Written by travisr on September 3rd, 2015

Bright and early this morning I provided a really short reflection on the idea of courage.  I looked towards Dr. Brené Brown and to my basic understanding of French and framed courage as moving forward, maybe fearlessly but maybe fearfully too, but with a passionate heart (Coeur.  See what Brené taught me to do there?).

The point wasn’t to say to colleagues, “Ah, gee! Look at me with so much courage!”

It was to give sincere thanks to colleagues for the work I’d seen so far: really important and heart-felt work and an invitation to continue in that spirit.

My work, though, has invoked courage.  Courage to join a new team and context.  Courage to learn.  But courage, too, to leave somewhere for change: where I was more than happy and more than challenged, surrounded by incredible and inspiring people.

This week was a strange one.

I started work last week getting to know my sites, coordinators, working with teachers and schools participating in our program.  But it was this week when I didn’t have a first day.  I didn’t have a bell.  Not the harsh usual one or the pleasant magic wand one I had most recently.  I didn’t have a usual, normal, familiar anything.

This week was also, though, a really satisfying one.

I’m loving what I do.  I’m doing work I feel is essential to our city (and world).  I’m challenged.  Days fly by.  And I’m doing something new.  In fact, I’m doing something I couldn’t have known I wanted to do growing up because I didn’t know it existed.

I’m getting much better at telling people what I do.  And gauging if they care before I get into details.  Maybe I’ll have to post the synopsis.

But I’m getting settled.  I’m learning more. My heart is in it.  And I’m grateful.

Not a bad place to be to take on the new adventure.


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