Barely Midleap

Written by travisr on April 28th, 2015

I had a look at my Brave 100 this week.  The reason?  I’m giving a Pecha Kucha presentation in just over a week and I was pretty sure that was on my list.  It was.  Looking through the list was interesting because I’ve changed since 2011.  That said, a substantial amount of list items are now checked off (quick aside: including a really surprising and unique one).

One thing wasn’t on the list and I was surprised.

A full marathon.  More specifically a full marathon through four themed lands.

I’ve had my ears (pun intended) to the ground with a few Disney runs and watched as today’s registration deadline came.  Noon EST.  Sells out quick.  I just ran a half, my personal worst, on Sunday.  The time of year for the upcoming Disney one is terrible.  For a variety of reasons.  But that will never change.  It won’t be any better any other year.  I break into my favourite thing to break into in these moments.  Why?  Why not?  Why not me?  Why not now?  Thanks James Allen.

An amazing friend is on board.  And now a super cool cousin.

In logic that’s probably not actually logic, last night I decide the best option is to register in the Goofy Challenge and I decide if I feel the same way in the morning, I will.  (Spoiler: and do!)  So.  I’m registered.  Heart and sights set on the full.  Sunday, January 11th, 2016.  If my legs and training are up for it, a half on Saturday too.  Saturday January 10th, 2016.  With some great folks!

I still need to work out all the logistics including how to make a regular weekend a lifelist one far away.

But.  Some cool things on the horizon here potentially.  Hawaii this summer with amazing people.  A January run that’s going to take some buckling down (and in roller coasters there, too, no less).  And maybe a Summer 2016 Camino.

Am I biting off more than I can chew?  Only one way to find out.


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