: where to?  more coursework?

I think I need at least a few good settings to (re-)read my Shakespeare and scheme.

I never know how busy I was until it’s over… and sometimes wonder if that’s common.  …and want to be just the right amount of summer busy.


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