Day 38 – Gather

Written by travisr on October 15th, 2014

So I don’t want to admit it.  Or tell anyone.  But I’m sick.  Really oddly sick actually.  I feel fine everywhere except my throat is on fire.  On fire enough that I had to stop and grab something today after work (and after practice).  Day 38 and birthday Saturday… so this can’t be?!  Swim practice and Europe Trip meeting tomorrow. Lesson plans that would be pretty much impossible for anyone else.  You get it.

My first sign was maybe this morning.  I wasn’t off track BUT I did set my alarm for morning practice and when it went off there was a ZERO percent chance of morning practice happening.  It wasn’t even a thought.  Reflex: nope, one more hour.

So with the end so close I can’t imagine not finishing (and I’m not setting up for that).  Practicing when sick is irresponsible because I don’t want to make anyone else worse for wear at all either.  So far I’m chalking this up to maybe allergies (dust is a deadly one for me) or some freak post nasal drip (TMI?) in all this dryness.  The plan is to get lots of sleep and see what tomorrow brings.  And do anything to make sure Saturday is in order (Vitamin C, essential oils, steam, veggies, garlic, haha you get it) to be with friends on the big three-three.  I don’t feel this way often.  At all, at all.  So it’s all a bit odd.  And unexpected.

I’d be lying if I said my attention in practice wasn’t gauging all this (Am I fine?  Is it better?  Am I fine?  Is it better?).  I was attuned though to the cuing of collecting, or bringing together, parts of self (or potential lost parts of self) for practicing with a sense of wholeness (or fullness).  Poses were tough with some balance work and hamstring holds but I was able to do pretty alright.  Some of that was a physical limbs-into-core but there was also a mental and emotional sense of bringing things in.  (I never know how yoga-talk this all sounds).

This whole 40 days has been about recollecting in a way.  90 minutes to myself (sometimes in a whirlwind otherwise).  Day by day, versus radical change, progress.  Some cutting out of junk.

And yet.  Day 38 hits with some unexpected. Hmmmm…


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  1. Ali says:

    Maybe take it easy on the garlic if you plan on having your friends enjoy your birthday gathering…

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