Day 1 – Reflect

Written by travisr on February 20th, 2017

I knew all weekend I was going to be back on the mat today. And I was. At noon. (After thinking I would be at 9:30. But oh well.)

With a month long pass in hand, I walked into the studio, knowing the plan was to begin a 10 Day [in a row] Mini Challenge.

It has been a good long while since I’ve done any yoga. And. It’s been a good long while since I’ve done any running.

So today the goal was to kick start some yoga before hitting the pavement running in March with some body awareness (and mindfulness) practice jumpstarted too. (The running will soon be ramping up in a big way, from zero again too, in preparation for a full late August across the country.)

It was sweet walking into the studio because it was so familiar and I was welcomed so warmly. There’s an actual 40 Day Challenge going on today (today is Day 20 for them) and I was persuaded to track my Mini Challenge on the main board, which I’m now doing with one sticker up.

The goal was to reflect and see what it was like to be back. It was rough at points. Strange starting from such a hiatus. Strange having to have so much humility. But it was also awfully familiar.

Tomorrow and the next day are early classes because evenings are already booked.

So a beginning of sorts. Reflecting, renewing, but most importantly…………



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