The 7:00pm Episode of Ellen I happened to Catch

Written by travisr on January 18th, 2007

T.R. Knight


It’s been awhile since I’ve been all-riled-up about a media issue.  I must be due.

(of my position) 

Call me stubborn, and unjust, and just plain awful… but I don’t need to hear Isaiah Washington’s side.   I’ve reached my verdict.
Sure, I’m a teacher and come to conclusions way too quickly.  I spend most of my day being looked at as stubborn, and unjust, and just plain awful. That’s only after 1.7 years of practice.So, what’s my verdict?: a *dry heave*.

I guess that’s a kind of darkness-driving-out-darkness kind of response.  But, it’s real.   DVB and I have an ongoing joke, from a Dodgeball reference, that we “just threw-up a little in our mouths” when we hear or see something “sick” but Isaiah, you almost made a dream come true.

I wouldn’t have reached the verdict watching any of the other interviews or even being there in-living-colour during any of the ‘debated issues’.  I reached the verdict when I watched T.R. Knight [try to] speak to Ellen.

He was crushed.  He didn’t have the words.   He didn’t know how to explain how he felt.  He didn’t know how to express his gratitude to Ellen for her help during a difficult time.   He didn’t know what to do.  I saw it authentically:

He was hurt.

He was authentically hurt and authentically trying to piece together what’s happened and what’s going to now come next and what’s to say.

See, that’s the thing about using words like f*ggot.  (It’s the same thing, actually, about throwing knives.):

It doesn’t matter how funny, or innocent, or benign the SPEWer thinks thing are.  [you kind of seemed to see the humour, Isaiah, as a bundle of laughs].   That big decision goes to the person on the other side of things: the SPEWee.  That decision goes to the person who now looses sleep.  That decision goes to the person who can’t form words.  It goes to the person who, if somehow without a support network, is now ‘socially indicated’ as a person who may have a shorter life span because of issues related to self worth.   That person has soul-control of judging severity.

That person, and me.  And Ellen.   And the many many persons with the good sense to recognize that a human is a human is a human… none of us are refuse or waste under those who seemingly qualify as worthy-humans.

I guess this whole post is one big giant *dry heave* to all those out there who still see words like f*ggot, those hateful and dangerous words… as words worthy of passing lips… words worthy of hiding behind… words worthy of laughter.





Thanks Ellen for grabbing TR’s arm, giving TR the opportunity to talk, and saying [with hope] that you think, overall, it’s a different time now.  I agree.  So does K.D.  She said so, this summer, with the words “It’s going to be a great year for human rights.”

Then she sang the song, “Love is a Philosophy.”

I was there.

It gave me goosebumps. 





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  1. Leanne says:

    Great post

  2. joanne says:

    You were due!

    good post TJ.

    You’re a good writer.

  3. dvb says:

    Your blog gave me goose bumps:)

    I only ask that when you do use my initials that you write them in the symetrical dvb as opposed to DVB (how vain – dry heave)

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