Day 40 – Beginning. (again.)

Written by travisr on October 17th, 2014

Day 40.  I’m alive.

With the theme of the class being (being comfortable with) silence, should I type more?

Well I will.  Three quick things:

  1. There’s a long standing Lehmann family tradition.  If you’re not feeling your best, shower and get ready to face the outside world.  You’ll feel better.  At least for a bit.  Not that rest is never the answer, pajama wallowing isn’t always necessary either.
  2. Walking in, someone else doing their 40 Days says “Day 40, now what?” at the filtered water maybe with some sense of loss.  I just smile.  How poetic?  Now what?!  So much possibility.
  3. Natarajasana.  Dancer’s pose.  I’m essentially sure that it was the first (on each side of course) this entire 40 days.  What a nice celebration asana.  Really, in any other circumstance I would have sat tonight out, but what a nice one to be confident in, despite anything else.

I get teased for putting my sticker on the sticker chart before practice instead of afterwards.  Putting it up before I’m sure I get a green one, which comes after yesterday’s yellow.  Also a nice coincidence because yesterday’s practice’s cuing emphasized green (and heart chakra), so a nice reminder.  Day 40 sticker already up, afterwards all I have left to do is wipe off my mat, and walk into the evening with a proud smile.  Not so different than any other end of practice wiping off of the mat.  But different too.

Day 40.  I’m alive.  And 33 tomorrow.  Awesome!

And if the first song didn’t do it for you 😉 then how about this song* in honour of Erin Evans doing a workshop tonight at the ‘Tree (couldn’t make tonight’s but have practiced with her before when she introduced this during savasana).  I’ve actually been meaning to post this one for awhile, but couldn’t remember the name.  Then today, it just came to me.

*It’s an interesting one, I’m guessing with some roots in Goa, India–with a few controversial lines which isn’t lost on me, so don’t think sharing is endorsing each line:


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